Friday, March 10, 2006

Recipes in VegNews

The current (March/April) issue of VegNews magazine features two of my new recipes in their "Simple Meals" column. This is the first article I have written for VegNews, and I'm jazzed! It's an honor, really to be contributing material for their very fine, always insightful, informative, and fun magazine. I have been subscribing to VegNews for a long time now, since they were publishing their magazine in newspaper-style.

Anyhow, I first mentioned these recipes back in November, and tinkered and retested until finally submitting them to VegNews for this issue. If you have this new issue, you can check out the recipes for my Lemon Chickpea Lentil Soup and Spinach-Fennel Salad with Cumin-Cinnamon Vinaigrette on p.70-71 If you are interested in subscribing to VegNews, visit them here.

I really wanted to use Melissa's WOOT! somewhere here, but I think there might be an 'under 30' age limit to do so! :)


EatPeacePlease said...

Great news! I'll have to check out that magazine. That soup looks really great (especially on a RAINY DAY!). I am happy for you and there's absolutely no reason why you can't do a "woot" if you want to. WOOT should have been your title of this post, by that matter!

Tina K said...

I'm off for a walk and plan to get the magazine too. I subscribe to Vegetarian Times and quite like that magazine- don't know if I have ever read VegNews.

On a completely different topic- does anyone have a good recipe for vegan vanilla cake or cupcakes?

Nancy said...

Your post reminded me I haven't gotten the latest issue of VegNews yet - I'm a subscriber but haven't had an issue since the veg athlete one! I'll be on the lookout because those soups look great :-)
You deserve a WOOT by the way!

Tina K - try this recipe:
My older daughter is not vegan but it's her favorite cake - a frequent request!

Emily said...

I just got that issue yesterday and saw your recipes in it! Very cool.

Dreena said...

Thanks Leslie, and okay then... WOOT!!!! :)

Hi Tina, oh, it's such a fabulous magazine, and much more content-rich than Veg Times imo. For vanilla cake, you could use the cake portion of the recipe that is in the Tiramisu in TEV. I also have a vanilla cake in Vive (in the Raspberry Frosted cake - but I'm not sure if you have Vive). Also, if you do pick up VegNews, coincidentally there is a vanilla vegan cupcake recipe in this issue that looks superb!

Thanks, Nancy! Oh, and that link you gave Tina I think is for the same recipe, since that VegNews cupcake recipe is by Beverly Lynn-Bennett... it really does look great!

Thanks too Emily! :)

DreamQueen said...

Congratulations, Dreena! I looked at those recipes in the mag and somehow didn't realize they were yours...all the more incentive to try them out I say.

I'll say WOOT even though I'm 30....

Melissa said...

Dreena..."woot" it up! I actually lifted that term from someone in their late thirties, so woot away!

That's great news! I've never read VegNews, but I've been thinking of subscribing to it.

tina K said...

Dreena, I agree, VegNews has better content as far as articles go. I like Vegetarian Times because it is filled with recipes. I am always lookiing for new delicious things to make and the recipes in that magazine are usually very good.

Thanks for the vanilla cake suggestions... I am going to try the vanilla cake from Vive right now. I am going to fill the cupcakes with chocolate mousse for the EarthSave potluck tonight.

My copy of Everyday Vegan is on it's way and I can't wait. (i'm sure neither can my friend who keeps lending me his copy!)

4xblessed said...

Congratulations, Dreena!

Formerly VeggieWoman (changed my name because it was too similar to several others)

Dreena said...

Thanks crazyvegan, WOOT for 30's!!

Hey Melissa!! That's ironic, I thought for sure it was a university thing - there I go, showoing how out of touch I am! :) VegNews is an excellent magazine. There are always 4-5 recipes, plus a feature on new vegan products, ask the expert questions, articles, news tidbits... just lots of great stuff in there. I just love seeing it in my mailbox!

Hi again Tina... yum, those cupcakes sound good - do you pipe some of the mousse into the cupcake? I've done that before, and it's just so heavenly!

Thanks veggiewoman, now 4xblessed! Your new blogger name is definitely unique, no more confusion.

Harmonia said...

I get this magazine from time to time...haven't seen it around recently...will have to go on a veg hunt!

o/t: Made your "chocolate" Chip Cookies on your Recipes Blog (which is the same as in your book, right?) Anyhow, they turned out good! I used Carob Chips!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...


Anonymous said...

hi dreena,
i had the issue with me while visiting my parents last weekend and gave your spinach-fennel-salad-recipe to my mom. she loves it so much!
and it is such a joy for me to see her slowly becoming vegetarian...veganism i fear would be too much of a step for her. but she loved her bday cake i brought. yay! :) or, woot!!! :) i love woot.

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