Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lemon-Herb Tofu Sandwiches

I served this up at the party, thanks to my friend, Vicki! You see, she has been making my Lemon-Herb Tofu from Vive, and loving it because it is quite tangy from the lemon juice. But... one of her kidlets doesn't like tofu in cubes, or chunks. So, one day she said "you know, last night we had your lemon tofu but I mashed it up a little and served it over quinoa... it was delicious and the kids loved it".

So, that gave me an idea, because normally for parties I do a batch of Marinated Tofu Sandwich Filling from TEV, and instead of actually finishing the sandwiches, I just pop the finished mixture into a bowl and put some pitas and tortilla chips around it for people to pick up on their own. I thought... "okay, I'm going to do something similar with the lemon tofu". Mostly because the clean-up is easier (no skillet to clean, just a baking dish to toss into the dishwasher - yay!).

So, I made the Lemon-Herb Tofu the night before (here it is after baking in all its lemony-herb and oil goodness) and the next morning I mashed it (you can also whiz it in a food processor to almost instantly mince it!), mixed in some finely chopped celery and red pepper, a few good dollops of Nayonnaise (you could use Vegenaise), and then into a bowl it went, surrounded by some sliced breads and pitas. It was delish, and so incredibly easy!!

I love that her idea prompted me to do something different with my own recipe - thanks Vicki! :)


Julie said...

YUM! It's funny because my boyfriend doesn't like tofu in chunks or cubes either...so, this would be perfect for him! If I took some of this on a picnic, do you think it would keep well? Do you have any other picnic ideas? It's already getting hot here...and the best thing about summer is picnics...and swimming, ofcourse!

Kris said...

Ooh, that looks so good. I've been eating a lot of tofu lately. Yummy idea.

Michelle said...

dreena, i'm having some trouble replacing white flour in some recipes i'm wanting to try.. can you give me a quick lesson on how much to substitute? i'm mostly interested in subbing whole wheat (bread or pastry) or spelt for the white stuff. it would be so great if you could include a guide like this in your next cookbook!

i have these muffins i really want to try, but i refuse to buy white flour!

Harmonia said...

I tried that with the leftovers the one time I did the lemon herb tofu...I didn't add tomatoes...I bet they would have made it better! I will try this one again...of course you know my trials and tribs with tofu...hahaha!

Thanks for the extra push on this.

Also, thanks for the tuno comments. I've had a can for over a year and wondered if it was still "good". I haven't tried it either...

Oh! Could you please, please, please post some vegan camping ideas and/or recipes! it's that time of year...almost!

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious. I need cold food ideas for my husband to take to work with him. I'm trying to get him (an omni) to eat as much veg as possible. ;)

Bookphilia said...

Excellent idea! I love the lemon herb tofu anyway, but this would be great for partays, etc.

Dreena said...

Hi Julie! I know, some people just have an aversion to the chunky tofu - a mental block of some sort... well, for kids it's not that I think, but for adults it is! I think it would keep fine for a picnic as long as you packed some ice around it in a cooler. Soy products you have to be a little careful about with refrigeration, so I would ensure it's just really well packed in ice. As for other ideas... hmmm, I will have to put some thought into that, and maybe make it a post sometime soon! :)

Thanks krispycheks... your Lo Mein post with the tofu the other day looked great - and your seitan kebabs - I wish I could buy some decent seitan here - just 1 brand and I don't like it much.

Hi Michelle! I'm with you on the white flour. At least for everyday foods like muffins and things. For birthday cakes and cupcakes I do break out the white flour, but even for cookies I find I can use barley, spelt, or ww pastry flour and they are just fine. Anyhow, in my experience, I have found that you can sub ww pastry flour equally for white flour with great results. Also, this is generally the case for barley and spelt flours - except of course the consistency will certainly be more grainy and coarse. I have used a fine grain, sifted spelt flour before that is almost like white flour, and with that I have had to add a little extra flour to equate for white - for instance, with 1 cup white I would use 1 cup spelt with 2-3 TB extra of spelt. I think you should go ahead and try some of your recipes using the other flours, and even going maybe 1/2 ww pastry and 1/2 barley or spelt - just to soften the texture of the final product. Does this help any? Thanks for the suggestion about putting some of this in the next cookbook - good idea!

Hi Harmonia - yeah, I think tofu is very much a game of trials when you first use it and then you get used to the different textures and how to work with them, and how you like to season it, etc! I can put some thought into the picnic ideas for sure... as for camping, I am embarrassed to say that my idea of camping is a cottage with a fireplace and running water - sorry!! I'm not one for 'roughing it'! :)

Hey, thanks Tara! Step by step, every little bit helps! And your hubby may surprise you soon asking for more of the veggie stuff (once they get used to how diverse and tasty it can be, and how much BETTER they feel when they eat it regularly)! :)

Thanks, dreamqueen - yeah, it's a great party dish - makes a good portion, plus it is so simple!!

Harmonia said...

OMG! you won't believe what I did last night! And they came out wonderful!!! Your Carob Chip Muffins with a few small changes only because I didn't have 2 of the ingredients...

I used barley flour (at least I think it was barley flour I have 3 flours right in a row in my cupboard so, I think that was the one I choose) instead of Spelt? Yours called for spelt, I think, right?

Then, instead of soy milk I used applesauce. Without even thinking of it until afterwards the applesauce had cinnamon in it...so that added a little sumpin', sumpin', ya know?

So, anyhow, I was very surprised at my attempt...so much so I am thinking about driving across town during my lunch today to deliver one to my dad at work!

Speaking of which...do you have a good subst. for the sugar in that recipe for the diabetics? jw

Dreena said...

Harmonia, I'm so pleased you had such happy baking!! Isn't it divine to bake something and your home smells sweet and yummy and then what you've made also tastes good to boot?!! That's fab! Thanks for the feedback. As for diabetics, really if they are watching their sugars very strictly, it would be best for them to opt for a natural sweetener like Stevia (or maybe xylitol) that does not affect blood sugar but also is not artifical like the splenda, etc out there. The tough thing is that these are tricky to bake with and use as full replacements for sugar. Certain sweeteners have less of an effect on blood sugar, such as agave nectar and brown rice syrup. They have a lower glycemic index which, to my knowledge, is better for diabetics. I think (think) agave nectar has one of the lower glycemic indexes. Anyhow, hope that helps a little! :)

Harmonia said...

Thanks for the info! I have some Agave Nectar - didn't even think of that (replacing it for sugar) thanks! And, yes, Agave Nectar, at least the kind I buy, is approved by the Diabetic Association!!!