Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSN $100 Winner Is...

Winner is Nichole, comment "ooh, love giveaways!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah... congrats Nichole!  Please zip me an e-mail at dreenaburton@gmail.com, and I'll hook you up!

Guys, I love hosting giveaways for you, and I have another one lined up soon, possibly two (though, not quite as big as this one)!  It's fun to be able to give things away through my blog, and some of you commented that you loved how easy it was to enter.  That's cool, I know there are some blog contests where you tweet the contest, and then tweet something else, and then go back and do another something.  I get why it's done, but it's all too much for me.  Mind-boggling!  So, I'll keep the contests as easy-peasy as possible!

Quick update about my brownie entry in the gluten-free contest... Some of you posted replies to my brownie recipe on my own blog, on my recipes page.  This is lovely, but if you were wanting to throw your vote in for the contest (which I think was your intention), the comment needs to get on my posted recipe here.  I might have confused you in my initial post, so if you want to leave the reply (and, I still need replies guys, I could use another dozen or so to stay in the running), then please post 'em right here!  :D

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