Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nava's Butterscotch Apples (plus some V-Day ideas)

Today I'm on a 'blog tour' with Nava Atlas, as she has just released her new cookbook "Vegan Express". Congrats Nava! :) I had the opportunity to test a recipe from Nava's new cookbook and post about it for all to enjoy! (btw, the photography in Vegan Express was done by our well-loved Susan Voisin... totally cool!)

I was immediately and naturally drawn to Nava's recipe for Butterscotch Apples. This is a very quick dish that is immensely satisfying and comforting, and particularly suited to fall and winter when apples are seasonal. Though, as you all know (or should by now!), I am a saucy girl, and so when I looked at this recipe calling for 5 apples, I decided to instead use 3 to meet my saucy gal needs! The apples and butterscoth-like sauce are separately, but quickly, heated through and then gently tossed together. I topped the mixture with a dollop of soy yogurt and sprinkling of walnuts, as Nava suggests in her recipe... and of course, we (meaning mostly me) all know that some vanilla non-dairy ice cream would also be a blissful accompaniment!

With Valentine's Day approaching, this would be a lovely and simple dish to prepare for your sweetie, especially if you don't have a fondness for chocolate.

But WAIT! How can you NOT have a fondness for chocolate. Sensitivities and allergies I understand... but plain ol' disinterest? Scandalous I say!

So, in the spirit of all things good and chocolate for Valentine's, I have reposted my chocolate bark recipe from Vive so that you have time to make a treat for your special someone. You could also make my Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies, and decorate by piping some chocolate hearts on top (I plan to do this for my daughter's class, and will post some pics later). Or, try my Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, or something with a touch of red color like my Coconut Raspberry Squares.

Or, go all out my lovelies, and make THIS cake!

(p.s. vegan smooches for a sweet Valentine's Day to you all)


Meg said...

Those apples look soooo good! And I am making that cake for the BF on Friday for a late Valentine's Day - looking forward to it. :)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

butterscotch apples?!??!! talk about pure, decadent bliss!! yum!!

and hey, remember, I AM the carob queen - chocolate is overrated in my book ;0)

aTxVegn said...

Those apples look wonderful! I think some bananas with or instead of the apples would be great too. Your choc chip cookies are so great. I can't wait to see your decorated ones. I also love the raspberry squares, which I've made in many different flavors.

Happy V-Day!

Ashasarala said...

That cake looks to die for! I am gonna snag the recipe, thanks!

angelacf said...

I too am making your choc chip cookies (the gluten be gone ones natch) but I am resorting to my new old fave - the BIG COOKIE!!! piped with pinky icing & let's do sprinkles - should please all those little omnis who are used to technicolored confectionary nightmares - happy valentine's day

Jody from VegChic said...

Hey Dreena, just stopping by to see what's cooking!

Those apples look amazing and now I NEED another new cookbook, lol!

I made your orange poppy seed muffins recently and enjoyed them. Also, I had some friends visiting a few weeks back. One girl has a whole host of funky allergies. After finding a vegan chocolate bar with no soy lecithin, we made your homestyle choc chip cookie recipe. (--smashed the bar into little chunks) Everybody LOVED these. The omnis couldn't believe vegan cookies could be so good.

Andrea said...

thanks for the reminder about Vegan Express. It looks great. You are so good to support your fellow vegan writers...
The apples look fab.

erica said...

Believe it or not, some of us aren't interested in chocolate. It happens!

Lisa said...

Maybe you can help...I have asked everyone. BTW I love chocolate but do have an slight intolerance...grrr.. Anyway, I am having a problem finding recepies that contain no MSG...which I have a severe intolerance to. Do you have anything?

Anonymous said...

I made your "tickle me pink" vanilla cookies today. I wanted them to be a little more festive for today so I turned them into strawberry ice cream sandwiches. They are fantastic. Also made the chocolate-cashew ice cream pie. Couldn't decide if I wanted Chocolate or fruity so I made both. Thank God I am heading to the gym before dessert.

Dreena said...

Lisa, I'm happy to help you, but I need more info from you. I'm not sure where you're finding the msg in the recipes. Is it in the sauces/condiments used in the recipes? For instance, there might be a listing for 'soy sauce' in a recipe, and certain brands may have msg... but, others don't. For instance, I use an organic tamari, and it doesn't have any msg. Before I go on too much, pls let me know more and I'll try to help.

Angie, those cookie sandwiches sound so festive!! I love the pink-on-pink idea... you gave me a chuckle about the gym, btw. :)

(and Jody - cheers to you finding a sensitivity-friendly, allergy-free cookie solution for your friends... that's awesome!)

Kristine said...

Those apples look SO DECADENT!
I will FOR SURE be making those in the near future...mmmmmmm.