Thursday, January 12, 2006

10 Worst Foods

I found this link from msn yesterday quite amusing. "Top 10 Worst Foods Not To Eat".

Hint: You won't find yams, brown rice, beans, tofu, blueberries, or other whole foods in there. Oh, and as usual, just a few meat and dairy products are mentioned.

Vegans can make note of a couple of these items, though. First, hydrogenated fats. Don't buy breads, crackers, tortillas, or other convenience foods that contain these nasty fats. Second, diet sodas. Dangerously unhealthy, and yet some vegans/vegetarians drink them. Is it because they became vegan for ethical reasons rather than health?

Oh, tomorrow I will post one of the "Top 10 Foods TO Eat"... my recipe for the Tomato-Fennel-Zucchini Ragout Casserole. I know, my humor needs work. :)


Dreena said...

Mal, it's interesting to hear from a young person that they became vegan for health reasons. It seems that those who choose vegansim/vegetarianism for health reasons tend to be a bit 'older', and are doing so because they are faced with a health issue and need to improve their diet, either for themselves or their families. Often this is simply dairy/egg allergies, but it can be serious health matters too. For young people, I usually hear that they chose the diet to reduce animal suffering.

Anyhow, glad to know you are not a diet soda teenager!! I know an older woman that drinks 2 litres of diet pop A DAY! No water, just diet soda. Can you imagine?

Thanks for the feedback on my cookies also. I'm glad your class and teacher liked them. How awesome for you to do that! :)

Melissa said...

Up until recently I still drank diet soda. I gave it up though, because I heard about all the bad stuff in it (i.e aspartame, etc.) I became a vegan for ethical reasons but very quickly became concerned with health as well, so this was the next step!

Dreena said...

Hi Melissa! Yay!! Good for you, I know how addictive diet soda can be. When I was in university I drank so much diet soda. I haven't touched it for years and years, but I do remember how I craved it, which I understand is typical. I have read some about aspartame and think diet sodas should have a poison warning label!
Have you noticed how much chewing gum also has aspartame - I don't think people notice/pay attention to it being in there.

Harmonia said...

I admit my weakness is bread/tortilla's/wraps! I will have to be better about that!

Mal - As always I enjoyed reading your comments!

I am an animal person. However, I became vegetarian for health reasons and a year or two later it was more about animals and health reasons. Now, trying to go vegan it is more about health...but at the same time I disagree with Factory Farming and think it should be banned.

I guess I am just complex in more ways than one. :)

Dreena said...

Hi Madelyn!
The list is given in the link... maybe my post wasn't very clear (oops!). Click through and have a look! :)

Dreena said...

Hi Harmonia! Complex is good, right?... I hope so!

I too became vegan for health reasons, but like most I then learned and appreciated the importance of the lifestyle for the reasons I didn't initially choose.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it is OK to drink poland spring sparkling spring water (seltzer)? I haven't had any soda for a couple of years now.