Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Vegan Cookies!

Here is a new cookie recipe I tested yesterday for the new book (oh, and I'll post some news tomorrow about the upcoming book!).

These are Walnut-Cranberry-Carob Clusters, and they turned out awesome on just the first test (oh, how I love that!! - some of my recipes, like the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Fudgy Brownies - I swear I tested those about 15-20 times)! So, I just have to tinker a little and retest a couple more times to sure things up.

Over the next months, I will be posting more new recipes, just because I am heavy into recipe development right now. Hope that works for you guys! Of course, I will still post Vive and TEV recipes here and there!

By the way, any requests/suggestions for recipes you would like to see in the new book - now's the time to have your say... I will work on them if I can!


KaiVegan said...

Wow, how exciting! Thanks for giving us a heads up on tomorrow's update! I hope nobody would have a problem with you posting more new recipes for the new book- hey, guys, we gotta keep that creative juice flowing!

Go, Dreena, go!
On with that new book, woo hoo!

(btw, these yummy looking clusters are a good start.)

juliehasson said...
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juliehasson said...

Okay Dreena, these look too good! I can't wait to hear all about your new book.

In answer to your questions from the last post, yes, I do drain a little of the tomato juice from the can (I just pour it into into the soup pot or whatever I'm making-this keeps it from splashing and over-flowing). Then you either coarsely pulse or puree the tomatoes. Works great. Now, about the Vita Mix, it's another awesome tool too. It's amazing for blending ingredients, either by themselves or into a sauce. The motor is so strong that it emulsifies the ingredients in seconds (perfect for dips, puddings, purees, sauces or homemade mayo). Depending on the speed you use, you can also coarsely chop veggies too. So it doesn't only puree. You can also take whole nuts and either blend them into flour or turn them into a nut butter. It's a truly amazing machine. I also like the fact that since the beaker is 64 ounces, you can also blend up an entire batch of waffle batter quickly.

Thanks for asking about the demo. It went very well, and I met so many really nice people at the event.


EatPeacePlease said...

These look wonderful Dreena! I love that you are heavy into recipe development right now. It was good having all those photos to match your current cookbooks, and I think you have a ton of people buying them too because of the visuals.

I am really looking forward to your new creations.

I am interested in non-oven (for now) type meals, as well as one-pot, easy, kinda quick meals (aren't we all?!?). I don't really have any other suggestions or recommendations because for me, you are the one that has the best suggestions and ideas!

I am looking forward to the new book as well.

Anonymous said...

Here is some advice. I have just purchased 4 cookbooks in the last 2 weeks, 2 of them yours, Vegan with a Vengence and Uncheese. Anyways I look over them non stop, im fixing to make your Apple Strudel, And I notice that Titles to dishes that are too long or are unfamiliar I just get impatient with. So I guess Simplicity for us who love to cook but who are just starting out. I appreciate you asking the opinions of your readers. It means alot.

Julie said...

Those clusters look yummy! I love how they are colorful, too!

I can't wait for your next book-yours is the only cookbook I know that I can trust enough to make a recipe for others w/o trying it myself first.


I love easy meals.
Maybe some casserole-type dishes? classic mexican food-veganized? Chinese food?

Just some random ideas! :)

oh, and pictures in the book...lots of them!

Maddy said...

I want the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The news about your new book!!

Mal said...

Yum! They look sooo good! I love cranberries.

Patti said...

Hi Dreena,
I am a new vegan (1 3/4 months) and LOVE your cookbooks! I wonder if you can help me with something. My eating has changed drasticly and I haven't lost a pound and I don't feel much better. I am confused. I expected that by eliminating all meats, cheeses, dairy, eggs, refined flour and sugar, processed foods and added grains, fruits and veggies i would have lost some weight and feeling better by now. Any suggestions???
Thanks. Patti

Harmonia said...

WOW! Very nice!

Can't wait to hear the news, btw!

Ho, Hum, ideas...for the book...what about a Manicotti filled with something other than fake cheese? Maybe a tofu but something different would rock, too!

I would love another EZ Muffin Recipe...there is one in VLV I am going to attempt...but another would be twice as nice!

I have never made muffins before but will based on that recipe. I just bought a muffin tray (?) Is that what they are called? LOL. I'm domestically challenged most of the time.

Do you do any dehydrating? I would love a chapter or sub chapter on EZ Dehydrating tips! :)

Shelby said...

Hello Dreena: I just got your Everyday Vegan cookbook because of your post about the the Coconut Raspberry Bars. I made them and they are absolutely yummy.

My request for your future cookbook is for delicious vegan appetizers. Little finger type foods that are great for parties or for week-end munching in front of the TV with friends.

Mal said...

Patti, a common misconception many new vegans have is that they will lose weight by giving up meat, dairy, and eggs. The issue is not what you're eat, but how many calories you're consuming. You may just as well be eating as many calories as before you went vegan and not burning them off.

Just because you're a vegan, it doesn't mean you're healthy. I know many vegans/vegetarians who are more unhealthy than many omnivores.


Dreena said...

Kai, you are like my personal cheerleader... lovin' it, thanks!

