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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tamari Roasted Chickpeas and Yummy (Vegan) Mummy

You can now go to my recipes page for the Tamari Roasted Chickpeas recipe. It's a real easy one, too guys. Make them soon, make them often!

You'll find oodles of ways to enjoy them, from nibbling to topping salads, entrees, packing in lunches, or whizzing up into a chunky type of hummus. They're good eats!

And I mean EASY. Open a can of chickpeas, rinse and drain and pop on a baking sheet (lined with parchment), and toss with ingredients as shown here. Bake up and nummy nibbling awaits!

As I mentioned, I pack these into lunches - our grade 1 daughter LOVES them, and honestly jumps with excitement when she sees me making these chickpeas. I know. For chickpeas! Don't you just love that? (Though, I should tell you, she's not always as joyful for all the other healthy foods I put in front of her. But I take what I can get!) Anyhow, now that I'm into packing full lunches for her every day, I thought you might be interested in my healthy sandwich article on the Yummy Mummy club website. Some of you may have seen this before, since I posted this info on my cooking pages some time back. But, it's updated and also will be new to some of you more recent visitors. Yes, yes, I realize that mentioning this article is once again talking about "me"... blah, blah, blah... me, me, me... but I figure some of you might enjoy the read, so I provide you with the link to do so. (gotta' have a sense of humor about these things afterall.) :)

Next, as to some of your questions about Amazon and shipping ED&BV... I've been in touch with my publisher, and they are getting in touch with amazon to find out what's up! Amazon does have stock of ED&BV now, so orders should be getting shipped out.

Finally, when you do get your copies, and have a chance to cook up some tasty bits and bites, if you are happy with my book and would like to share your feedback with others, I would greatly appreciate your reviews on amazon. Even a few short words or a brief sentence. Anything to communicate to others what you like about the book and why others might like it as well. And I thank you, in advance.

Oh, and really finally... I'll get the Living Caesar recipe posted next. I'm working to organize my blog and links a bit better, so bear with me please!