Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Baby's Birthday Cake

A few days ago, our second daughter turned one. There is something magical about getting to that 12-month mark. As you approach those last few months before baby's first birthday, you start to get a little of your life back! After the first six months of continuous breastfeeding, then into making baby foods every couple of days, the demands of this little baby start to give, just a little!

While I am still breastfeeding, still making baby food, and busy as usual with our older daughter and keeping a household running, I am now able to do more for myself. (I wouldn't have started this blog 6 months ago!)

So, what a better way to celebrate than with our daughter's first birthday. We don't believe in a huge bash for little ones, I mean it's really too overwhelming for them. But, I do believe in sharing some good food with family, and that's what we did. For the cake, I was absolutely thrilled to order a non-dairy cheesecake called "Chi Cake". Great name, hey? For any of you in the Vancouver, BC area, you must try this out yourself. http://www.chicake.com

I first sampled the product at EarthSave's recent Taste of Health event - http://www.tasteofhealth.com. The owner, Alan, has introduced three Chi Cake flavors and is working on other flavors and product offerings. I have tried both the Pumpkin-Spice and New York Style, and this weekend I am ordering the Chocolate Hazelnut for a long overdue girls' night! Alan is even working through recipe tests for a gluten-free crust!

As much as I love to cook and bake, I also really appreciate having a break and being able to buy vegan goodies. This one is a winner. Check it out!


tamara said...

hi dreena. i know this is an old blog (and you may not even read this) but i am very curious about you making your own baby food. is this in either of your books? if not, how do you generally prepare mushy baby food? i've never been too fond of store bought baby food myself, but i find that sticking a veggie in the blender hardly creates the taste that i am looking for when i take care of my little nephew. any tips would be appreciated!

Ophelia said...

Hi Tamara,
I make my own baby food and I love it. I buy all organic and make large batches in one sitting, storing some in the fridge (good up to three days) and other in the freezer. It's super simple with the right tools and you know what's in the food!