Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Cookie A Day...

Well, it won't keep the doctor away, but at least the tastebuds are happy!

Seems I'm in "cookie mode" again. This is a new recipe, Double Carob Cashew Cookies (though I may tweak the recipe using almonds instead of cashews so that name may change).

I wanted to make these for two reasons. First, some people are sensitive to cocoa, and so cannot eat chocolate or cocoa powder. How sad for them to miss out on our exquisite desserts and cookie treats! So, the "Double Carob" cookie was born!

Now, as I've mentioned before, I don't typically use carob as a substitute for chocolate. Despite the fact that this type of cookie would normally be a "double chocolate cookie" (let's ignore that for now), I like carob for what it is - carob. It is naturally sweeter than cocoa powder and dark chocolate and is nicely complemented by nuts as well as seasonings like cinnamon and vanilla. So, that's my second reason for making these cookies - because I enjoy carob and think it deserves a little respect and attention!

What better way to give carob a little shout out than with a tower of cookies!


Nancy said...

Dreena these look awesome :-) I'm supposed to bake today (for a reception tonight) and can use the inspiration!

Melissa West said...

LOL! I just made your chocolate chip cookies from Vive le Vegan this morning! I made them with carob chips because I really try to avoid chocolate. I posted a picture of the cookies (along with my other culinary creations) on my blog just now.

The new cookies look fantastic. I can hardly wait for the new cookbook.

Stephanie said...

These look great. We avoid the use of chocolate in our home so we have learned to love carob. My husband who is not a carob lover had I great idea to help mellow the "carob" taste.
When I make your "Homestyle choclate chip cookes" from vive I make a carob fudge with 1 part peanut butter and 2 parts carob chips melted together. When this sets up I make it into small chunks and make "carob chunk" cookies! FABULOUS! moust people who don't like carob like it this way.
I also made your "Double chocolate almond explosion cookies" with carob powder and added a little coffee sustitute like, roma or postum and even the carob haters loved them.
Carob really does deserve some attention! Thanks!!!

Harmonia said...

Num, Num, Num. Give me some! :)

My last batch of the carob muffins were dry. It's my own fault - I ran out of apple sauce (you know I used it as a substitute) and maple syrup! Sheesh! Better try again later this week! I have the ingredients now.

Boy do I need to start cooking again...I have been so uninspired lately and I have the tools - what is my prob?

HELP! Any suggestions on something quick and easy from Vive?

krispycheks said...

These look heavenly, Dreena. I can't wait for the new cookbook!

EatPeacePlease said...

You're killin' me over here...

... and keep the cashews! Yum!

Julie said...

Yum! I like carob chips, but they seem to be so expensive! Are they expensive in your neck of the woods?

raising_kahne said...

ohmygoodness! Dreena, these look fabulous. My mouth is now watering! Gah I want one so bad! I can not wait for your new cookbook! I just ordered Vive offline, so hopefully these people ship fast cause I want it soo bad!!

Dreena said...

Hey, thanks Nancy! :) I hope you post about whatever you make tonight - your food always looks amazing!

Hi dragonslayer - well, that's just too coincidental!! You blog photos looks super, btw! I much prefer cookies with spelt than wheat flour now too. They are just more tender, aren't they? Did your carob chips spread out much when baking? That's one thing I find with carob chips - maybe it's the brand I'm using - I'd love to know if this is your experience too. Thanks for the post and mention on your blog! :)

Wow, Stephanie - thank you! First, for your delightful feedback (so kind!), but also for these very creative cooking tips that you've shared with everyone! I agree, that something like pnut butter helps cut the sweetness and (sometimes) overpowering flavor of carob. Your idea of melting down some carob with pnut butter and then making your own 'chips' is very clever!! I am thinking with these that almonds may work a bit better in that respect than the cashews - oh dear, I'll just have to make another batch to test that theory! :)

Thanks Harmonia... I think we all go through 'uninspired' spells and just plain not wanting to cook for a little while - whether a few days or longer. What foods are you craving/interested in? As for quick foods, I think (knowing your interest in spicy food) you'd like the Chipotle Veggie Burritos in Vive - or the Black Bean Soup recipe (it's not "hot" but spicy in a flavorful way). Also, the Tomato-Lentil Pasta is easy to make, and you can use lots of garlic if you want!! :)

Thanks krispycheks... I just wish I could test the recipes faster - very time consuming, as you know!

Thank you Leslie - yes, you do love cashews, don't you? Do you use cashew butter much as well, or mostly whole cashews?

Julie, they are a little pricey, yes. A bit of a bummer, but I will stock up on a couple of bags whenever they are on special. I don't go through them quickly, but they aren't on special that often - not nearly as much as chocolate chips.

