Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catch-Up (or Ketchup)?

me with my mom!
(p.s. and when I ended with, "should we post a recipe soon?", I'm wondering what you might fancy - here or from other posts?!)

Time to get back to blogging!  My mom is still visiting from Newfoundland (as some of you read on fb... "godluvya"), so my days are a little out of funk, but it's time to catch-up with you all.

I feel like there's a lot to share with you.  There's a giveaway or two in the pipeline, and I have plenty of things to share about new recipes and the new book.  Before I do, I want to address something about my recent Blendtec post.  Please know that when I poke fun about experiences here, they are just that - my experiences.  I won't always be pc on this blog, but am fully aware and understanding of different circumstances and lifestyles.  Yet, my blog is my voice, and so when I'm joking or sharing stories, they come from my experiences.  Doing so might exclude others in different situations, but I'm certainly not oblivious to those differences.  I'm just playing around and being light-hearted.  I just wanted to express that, not in a defensive manner, rather just to say that my playfulness was and is not meant to leave you feeling sad, uncomfortable, or alienated.  It's a reflection of my experiences, without any intention to be callous or insensitive towards any other - it troubles me to think that might be the perception.  I hope most of you understand my quirky sense of humor is with good intention.

Ok, what were those photos?  All coming up in the next book, the recipes are:

KD Dip.  This recipe wasn't in the last post, but is a noochy-lover's sauce that is reminiscent of when you'd squeeze ketchup all over your Kraft Dinner.  You did that, didn't you?  Was it just me?  Anyhow, I had come up with this noochy sauce for the girls that is nut-free so packs well in school lunches (they love it in wraps with beans, rice, tofu, etc).  When I was making it they said "mom, can we try some ketchup in this?".  I rolled my eyes.  Ketchup goes with anything for them.  But, when I gave 'em a squirt and tasted - it really worked!  Switched up the recipe some and now have this "KD Dip".  Not just for pasta. ;)

Pumpkin Chickpea Cauliflower Curry with 'Fresh Cream Sauce'
.  This particular version photographed had a combination of chickpeas and kidney beans, which actually looks quite pretty with the other colors.  The delectably creamy sauce offsets the spicy curry.  That cream is so good you'll wanna use it on lots of things - or bathe in it!

"Black and White Cake" and Cupcakes.  In the last month we had two birthdays for our daughters and my mom's birthday.  (May I interrupt this food post to say that my wee babe is now 2.  It's hard to believe.  She has become such a delight in recent months, really coming into her own little being.  I am loving her affection and spirit so much these days, and yet felt so reflective and a little sad on her birthday that she has now grown so much.  Motherhood is a heck of a ride, huh?!  Ok, back to your regular programming.)

So, I was making cakes and cupcakes every week I think!  I used my new "Cooked Vanilla Frosting" and "Cooked Chocolate Frosting" for these cakes, and also did these Fluffy Macadamia Frosted Gluten-Free Banana-Scented Cupcakes.  Everything was a hit, and I'm now in frosting withdrawal.

French Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika.  This is a fave new soup for me.  Might be because I'm smitten with smoked paprika, or might be because it is a snap to pull together... or, might be because it is downright delicous!  Triple whammy!

Lemon Cranberry Cookies.  I posted waaaay back about some gluten-free lemon cornmeal cookies I was mixin' up.   Well, I liked them at first, but then found there was something not quite there for me.  The flavors were good, but I knew they could get better.  Think it was in the middle of the night that I had some 'a-ha' moment with these cookies and changed the technique in making them and some of the ingredients.  Now, I am happy with them, and think they are worthy to sit by any other cookie, be it filled with gluten or chocolate... or gluten AND chocolate.  So there!  Take that all you gluten-filled chocolate chip cookies.

Have I rambled enough for one post?  Yes, I think I have!  (Just imagine how my kids and hubby feel.  Wait now... they're pretty freaking lucky!!  Look at the food they get to eat.  Lucky little buggers.)

You, on the other hand, just get to look at the food and still take all the ramblings.  I'm working on getting the food to you.  Yep, promise I am!  (Should we post a recipe soon?...)  :)


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Awwh my hubby and family are from Newfoundland!! :)

Everything looks delish and I ALWAYS put ketchup with my cheesey noochy sauce!! hehe

rachel said...

So glad you're back!! Recipes/food looks fabulous. Can't wait for a new recipe ;)

A C Frye said...

I have been struggling with gluten free & lemon working together to make something that is not mush - so I would like you to post your lemon cookie recipe!

urban vegan said...

Your mom is lovely, as are you. And the food...oy! I'm full but I could still eat it all up. Nom-nom-nom.

michele said...

I am a big fan of lentil soup and look forward to trying your recipe with smoked paprika.

Thomas Bergel said...

Thank you so much for your offer. I have 2 packages of miso, 1 red and 1 white. If you could post a recipe with your usual creative genius, I would greatly appreciate it.

Christine said...

I have quite a sweet tooth, so my vote would be for the icing or the lemon cookies. Lemon anything is always so yummy!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh please please please please post the nutritional yeasty KD Dip recipe! I *love* nutritional yeast and can't eat sounds amazing!


Joy said...

I think you should post (or hurry up and finish the book;-)) French Lentil Soup with Smoked Paprika.  

Yvonne said...

Would love the recipe for the cupcakes/frosting... Thank you! Your blog is great!