Sunday, November 13, 2011

2nd Draw: Nasoya Winner Is...

Ok, I had to draw another winner for the Nasoya contest, and it is:

Anna, comment: "I've never used tofu before this week. I made your Creamy Orange Poppyseed Dressing and had leftovers...what to do?? Thought about Alfredo Sauce (as I am trying to cut out most dairy), and then had some foods in my fridge I needed to use up so made some Sort of Scalloped Potatoes (my own recipe) using the soft tofu blended instead of cream/cream soup. Very tasty. I think I will buy it again!"

Yay Anna!  Please e-mail me:

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Anonymous said...

Hiya. I just found your blog through a roundabout series of clicks and I'm liking it; I'm really, really liking it. Meat scares me a bit...But I'll just keep sharing that w/ my psychiatrist...