Ok, Julie, now you have me intrigued and considering the purchase! I have seen ads so many times and thought "how much would I really use it". But after hearing your 'testimonial', I can see how useful it would be, and a time-saver. Esp knowing how much cooking you do yourself... so my next question is - did you buy it online or at a retail store, is there somewhere to buy it and save a little money? Glad to hear your demo went well - I bet you're all "demo-ed out" at this point! They can really drain you, doing those demos! Thanks for all that info!!

Ah, Leslie, thanks - that's dearly sweet of you. I do plan (and already have) a number of soups, and also dips, and I am going to work on some stovetop one-pot meals too. Some casseroles too, but by the time the book is out you may have an oven by then! :)

Hi anonymous. Thanks for that feedback. That's the first I've heard about my titles being too long and seeming unfamiliar, but that may be because no one else wants to say so! I sometimes try to 'describe' the recipe a little in the title, to peak interest, and then give more info in the following descritpion, just because there are no photos in Vive, and just a few in TEV. But, here's the funny thing. After my manuscript goes to the publisher, sometimes they need to move a recipe in between two others for page layout. That means I have to come up with a new title or introductory word to fit it in alphabetically, which can be most challenging (and aggravating)! Anyhow, I appreciate your constructive criticism and will make note.

Wow, Julie, now you have me nervous! I barely try something on people before making it 4 or 5 times myself - thanks (and, oh the pressure)! jk!! Casserole dishes I'm definitely doing... any specifics with the Mexican/Asian dishes? Photos - oh dear, I imagine that will be a big discussion with my publisher, and I likely won't win (very costly for them), but I want them too, so I will try!

Madelyn, I can just hear you saying that!! :)

Thanks Mal!

Hi Patti, first, congrats on being vegan for almost 2 months - woo hooo to you! :) Second, it's hard for me to say without asking you more specific questions. Often people naturally lose some weight when they remove animal foods and refined foods from their diets. But, sometimes they continue to eat/drink things that aren't so healthy (diet drinks, a lot of processed soy foods, too many convenience vegan foods - cookies, energy bars, etc) Perhaps this isn't the case for you, but maybe it's something else. I would love to talk with you in more detail by e-mail - can you e-mail me at dreena@everydayvegan.com ? I'm not a nutritionist, but I can certainly chat with you about what you are eating and maybe direct you to a few resources and give you some tips. Please get in touch by e-mail! :)

Hmmm, Harmonia, you've got my mind ticking on that one already - I like it, and will jot down a note for non-tofu filled manicotti! I get a bit tired of all the tofu filled everything too - I like some, but not all the time! Definitely doing lots of baked goods and cookies/desserts too - so, yes, you will get more muffins! Muffin tray/pan - you got it! Best to use the paper muffin liners instead of spraying or oiling the pan. No worries with them sticking with the liners, and easier clean-up! Dehydrating I haven't done, and probably won't be doing (sorry)... not this time around anyhow! :)

Hi Shelby! Thanks for the feedback on the Coconut Raspberry Squares... that's great!... heyyyy, have you been hearing me chat?!! You are on to something with your request there!

Thanks for your ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism, questions you guys - very helpful and interesting! :)

Michelle said...

okay, i've been thinking about this for a while, and for now, i think i'd love to see some more nut free, or nut free options for the snack foods. this is a hard one for me, because i bake alot with nuts for the kids to eat at home, but as you know, we can't do any sort of nut product for school lunches/snacks. i can usually sub stuff like hemp seeds or sunflower seeds in, except for when the snack is totally nut oriented.. like your super yummy Totally Nutty Bars (which we make for home snacks all the time!). but soon my son will be in school full days (ack!!!!) and i'll have to send even more nut free snacks. but i still want them to have that protein punch too, so help?!?!

more hemp product recipes would be good, and coconut oil recipes too. of course, being super busy as we moms are, anything that's quick to make with minimal dishes to wash (by hand! i SO need a dishwasher!) is GREAT!

i love the whole grain, no refined sugars, healthy oils, etc approach. of course, that has to stay the same! pictures would be nice, but i'm also happy seeing the pictures online too. perhaps you should put your blog addy in the cookbook, so people know where to go for help if needed? i personally love "knowing" the chef LOL.

EatPeacePlease said...

I like the idea of little finger foods too and apps and snacks, especially for dinner parties (which I've only had one but pulled it off well!).

Dreena, I DO HAVE an oven, I'm just terrified of it (3 months now). Ugh.

Julie said...

Some of these dishes may not be able to be veganized, but...


easy stir frys
fried rice
maybe an asian soup?

oh! I can't wait for your announcement today! I hope it's that we all get a free copy of your new book and you as a personal chef for a week. ahaha. A girl can dream, right?

Harmonia said...

Oh! YAY! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the no-tofu manicotti! YAY! Another thing I wondered about was more casseroles. Maybe Bulgur recipes too!

I'll drop hint every now and again! YAY! I love this!

Go Dreena, Go Dreena, go Dreena!

I added more to my list and when you have time wondered if you had any suggestions.

PS: One of the things on my (updated) list is shedded coconut...thanks to you!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Oh wow! Great flavor combo, Dreena!!

bebegourmet said...

I know this is an old post, but I just made these last night with all purpose flour (3/4) instead of spelt flour. Is that why they were very crumbly (yet totally delicious)? I added more oil to get them to stick together.