Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Favorite TEV Recipes

Julie asked what my favorite recipes in TEV are, since she just picked up a copy. I decided to post my reply, since many of you may have the same question. Plus, perhaps some of you can chime in on your favorite recipes since we all have different tastes and food preferences!

Here is a rundown of some of my personal faves...
Appetizers: Artichoke Delight Dip
Divine Tofu Spread or Dip
Roasted Red Pepper Dip (pictured left)

Sauces/Dressings: Mi-So Good Gravy
Tahini-Tamari Sauce
Amazing Creamy Caesar Dressing

Soups: Chickpea Mash Stew
Pureed Curried Squash and Yam Soup
Pureed Roasted Parsnip and Fennel Soup
and Spicy Thai Stew (actually looks different than the photo in TEV - more about that in tomorrow's post!)

Salads/Sandwiches: Roasted Potato Salad
Marinated Tofu Sandwich Filling (I even like this one on its own to serve with tortilla chips at parties)

Pastas/Veg Burgers/Entrees:
-Mediterranean Sauce
-Black Bean Millet Patties (with Mi-So Good Gravy or Tahini-Tamari Sauce)
-"Lightened-Up" Falafels (with Tahini-Tamari Sauce)
-Mushroom Pecan Burgers (definitely with Mi-So Good Gravy)
-Ginger Hoisin Rice Noodles
-Mediterrranean Tortilla Pizzas (pictured right), -Phyllo Spinach Pie ("Spanokopita")
-Roasted Veggie Feast
-Spiced Mushroom Potato Phyllo Pie
-Sweet and Sour "Neat" Balls (I really need to make these soon, we LOVE them!)

Side Dishes: Potato "Chippers"
Roasted Fennel and Carrots with Shallots
Roasted Turnip (this is rutabega to most of you) Puree
Tasty Tofu Tidbits, Yam Puree

Muffins/Snack Loaves: Apple Swirl Loaf
As-You-Like Muffins
Maple Banana Loaf

Desserts: Hot Fudge Sauce
Tropical Rice Pudding
Coconut Rasbperry Squares
Hint O' Cinnamon Chocolate Chippers
Double Chocolate Pecan Chippers
Ooey-Gooey Caramel Chip Bars
Baked Lime (or Lemon) "Cream" Pie, Coconut "Cream" Pie
and last but absolutely NOT least... Triple Layer Chocolate Cream Cake!

Any of you have other favorites that you can share with those browsing through TEV and wondering what to make? If you guys like this idea, I'll do the same next week with Vive!

Thanks Julie!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Dreena, for posting your favorite recipes. I'll make these first. I just ordered Vive from Borders and will be picking it up in about 7 days. I can't wait to make those Fudgey Brownies with the ganache sauce, Would love it if you would post your fav. recipes from this book also. Thanks again.

Julie said...

Wow! Thank you so much Dreena for the wonderful reply! I can't wait to start cooking recipes from TEV.

Also, I ordered Meat Market because of your recomendation. I am only about half way through, but-oh man! Some of the information he presents is mind- blowing. I think I will pass my book along to friends and relatives after I finish it. I think it's a must-read for everyone. Thanks for recommending it!

Kris said...

Wow, now I need some artichoke dip! I could eat artichokes everyday, I think!

I really love dropping in on your blog, but it makes for a miserably hungry day at work, looking at all the food pr0n!

Thanks for stopping by my blog again!

Dreena said...

Hi Starla, thanks for your feedback. Re the brownies, the ganache isn't listed with the brownie recipe in Vive, but it is basically the topping used for "Chocolate Hemp Squares", and I've also posted the info in the first post on the brownies here. Any q's, let me know, and I hope you enjoy! :)

Hi Julie... no problem!! I just thought "hmm, this could be a lengthy relpy on the comments (as if my other ones aren't - ha!), and so I decided to pop on a post instead. Yes, Meat Market is a very powerful and persuading read!

Hi Krispycheks! Your blog is really great, and it looks like you're having fun with it! Thanks for those nice words.... :)

Carrie™ said...

I think you forgot Mexican Tofu Tacos! I really like those.

Dreena said...

Thanks Carrie - you know, I haven't made those in such a long time, but they *are* good. Thanks for adding your say!!

Harmonia said...

Awesome post!

The pictures are amazing!

It's midweek munchies time! I would love to see your shopping lists! :) If you have time...time? What's that? HAHA

Oh! Have you made that Hummus/Quinoa dish lately? I can't wait to see a pic of that!

Oh! I laughed out loud while playing scrabble the other night! I had the word Quinoa!!! Just no where to lay it down.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I highly second the endorsement for the caeser dressing, and for the soul full chili! I made it Sunday night with tvp and it's so warming and delicious.

Harmonia said...

Another suggestion for the new book! SAUCES!!! Yum!

Dreena said...

See, Harmonia, not only are you eating healthier but you're also scoring on board games!! ...oh, the advantages of a veggie diet are just endless!! :) (will make that casserole soon, promise!)

Hi Jess, thanks for that input! Every time I make chili I change it up somehow - just one of those most versatile recipes, you know?

Harmonia said...

You make me laugh! In a good way of course! It's true...the benefits are endless!