Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pumpkin Oat Muffins

This is one of my recipes, Pumpkin Oat Muffins (get the recipe here). This muffin batter includes a full can of pumpkin pie mix.

Now, I have found through numerous test runs with different recipes using pumpkin pie mix that the consistencies of any given puree can vary significantly from one brand to another. Some brands of pumpkin pie mix (and puree for that matter) can be thin and runny, with other brands being much more of a thick, dense puree. For consistency with recipe testing, I use the Farmer's Market Organic Pumpkin Pie Mix. Not only organic, this pie mix is also made with evaporated cane juice, which I prefer to mixes using white sugar. It has great flavor, and the texture is one that is thick and rich.

These muffins are easy to make, are wheat-free with spelt and oat flours (not gluten-free... the two are often confused). The best part of these muffins - well, apart from the sweet scent of pumpkin wafting through your kitchen - is the nibbly crunchy sweet topping!

And I know you muffin-top stealers are out there... I've been guilty too, snatching off the top of the muffin and leaving the bottom for later (or rather, for another). I won't be able to help you with these, because that crunchy sweet goodness gives an even bigger reason to tear off the muffin top. Let's face it, muffin tops are a very good thing - well, when you're eating them - not wearing them! (and for Seinfeld fans, who can forget "Top of the Muffin to You"?)

Before I sign off, a reminder that for the rest of my recipes, go here (and there is a permanent link on my sidebar too).

Happy baking! (and muffin-top noshing) :)

(p.s. I have lost an e-mail and hopefully it can be resent if you're out there reading it. The e-mail was about conversion of baked goods (specifically Maple Pecan Sticky Blondies) and also using canola oil vs olive oil. If this sounds familiar, pls resend your e-mail so I can reply to you... and sorry, it was a slip of the finger and poof! :( the e-mail was gone.)


Anonymous said...


very excited to be the first to comment. I live in Sydney, Australia and I was wondering if i can buy any of your books over here?

Love your blog, nice to see that you don't rely on overly processed foods.

Cheers. :)

Katy said...

Wow, those muffins looks amazing! I've never been one to steal muffin tops, but these might change all that!

Tammy Burks said...

Wow! Those look divine! As soon as I'm finished with this "quantum wellness" 21 day cleanse I'm making these!!! Just 7 days to go!

Anonymous said...

These look really good! Thank you for sharing them.

Binx said...

Speaking of muffin-top stealers-- would you believe that people do that to the self-serve muffins at Whole Foods?

"Hmm, no one's looking, so I guess I'll just have a taste!"

I mean, the tops are the best part, but... :)

Animal-Friendly said...

Mmmmmmm....Pumpkin! I crave pumpkin and other squashes even in the summer, so I don't think I'll be able to resist making these muffins despite the hot weather!

Janet said...

I love that this recipe uses the whole can of pumpkin!!! Because really, I never know what to do with the little bit that's left in the can from most recipes.

Unknown said...

I love this recipe...and think I have just the occasion to try it out coming up !

As an aside about the oil discussion, I recently bought a big bottle of nice grapeseed oil, which I've been using in almost all my baking. It's been working great for me: a heart healthy oil with a high smoke point and a nice, subtle flavour. It's health benefits are well documented, and has none of the question marks that surround the effect canola oil has on the body.

Dreena said...

Hi anonymous - sorry for the delay getting back to you. My publisher has a distributor in Australia, so yes, my books should be available for you. Ask a local bookstore to bring one in - or try amazon too. If you aren't finding my books after that, let me know - you can order them from the Australian distributor too I think.

binx, that is WRONG. Just plain wrong!! I get irked to see people taking samples of candies out of bulk bins. Taking whole muffin tops? nasty!

Jesse, I use organic canola oil in my own cooking, and with my next reprint I'm going to be sure to indicate organic canola oil, because the topic of canola oil causes much confusion and debate too. Organic canola is not genetically modified, and avoids any concerns of using canola oil that is gm'd. And, canola oil is not the same as rapeseed oil, which causes some of the confusion as rapeseed is high in erucic acid. Anyhow, in short, I plan to put that edit in my book. Also, in terms of cooking with oils, most oils will break down some with high heat cooking, and so for high heat frying I have been choosing organic coconut oil - and in baking some too - however, organic canola oil is more flexible in baking, and baking does not involve the level of high heats as frying. That might be more than you needed/wanted to know! - but I thought I'd address it (briefly) for those interested, and since I still haven't heard from my lost e-mailer!

Thanks everyone, enjoy the muffins (and NO muffin-stealing in stores, okay? - no need, I know none of my blog followers would ever do that). :)

Anonymous said...

These look completely delish. I love pumpkin - AND, I just so happen to have a can just like that in my pantry...