Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Easy Pleasin' Oat Bars

This is an 'energy bar' recipe from Vive le Vegan! If you want a snack to pack in lunches or to nibble on mid-afternoon, these are a great choice....

They are very simple to make.
They are inexpensive (unlike some packaged snacks and energy bars).
They have no refined sugars - are sweetened with brown rice syrup and maple syrup. They are wheat-free, containing quick oats.

These Easy Pleasin' Oat Bars are tasty and highlighted with cinnamon, but they are not too sweet, and are quite substantial. That's why I created them. Plus, they are great when 'on-the-go' and are easier to pack than a softer baked good like a muffin.

After combining the ingredients, you transfer the mixture to your baking dish and press it down. This picture shows the bars before baking. With a sharp knife, you lightly cut into the mixture, marking the size/number of bars you want. This makes it much easier to cut and remove the bars after baking them.

Don't overbake the bars, guys. They will be softer if not overcooked. Also, if you want crunchier bars, use a larger dish to thin them out, but if you want softer bars, press the mixture into a smaller pan so they are thicker.


Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

My book should be here any time now. This will be one I will try first! Thanks for the pointers and a great post!

Harmonia said...

I might have to try these. Thanks for the suggestions on my last post.

I have always had a fear of bay leaves believe it or not. I know you are supposed to take them out before consuming but I get nervous like I'm going to forget or it will break off and poison myself. teehee.

Julie said...

I was hoping you would blog these! I am definetely guilty of spending a buck or a buck and a half for one energy bar!

I will make these very soon...once I get the time to cook!

Thanks Dreena! :)

Eat Peace Please said...

Yum. These look wonderful! I wonder if I can mock up a "no-bake" version. I like the idea of making knife lines before baking.

Merce said...

these look great--I love seeing photos of Vive recipes. This is certainly an economical way to make snacks--I'm totally guilty of spending far to much money on Luna Bars, Larabars, etc.

Harmonia said...

The soup was great! I loved it! Next time I will try the lentils and less red curry or a milder curry paste just to taste the difference. Yes, it was spicy, I still loved it, but also loved the part of the broth just before the spice hit me in the face...that was juicy and tasty...yum.

I put up my shopping list and it will remain up thru tomorrow for the new Midweek Munchies we are doing...I hope you'll join in. I am still messing with the code though.

Dreena said...

Awesome, kaivegan! They are very easy, and I think you'll enjoy them - thanks!

Hi Julie, I too spend a little more than I should on energy bars (and other vegan treats). But, I'm pretty good for spending in other areas, so hopefully that makes up for it! :)

Hi Leslie, and thanks! I'm not sure how to go about not baking them... you poor thing :( Someday you may just have to give in and take on that nasty oven again! If you do come up with a neat version not baked, let us know!

Thanks Ms. Mercedes! Yep, I've got those in my pantry too... I try to catch sales when I can on them, but still they can be pricey.

That's great, Harmonia! I don't think I could have taken it that spicy, but I'm a lightweight where that's concerned! I laughed at your first comment about the bay leaves!! I just think they are tough to digest if you ate one - but I can't imagine anyone chewing on one, not knowing it, and then swallowing it!

Wow... thanks Amy! That really is very rewarding to hear. I love cooking and creating vegan recipes, and I also love working on the blog. It can be a lot to do at times with the girls so young, though, and so knowing that it is valued is just music to my ears... or maybe chocolate to my tastebuds! Very kind of you... :)

You guys are all so wonderful with your comments and kind feedback - making my day, I tell you!! :) :)

Harmonia said...

Do you know of a store bought brand of vegan gnocci, by chance?


I will be buying Bay Leaves later this week.

Have any recipe ideas including Soy Beans or Great Northern Beans?

Dreena said...

Harmonia, yeah, I picked up some vegan gnocci a few months back. I don't recall the brand, but I will check it out on my next shop! :)

Yay, Amy!! You certainly got to baking those fast! :) I'm thrilled you liked them. Great point, too, that you can add 'extras' in there - cranberries, walnuts, etc - good combination with those, yummy! Thanks for the feedback (and on the name too, I get a mental block naming recipes too often)! :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to make these and was wondering how long you think they will stay good for. Do you think I could freeze some of them? If so, should I freeze the unbaked dough or the baked bars?
Thanks so much!