Thursday, August 09, 2007

Christmas in July?

Phew! It's been a busy few days. Catching up on everything from laundry to e-mails (and sorry to those of you that have waited to hear back from me). Also clued up some editing on the front/back cover of ED&BV - and we may be going to print the end of the week. Ooooeeee! So, we're on track to have it in bookstores in mid-late October.

I also finished some testing on a new recipe for my next VegNews column. My articles appear in every second issue, so I work on any given piece about 4 months in advance of its printing. As you can imagine, this is often peculiar in the sense that you are trying to jump ahead to the season when the article will be in print. If I want to feature seasonal produce (ex: winter squash in the fall; basil in the summer), it's never abundant at the time of writing. So, it can be tricky when working with seasonal items.

This next article will feature some cranberry recipes. Of course, very seasonal for Nov/Dec. Not so much for July/August (though it's been so flipping cold some days this summer it's almost fitting)! I created and tested this Holiday Chickpea Tart in early July, and so one evening we sat out on our patio in the sunshine eating our holiday tart with cranberries. Hubby says "feels like Christmas"! I said, "I know, it's not very appropriate for this time of year"... but as my mom always used to say (and still does to this day)... "you either like it or lump it"!

Here it is just after baking. For convenience, I used a Wholly Wholesome whole-wheat pie shell to hold the filling. I've said it many times before, I love Wholly Wholesome products. Not all are vegan, but those that are vegan are lovely, wonderful, incredible! Love them!

So, here you are. A festive chickpea tart with walnut, spinach, and cranberries that will appear in the VegNews Nov/Dec issue. Great menu item for those of you that don't want a Tofurkey/Faux Turkey/Noturkey/Rubberturkey on the table (like me)!

I served it with my wicked Balsamic Maple Sauce that you will be able to get very soon as it is included in ED&BV. This sauce is so super good, that you will want to drizzle it on steamed veggies, sandwiches, grains, or to have with spring rolls, potstickers, etc, the list goes on because this sauce is nummy good stuff... and you know I'm a saucy girl!

I'll get back to seasonal food goodies next... in the meantime, since we're on topic of VegNews... my gentle reminder to vote! :)


Heather said...

This looks so yummy!!! Can't wait! I ordered the DVD from Peta today since I didn't win :( But hey it will help the animals right?

Thank You!!!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

wow, this chickpea tart looks phenomenal!! as someone who only just recently started LOVING chickpeas, this sounds like a great dish to incorporate them in. and I definitely need to keep my eyes open for the Wholly Wholesome pie crusts at Whole Foods - those sound like the perfect substitute for those times when you don't feel like making a pie crust from scratch :0)

Anonymous said...

I just can't want until the new book comes out. I tried your brownie recipie today from Vive. They were amazing! That chickpea tart looks pretty good. I have really been craving cranberries lately. Like some sort of cranberry orange muffin...any ideas?
This pregnant lady must have!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Food! And such delicious food too. Only you could think of putting together cranberries and chickpeas and making them look so good. I bet they taste delish!

Dreena said...

3veggies, I like your shopping justification! It's good when we have a 'reason'. hey, maybe you'll win next time 'round, just hold on to the winning vibe. :)

hiya veggiegirl! Thanks... I LOVE chickpeas, and have a hard time understanding when folks don't like them. They are my fave bean and just can be so versatile. Wholly Wholesome also has graham pie crusts (reg and chocolate) and vegan pies (frozen) - like apple, blueberry, and even pumpkin. I've only had apple, but would love to get my hands on the other flavors!
Oh, and I *never* feel like making a pastry crust from scratch. :)

Thanks mom2wilmo! Those brownies are a huge hit for us and our friends too... chocolatey fudgy goodness. Oh, my sweet tooth! As for the muffins, if you have TEV, try the 'As-You-Like Muffins' recipe, and add about 3-4 tbsp of cranberries to the batter, and grate about 1 1/2 tsp of orange rind into the batter as well - that would do the trick I think. If you don't have TEV, you can try the Orange Poppyseed muffins from Vive, and again add the cranberries into the batter. Those preggo cravings, hey? They totally preoccupy you until YEAH, you get to eat it!

Hey veggie vixen! Funny, I didn't think much of combining the cranberries and chickpeas at the time - but yes, it's not a mix we see very often! But yes, it's quite yummy, with some of the walnuts and chickpeas still chunky, and then the tang of chickpeas, and some fresh thyme and parsley in there... mmm!

aimee said...

Chickpeas, spicnach, cranberries? Um, does it really get any better than that? I always look forward to veg news coming out, but now I have even more to look forward to! Thanks, as always Dreena, for such delicious recipes! Oh, and I was lucky enough to win some Wholly Wholesome pies last winter and tried pumpkin, apple, blueberry and cherry! Unbelievably good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I look forward to receiving that issue of Vegnews. It all looks amazing!

julie hasson said...

That chickpea tart looks wonderful Dreena. It's funny because I've been getting a little tired of pies lately, but just looking at your pic makes me want to whip one up. That one to be specific!

I'm really looking forward to your book!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I haven't heard the phrase "Like it or Lump it" for such a long time! and I'm sure I'd like your Chickpea tart. I always enjoy your VegNews articles, Dreena.

Amey said...

Oooh, I LOVE the idea of that tart... it looks fantastic. I am always looking for more vegan savoury pie recipes too. Very nice, I can't wait to try it.

By the way, I am loving the Everyday Dish DVD. Vicki over at VeganVice served me up some of those Mint Melties and I was SOLD! :) Thanks for all the great recipes Dreena!

Dr. Melissa West said...

Wow! I'm looking forward to this. I want to have a really special Vegetarian Christmas dinner this year.

Dreena said...

Aimee, lucky you!!! I bet they were delicious. I've had the apple, but would love to try the blueberry and that dairy-free pumpkin - yummy!

Thanks Suzanne. :)

Julie, I can't believe you can even look at pies with any interest at this point! But then again, I guess you've mostly been making sweet pies. This one won't be in ED&BV, but will be in VegNews.

Hey Vicki! Funny, how many times my mom said that to us growing up... "if I had a dime for every time I heard it"

Hi SpringsandWells, I don't make too many savory pies but now I'm inspired to do so. Easy, and great for potlucks and holidays and such. Oh, yes, those melties do have an addictive quality! :) Glad you love them, thank you. What's with people that don't like chocolate with mint?? (my hubby is one of them)!

Thanks Melissa, yeah, it is certainly a great dish for Christmas or parties during the holidays - esp when you don't want to do the faux turkey thing! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Sheree' said...

Wow this look heavenly. I will have to get a subscription to the magazine because I am unable to fine it anywhere in our area. I think I should email my family and tell them this is what I want for my birthday. Thanks for the great idea. :0)

Anonymous said...

I seen this recipe in VegNews and had hoped to make this for Thanksgiving. I would have appreciated your comment using the cranberry sauce recipe as you recommended instead of the balsamic maple syrup in your "Christmas in July?"

half pint pixie said...

Oooh we made this for Christmas dinner and it was scrumptious! Can't wait to make it again soon :)