Wednesday, November 28, 2007

edits, shmedits

I interrupt this blogging break to bring you edits fresh from the 1st printing of ed&bv!

It is very bothersome for me to discover editing errors after the fact. And, it's difficult to explain how some of these errors make their way into final print, given how many pairs of eyes review the manuscript through various phases. But, things get missed from the original versions into the rough edited drafts, and then into design, and back for review. So, the short of this is I apologize for the typos and errors that are currently in edbv, and I do hope that they haven't caused you too many troubles while immersed in a recipe.

But, some good news... my publisher is getting ready to do a reprint of ed&bv. Yes, already! Very exciting, and this means that the edits you see here will make there way into the next printing.

Thank you to those of you that have e-mailed about editing mishaps - pls continue to do so if you see any errors beyond what's in this list.

(and thanks to Eric over at An Animal Friendly Life for bringing the Red Kuri Squash recipe edit to my attention... and also for his recent review of ed&bv - check it out!)

Thanks... now go eat, drink & be vegan!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

No worries about the typos - I've noticed a few spelling errors, but nothing detrimental. I'm still obsessed with/fully enjoying ED&BV!! :0)

If you check out my current Thanksgiving post, you'll notice that ED&BV made quite an appearance - I made the Quinoa-Chickpea Confetti Casserole (with butternut squash in place of the fennel), Traditional Cranberry Sauce, and Carob-Pumpkin Pie (VeggieGirl's take on your Chocolate-Pumpkin Pie recipe, since you know that I don't eat chocolate). Everything was a hit!!

Oh and this afternoon, I baked the Sunny Pineapple-Yogurt Cake - just took it out of the oven a few moments ago, actually. I haven't tasted it yet, but it smells incredible!! I'm telling you, Dreena, you're a culinary genius!!

Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Hi Dreena,
I did notice an error in the Sweet Potato Lentil Chili - in the last major step of the recipe, you state to add the lentils, beans, tomatoes and bay leaf ...and cook until the sweet potatoes are done - But you never say to add the potatoes! I figured that easy one out of course - don't know if anyone will have a problem with it ;) However, the chili was PHENOMENAL... and my husband, who doesn't really care for sweet potatoes besides at Thanksgiving, loved it for the red lentils! I have been eating it all week and enjoying every healthy bite. Thanks for making your recipes so accessible, too! I plan on giving ED&BV to several relatives this year for Christmas! We enjoyed your Monkey Minestrone, too, the last time I was under the weather -what awesome flavors!

Carrie™ said...

As they say Dreena, sh*t happens. At least there is a place for us to come and check for typos. I'm just going to sit here with my book and write in the changes right now so I don't forget.
I've read some rave reviews for the Sweet Potato Lentil Chili. I guess I'll have to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, the sacrifice :o) BTW, I made the 5 spice cookies & didn't even notice the mistake. I guess sometimes our brains know what we're 'supposed' to read. The cookies were a hit - much better when made into ice cream sandwiches!!

Dreena said...

veggiegirl, I've caught a couple of spelling errors too - and even those irk me! Do let me know if you see anything neeidng changing. You know, I think I need to just move you up here to Canada - or at least have you room with us for a couple of months and do recipe testing for me. You are cooking/baking like mad, girl! I'm honored that my recipes made it your Thanksgiving celebration with your family. Thank you. You are a darling. oh, and hope you love the cake. It's very moist, and so the glaze needs to be added just before serving or it 'disappears' into the cake! Still yummy though.

Hi peace, love and veganism... thanks for the note. The sweet potatoes are added earlier in the recipes, with the onions, etc, and they are listed in the directions. I always write my recipes 'in order' so that the ingredients are listed in the order you use them. Still, feel free to send me a note if you think something is missing or isn't clear - always good for me to double check. And YAY! Glad you loved the chili so much!! Esp when hubby takes to it and isn't keen on sweet pot's... good stuff. They are so darn healthy those sweet pot's!

Carrie, ah yes it does! The cookie one was funny... if you want to use 'almost' extract... almost reach for it in your cupboard, then no, change your mind and omit it. True, the eye "understands" what the word should be so ignores it. Part of the editing trouble... anyhow... yes, yes, those cookies are MADE for ice cream sandwiches. I don't think I've had a cookie that I enjoy in an ice cream sandwich as much as those. Just the flavorings in it and the sugar sprinkle on top - with vanilla ice cream... my kind of food happy! :)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hi again Dreena!

Hey, anytime you need a recipe-tester I'm MORE than willing to do so!!! Honestly!!! You have my email address, I believe :0)

Oh and the Pineapple Cake is another winner!!! So moist, so flavorful, and perfectly sweet - excellent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreena!

First of all, I love love love ED&BV! Already made quite a few recipes (oh those Lemon Poppy Seed Crackle Cookies!! And that Mango Sassy...). Sunday, I decided I should put sticky notes in it, one for every recipe I just needed to make really soon. Well, I'm not half way through the book, and already put in 30 sticky notes. :-)

Tonight I made the Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Hummus. In the ingredient list you call for 2 tbsp of olive oil, but I could not find where you had to put it in (now I already knew you write the ingredient list in order, so for me it wasn't a problem, but since you asked for it...). Or is the olive oil for the drizzle you talk about in the end? But then it isn't in the order you use it... Anyway, that hummus is delicious!

And a question... I can't find any mint dark chocolate around here (at least not a mint flavored one, I can find mint cream-filled ones) but I want to make the chocolate mint melties anyway. Just use dark chocolate, and not the cream filled one? Add extra mint extract? Thanks!

Robin_upto_nogood said...

