Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Raw Caesar

Well, well. Caesar comes full circle. This classic that began with a raw egg base (ugh) and has been adapted thousands of times into 'low-fat', 'egg-free', and even vegan versions, is now raw again!

This is my Living Caesar Dressing, using only raw vegan ingredients. I have been tinkering with raw recipes lately, and came up with this idea. I already had a wicked Caesar dressing in ED&BV, but as soon as I tasted this raw dressing, I knew I had to squeeze it into my manuscript (last-minute). I managed to get it in there - the things I do for you! :)

Working with raw recipes is fun, though I could use a decent high-powered blender like a Vita-Mix. I've been using my food processor and immersion blender for some of the things I'm making - and they work okay but I know I'd have more successful testing with a VROOOM machine!

I'm not "going raw" (in case some of you are wondering), but I will be tinkering with more raw recipes. They are fun, interesting, tasty - and healthy. I have a half-dozen (I think) raw recipes in ED&BV, so you'll have some others to enjoy in the book as well.

And, if you want, use the raw recipes in non-raw ways... for instance, this Caesar is so delicious, go ahead and use it with traditional croutons. You will love it. But even with the fresh tomatoes and pumpkin seeds this salad was outstanding. Though, I have to confess... I didn't have raw pumpkin seeds for garnishing and had to use roasted. I committed a raw crime!! Nevertheless, it tasted incredible. Hard to stop eating it in fact!


Harmonia said...

YUMMY! YAY!'re just teasing me...I can't wait for the new book!!!


btw...YOU HAVE WON AN AWARD! Swing by my place when you can and pick up the graphic for your site!!!

Heather said...

This looks so yummy. I have been putting lettuce with everything lately. A plate of lettuce and then spaghetti and sauce on top. I just love things that go "CRUNCH" ya that book needs to get here in a hurry!!!

Julie said...

That's really neat that you are experimenting with raw recipes. My favorite desserts are raw. A friend of mine makes killer raw pies :)

Michelle said...

i'm really interested in raw food too.. i don't think i'll ever go 100% raw (when would i eat your cookies and soup???), but i do try to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. i'm even thinking of picking up a raw (un)cook book.

hyphen_helena said...

6 raw recipes! Great! I would love to eat more raw foods-- all the ones I've had were incredibly vibrant.

JENNA said...

thanks for squeezing in the raw ceaser into the manuscript!!


Michelle.S said...

I love raw foods! Anyone in T.O has to check out Live Organic Food Bar at Dupont and Spadina... my favorite restaurant. Tons of unique, creative raw food.

Dreena, I cannot wait to get your new cookbook!

Judy said...

Hey, if it's salad that you can't stop eating, then I think you're doing ok!

Teresa said...

I'm definitely into incorporating more raw into my diet, although, like you I don't plan on going 100% raw. I'm excited to try out this dressing and can see myself using it in a wrap! OOOhhh that sounds so delicious right now. (I haven't had caesar since going vegan!).

Did the little ones enjoy this recipe?


Isil Simsek said...

Hi Dreena,
Today's post is dedicated to you.Check my blog when you have time.

Dreena said...

Hi guys! Thanks for your comments!!

Harmonia, cool, thanks, I'm likin' being a 'rockin' girl'!! :)

Teresa, the girls didn't try the dressing. I give them the chance, but some things they just don't want to try, and that's okay as long as they are eating most of their meal! Strange though, it's so creamy you think they'd want to give it a try. Our older girl is a fruit girl, so creamy foods don't come close to berries, peaches, or mangoes!

Isil, I am touched by your post. It is meaningful to know that my food guide and info for babies is helping you with such an important phase in Defne's life. You're absolutely right that the food guide in my book is quite different from most food guides. It *is* very confusing, and most guides recommend rice cereals as the 1st food. Our girls did fabulously with this food introduction - no sensitivities or rashes, or digestive issues. Your story of feeding Defne her first blueberries from your finger is precious. Thank you very much for sharing your experience in your post, and for such a high recommendation of my book. Of course, I'm also most pleased that my cookies have found their way into your home!!! (...and that you are enjoying other recipes too)! Have fun and much luck as you continue to introduce foods. Lots of pureeing of veg and fruit for a while, but it does get easier once they are picking up some foods and more grains and beans and such can be eaten. Oh yes, as they pick up foods they can also drop and throw foods. ha! :) Messy, but fun and always great photos of food covering little faces. I've gone on... but, again thank you. It means a lot to know the guide and info is helping you.

laura k said...

I'm excited about the raw Caesar recipe... and the other raw recipes. I've been trying to incorporate more raw foods into my life.

erica said...

Hooray for raw foods! I was 100% raw for a month and now eat mostly raw. I feel a thousand percent better on raw foods; my pain level decreases, and I can sleep on my own, without high priced supplements that still leave me with insomnia.

I love the absolute purity of the food (no flours, no soy), the taste (when you start eating cooked again you realize how blah it is, even a month after re-introducing cooked foods they still disappoint me), and the detox, though it's not always fun.

Sheree' said...

Oh yes, I can't wait until for your book! I feel like my menus will be set for quite awhile.

I think I need to go buy some greens. Salads are calling me.

Have a super day!

Dreena said...

Thanks Laura!

Erica, that's interesting to hear your experience with raw eating. Thanks for sharing it. Even if we don't eat purely raw, it's valuable to learn more about the diet I think, to expand our recipes and exposure to ingredients, etc. I find creating raw recipes fun - and fairly easy too!!

Hi Veg-A-Nut... thanks, yeah this time of year I think we naturally crave all the fresh produce that is more abundant. Lots of beautiful greens in farmers' markets now... and berries and so much more!

bazu said...

This sounds so delicious. I'm glad you snuck it into the book at the last minute- I'm experimenting with going raw for the month of July, so I'll be one of the first tasters, for sure.