Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's, Vegan Style!

Happy Valentine's Day!! In the true spirit of a day devoted to loving our loved ones and well... loving our chocolate, I have a couple of things for you:

First, dark chocolate is a good thing! A little is actually good for us. I'm talking the very dark chocolate (even better if sweetened more naturally than with refined sugars). Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, like those found in blueberries and green tea. Go ahead and print off my chocolate article to learn more about the health benefits of dark chocolate (and an interesting note about not consuming dairy with dark chocolate), as well as chocolate terminology and cooking info.

Second, I normally make chocolate bark for Christmas. But, I thought I'd share my Sublime Chocolate Bark recipe from Vive le Vegan! for those of you that want to make a special last-minute treat for your sweet!

Now everyone, go tell someone you love that you love them, and share some fine dark chocolate!


Julie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dreena! My sweetie & friends will be enjoying your Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies!<3

Dreena said...

Thanks, Julie, and I'll be interested in seeing what's to come on your new blog! :)

Maddy said...

Dreena - because I have to
get my antioxidants - I FORCE
myself to eat dark chocolate
EVERY day.

So there.

SDGvegan said...

mmmmmmm dark chocolate.

Amy said...

I used to not like dark chocolate, at all, but now I am the other way around, I avoid milk chocolate in favor of dark. Once I figured out the whole "savoring" it thing, it's soooo much better. Your bark looks great! Our store had a sale on bulk Callebaut chocolate, so I bought a pound for $3.50US!! Now I know what to do with it! My valentine will love that. ;)

Dreena said...

Yes, Madelyn, I understand your sacrifice!!! What we must do to be healthy! :)

That's awesome, Amy! What a great price... well, I hope you whip up the bark and enjoy it! I like even the darkest dark chocolate (70% and more). Some people find them bitter, but I really love that deep chocolate liquor flavor that you get in a very dark chocolate.

Danielle said...

Dark chocolate--mmm. I like it even better with fruit.

Dreena said...

Hi Danielle... I love dunking it in my tea, like a biscuit, but much better! :)

Nabeel said...

aww how cute .. happy valentines day to you too