Thursday, December 08, 2005


If you haven't yet discovered Roiboos tea (pronounced "roy-boss")... you must!!

I drink a couple of cups of Rooibos tea every day. I also drink green tea. But, while green tea contains caffeine, rooibos is naturally caffeine-free. Yet, it is very rich in antioxidants.

I buy my teas from Seaside Tea Company. They carry premium teas, and have the best Rooibos (and green) teas that I have tasted. My favorite Rooibos flavors are their African Cream and Hot Chocolate (no dairy despite names).

Rooibos tea has been used to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, and slow the aging process. It also aids digestion, and improves sleep and skin conditions. For more health information and recipes, check out Rooibos Revolution.

These popsicles were made with a combination of fruit juice and Rooibos tea (recipe will be posted soon). They are delicious and healthy for your kids (and you)!


Harmonia said...

Thank you for your comments on my Polenta post. I am glad that I am not the only one who has had "Issues" with it. I am very happy to find a good, easy brand locally. YAY!

I love Teas! I have a tea section on my blog! Right now I have 2 Rooibos Teas (and drinking one of them now, actually)

They are:
Choice Organic (Fair Trade Certified) Organic Rooibos (red Bush Tea)...I think it has a hint of vanilla.

The other is: Kalahari Premium South African Rooibos Herb Tea (Caffeine free)

They are both GREAT!

juliehasson said...

These look great Dreena. Once the weather turns cold I tend to forget about popsicles, but they look like a delicious and healthy snack. Plus I have a bag full of popsicle molds that are begging to be used :-)

Thanks for your compliments on my site. Ditto for yours!


Ryan said...

I'm not a big rooibos fan (I'm more of a white tea guy), but rooibos popsicles sound like an excellent idea!

... Ryan (

allison said...

An african woman I know swears rooibos is also good for colic in babies.

Dreena said...

I've read the same about colic, and so many other health benefits. I drink it in the day and before bed, it certainly has helped improve my sleep. (Thank goodness with two little kidlets)!

Dr.Gray said...

Now there are some teas that are specifically blended for freezing - green tea ice cream - what I like to do is make some green tea ice cubes. Toss them in some lemon-aid.