Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Living Caesar Salad

I've jabbered on and on about this salad... and so finally, here's the recipe. I do think the jabbering is justified, though!!
This Caesar salad is quite authentic in its flavor, uses very healthful ingredients, is incredibly easy to make, and unlike many dairy-free caesar dressings, it uses raw nuts (or seeds) instead of soy products to make it creamy.

You need an immersion blender for this dressing. If you have a high-powered blender, then obviously you can use that as well. What's needed is to puree the heck out of the nuts/seeds and other ingredients, until they are as smooth as possible! But, then... you're ready to roll!

The recipe offers a version using seeds instead of nuts, so it can be enjoyed by those of you with nut allergies. Also, the seed version is just a nice variation - and just as tasty!

Gently mix this dressing into crisp romaine leaves (I typically use a *wee* bit more than shown in the picture, but you know me and sauces). Next, simply toss in raw pumpkin seeds - or gasp! - toasted pumpkin seeds or croutons (sorry raw foodists - don't slam me on that one, okay?!) :)

In ED&BV, there is a simple recipe for Polenta Croutons that are dynamite in this salad. Polenta Croutons you say? Yes, something you can make with those tubes of polenta that you stare at wondering "what can I make with this"! (There are a few other ideas in the book for those tubes of polenta, btw.) Of course, regular croutons can also be used. If you want to keep the salad raw, go with the raw pumpkin seeds... and also try adding some sliced cherry or grape tomatoes - another nice addition!

I must also add that I love to use this dressing as a dip for raw veggies and also for a sandwich spread, since it's so thick... and wicked tasty!


Anonymous said...

I tried this salad at the Taste of Health fair and it was fantastic. It just makes you feel good to eat something that you know is good for you. BTW, is it bad that everytime I am in a store and I see your new book, I rearrange the books a bit so that it is up front in plain view?


Teresa said...

I've already marked this page in the cookbook (although at this point I'm not sure what isn't marked). I'm not a salad person, but I love caesar as a dip and spread (especially with pizza crust). By the way, I do love the photo, especially with the ice tea pitcher!

Anonymous said...

The best Cesar salad i've ever had!! I topped it with pumpkin seeds and sun dried tomatoes and it was really...magic!!
I was out of cashew ( unsalted raw cashews aren't so easy to find here!!), so this time I used raw unsalted almonds, but it was still perfect!! Brava Dreena!!

Robin_upto_nogood said...

I am so excited about this new recipe and that now I have all three of your books! My family loves Caesar salads so I will be trying out this and several recipes over the week and weekend. I am trying to be in the best health that I possibly can so I am making some lifestyle changes. Your recipes are helping me committ to this without struggle. Thank-you~

Dreena said...

Ha! Angie, no it's only bad when I rearrange them. (when others do it, it's a very good thing) ;)

Oh yeah, Teresa, it would be dyamite as a 'dipper' for pizza! Good idea!

WOW! Thanks Zuccaverde, that's just the best. :)

Robin, that's an inspiring note. While vegan foods have this perception of being odd, difficult, and impractical... here you are enjoying recipes and saying it's not any trouble to do. Thank you for that, and keep it going!! :)

The Little Mama said...

We made this salad the other night (once I have a few minutes, I'll do a post on it). It was super yummy....the texture of the ground nuts really mimics the texture of parmesan cheese that is usually in caesar salad. Mmmm. It was soo soo good! I didn't make any croutons to accompany it, but I'll try to next time!
P.S. I just took a batch of the Chocolate Mint Melties out of the oven, and my house smells awesome! This book rocks my world! :)

melimade said...

Havent tried this one yet but very much looking forward to it. I did, however, make the white bean rosemary soup this week as everyone in the house is sick and we needed a big batch of healthy soup to warm up for quick meals. It was delicious! Even my 2 y/o daughter likes it. Thanks for another awesome recipe.

bazu said...

Oh my gosh, you have created a work of sheer genius! I'm so going to make this- and soon!