Friday, August 12, 2011

Mercury Retrograde Recipe Testing

Moving on from the last couple of posts and getting back to what I love to talk about most - the food!

So, here's the deal.  I finished my manuscript for this new book (title forthcoming, really, I promise, this isn't some pretend book) back in June.  I told my buddy Vicki that I was going to take a break from testing anything new.  Like, give myself a couple of months free from trying anything new.  Not from cooking or baking, but from the note-pad scribbling, adjusting measurements, grabbing a pen for another tweak, etc.  That kind of cooking.

And, here's what happened.

Do I need recipe-testing intervention or what???  Maybe.  Or perhaps it's this 'mercury in retrograde' phenomena that I perviously knew little about - but now keep hearing about - and seemingly is repeating on me.  Recipe testing brings me some serenity, as odd as that might seem.  Maybe it's knowing that "I'm" in control... you hear that Mercury, after royally messing with Monday, Tuesday (including losing a writing assignment), and the better part of Wednesday?  I can still bring the goods sucker.

And, when I create something, like I did Tuesday night, with a "roasted fennel cashew cream sauce" for our pasta (sorry, didn't get a picture, was too happily occupied with it to bother picking up the camera), I wonder "why am I trying to stop myself from creating?".  Well, I know it's to give myself a well-deserved and overdue break.  But, that was before Mercury stepped in.

Still, I will try to keep my promise, Vicki, and get back to my break.  And, regretfully, I don't have any immediate answers to help you solve your Mercury-induced insanities right now.  Maybe I can drop off some food though... if I dare approach your house.

Now, I can't talk about food and leave without any photos.  So, here are some recipes from my 'pretend' book that seriously... honestly... for-real-life... will be out next Spring (2012).  Mercury won't be going backwards then, right?  ;)

Raw Strawberry Pie
Raw Chocolate Truffles (this version with hemp and coconut cocoa nibs)
Creamy Barley Risotto with Thyme and Star Anise


Anonymous said...

Can't wait till your new book comes out -- and the raw desserts look amazing.

Now... get back to that (well-deserved) break!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Gotta love Mercury Retrograde!

How in the world did I miss testing those truffles? I can't wait to try them when the cookbook comes out because they look delicious. Oh, and Mercury will be in retrograde for part of next spring: from about March 12-April 4. ;)

P.S. I hope you never stop creating recipes and I hope I'll get to test for your next book, too!

Dreena said...

thanks Kimberly. :)

vegyogini, nooooo, don't tell me that!! eek! Well, there's no way I can postpone the publication date now, better just take cover during that time. and p.s. thank you - it was such a pleasure for me to have you as part of the testing team, you were so thorough too. xx's