I am going to make our Christmnas
dinner all from your cookbooks! My 2 older children will be with their father and they would want a big ham or roast. That was always a tradition with us when they were little. I am going to make the Moroccan-Infused Vegetable Phyllo recipe. Along with several other things. My question is, when I bought the phyllo from our health food store it was stored in the freezer and so that is where I put it. I am assuming I have to completely thaw it out before I use it. Am I right? Any tips?
Is there any other recipe you think should definitely be made along with the Phyllo dish? I am so excited about having a vegan Christmas dinner!! Also what is your favorite vegan cheese? If you would prefer not to answer that maybe someone else can. Thanks !!


Dreena said...

Veggiegirl, you are a baking wonder! That cake is moist and not too sweet... a great 'tea' cake!

Hi Arine, that's so lovely. Thank you. :) You are right about the hummus, and I have added the edit note to my edits page - thanks for picking up on it! Ohhhhh, we need to get you some dark mint chocolate! The cream filled bar will just ooze and melt all over the cookie (well, I'm guessing - I never tested with it b/c I just assumed it wouldn't hold up). There are a couple of brands I've used, one being the Endangered Species mint bar... but, my current love is for the Cocoa Camino mint bar - it is sublime! It has little bitty mint crackles in the bar for the tiniest bit of crunch. Here's the link for the website (scroll down to see the mint bar) - ask your store to bring it in, it's amazing: Until then, you can use reg choc, though you won't get the full minty effect, even if you add a little extra mint extract, since then you'll have a minty batter but not the melty mint chocolate (which the bar is partially ground and mixed into the batter). So, you can certainly give it a try, but if you can get your store to bring in the Cocoa Camino brand - it's worth the wait!! :)

Hi Robin! Wow, your 1st vegan Christmas... awesome! "We wish you a vegan Christmas, we wish you a vegan Christmas". hee! Anyhow, for the phyllo, yes, keep it frozen until a day or two before ready to use it. Then, put it in your fridge the day before so it can thaw in the fridge overnight. If you forget, you can also thaw at room temp for several hours, but it does seem to transition better from freezer to fridge in my experience - not critical, but helpful. If you have extra phyllo left over after you make the rolls (you might not, but if you do), it can be repackaged and refrozen too! I LOVE phyllo!! And, I've made those rolls with w/w phyllo and they were still delicious. Definitely serve it with the Balsamic Maple Sauce to drizzle over top. Then, you can serve on the side some roasted root veggies or a puree like the Autumn Puree in edbv, or the Roasted Turnip Puree in TEV, or the Roasted Carrots/Parsnip dish in TEV. I also really love the Savory Stuffed Squash from TEV... though the stuffing may not be the flavor/textures for everyone - it's something I ate every Christmas growing up in Newfoundland (but, stuffed in a turkey, obviously - ugh). You may want to add a tofu or protein dish as well, like Cashew-Ginger Tofu, or Lemon-Herb Tofu from Vive, or a fave seitan/tempeh dish. I don't do the seitan thing very often (like, rarely), but I know that Bryanna's seitan dishes are incredible, and the 'roast' she did for the everydaydish dvd is a popular one. Oh, there's also a 'mushroom gravy' in TEV if you want that kind of thing to have with a seitan or stuffing dish. Oh, and there's an easy and yummy cranberry sauce in edbv too. That covers some of the savory items... I shouldn't get started on ideas for dessert!!!

Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Hi again Dreena! Of course, you were absolutely correct about the recipe 'mistake' - as usual, it was all mine! The chili still turned out beautifully - but it was unusual to add the sweet potatoes at that step for me - guess I wasn't expecting it! Anyway, I just finished making the Cocoa-Coconut Chili tonight! Your recipes are always so easy and relatively quick - esp the chilis! I also made your gluten-free choc chip cookies for my recent Vegetarian group meeting, since the topic was Gluten-free and celiacs! I had to use potato starch, as I couldn't find tapioca starch in time (though I just did today!), but they turned out just fine. Everyone wanted the recipe as usual!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

I'll be posting on my blog tomorrow, about an addition/change that I made to the Sunny-Pineapple Yogurt cake - I hope you'll like it!! Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow, to see it :0)

Michelle.S said...

Dreena, no comments on edits here, just wanted to say I am still trying new recipes and loving them. I have made several batches of the hide the lentils pasta sauce, and it is perfect for this time of year. Another favorite is my gluten free version of the jam thumbprint cookies. I just use brown rice flour instead of the flours it calls for, and add a little tapioca starch. They are delicious! I do the hemp seed version.

Besides my initial two copies of EDBV for my sis and I, I have bought three other copies as gifts for people!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Aw, that's super frustrating, when you think you've edited it to perfection only to find a tiny mistake in there somewhere. And congrats on the reprint! -Amy@Wheeler's

urban vegan said...

Congrats on the reprint, Dreena! That doesn't suprise me a bit.

Too bad about the typos--but honestly, I haven't noticed any. They are inevitable and are no reflection on you!

Anonymous said...

You want to see some delicious meals being prepared?

aTxVegn said...

I haven't had trouble with any of the recipes. Everything I've made has been fantastic, as is always the case! I especially loved the Supercharge Me Cookies and Peanut Butter Hummus.

Michelle said...

wow, a reprint already! congrats!

Sheree' said...

I have your book on my Christmas list. I so hope Santa brings it to me. Thanks for the updates on the errors. No worries about the errors, we are all human and all have human eyesight. I would read over and over my papers in college and DARN if there would be errors after I turned it in. Frustrating? YES! Something to turn gray over, NO! I have been watching so many blogs cooking from your book and OMGoodness everything looks great. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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