Hi Savanna... thanks! You will have quite a few cookie recipes to choose from when you get your copy of Vive - peanut 'better' cookies, maple walnut, double chocolate almond explosion for example - and of course there are others and bar-type cookies too! Let me know if you have q's about the recipes when you get your copy. :)

Vicki said...

hats off to carob!

EatPeacePlease said...

I always keep raw cashews around the house, and yes, I love them. Plus, they are a staple in my stir-fry's and treats. I do have cashew butter (sitting in the pantry for weeks), this time from Trader Joes because it was the best deal around. I usually don't buy it much, why? I don't know... I buy almond butter almost weekly, hmph?!

raising_kahne said...

oh now I really cant wait for Vive to come in! I made me some of your chocolate chip cookies today(unfortunately mom has yet to go to the store, but she promises to go tomorrow, haha. So then she will get what she wants in her cookies.) I made the whole wheat version, but I did make just a couple adjustments for convience: I didnt want sugar in them, so I added about 2 1/2 tbsp of honey, and I replaced the oil with 2 to 3 tbsp of unsweetened applesauce. They were absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for giving me the idea! I was pondering weather to make them because I was going to wait until I made them for mom, but honestly I read like 5 different blogs and they kept saying how awesome your cookies were, so I couldnt take it anymore! haha Thanks!

KleoPatra said...


Anonymous said...

Yum.... Dreena, I just had one of your Banana Oat Bundles for dessert, they are so good. And wheat free to boot. I bought unrefined molasses sugar for the first time to use in them... it added great flavour.

You recommended the Tomato Lentil pasta sauce to Harmonia... I love that dish and sometimes substitute a jar of ready made Glen Muir organic pasta sauce for the can of tomatoes. It is such a hearty, filling sauce.

I have also been inspired by your Quinoa Hummus casserole and have made different variations of it... using rice, different veggies. Thanks for all the great ideas!


Danielle said...

Oooh, those look good. I'm not a carob person, but I could probably use chocolate, couldn't I?

Carrie™ said...

I'm a nut nut. I love all nuts, except cashews. I know. I know. I'm nuts! If something calls for cashews, I usually sub with something else. More often than not, almonds. They are my absolute favorites. Just plain, raw almonds. And the lowly peanut is running a very close second. And walnuts. And pecans. And Brazil nuts. And hazelnuts. I'm sure you get the idea. This is just a nutty post. (Cut me some slack. I've been working long hours and am short on sleep. I'm a little loopy) Nice looking cookies Dreena. :o)

Harmonia said...

Tomato Lentil Pasta...that I will have to try. Haven't done that one yet.


Also responded to your comment on my blog.

Have any suggestions for Kombu?

Dreena said...

Carob applause, hey Vicki?!

Leslie, that's kind of funny, but I do the same thing with different foods - it's natural to buy the same things and then sometimes I catch myself saying "why am I not trying/buying ___". I think I like cashew butter more than just nibbling on cashews - plus, it's fabulous in dessert recipes! mmmm!

Wow, Savanna, you certainly improvised there... and they still turned out great, that's terrific! Now that you've started baking, your mom will no doubt want you to keep it up!

Kleopatra, you said it short and sweet! :)

Hi Michelle... thanks!! I've never used molasses sugar, though I do find that sucanat has a distinct 'molasses-type' taste to it, and I enjoy that in many baked goods. I will have to keep my eye out for that, and thanks for the tip of using it in the bundles, and for the short-cut recipe adaptation for the Tomato-Lentil Pasta - fabulous idea!! Especially now that there are some very good pasta sauces on the market. I haven't made my quinoa casserole with other grains (yet) though I often switch up the veggies depending on what I have on hand. I think a wild rice/brown rice combo would be a good sub for the quinoa so I might give that a go sometime. Thanks for all this feedback and the suggestions. :)

Yes, Danielle, you could definitely use chocolate. In fact, if you are looking at these and thinking of chocolate, you would probably like the "Double Chocolate Almond Explosion" from Vive. Just some chocolate temptation for you...!

Carrie, you totally entertained me with that comment!! So funny, you nutty gal, you! What about cashew butter, that is so naturally sweet and creamy...? That's nutty and quirky! :)

'morning, Harmonia! hmmm, I might add it to a soup with beans... unless it's too hot for you this time of year to make a soup! :)

raising_kahne said...

Well, I can definately say that my mom has improved very much. She knows how much I love organic foods, so she said that she will help me grow our own garden in our yard full or fruits and some vegetables. And she also asked me if I would cook dinner for our family next week, that is being a meal that I would eat(being vegetarian and with no dairy or eggs or anything.) So Im really trying to think of something creative and delicious, but also very simple.
Oh and btw, I made those cookies for my mom and dad, and they LOVED them! They said they were delicious and awesome, so that was a success! Thanks!

KaiVegan said...

Oh, Dreena, that looks all too yummy, and I think the cashews are good for them!

funwithyourfood said...

Hi there
I was just surfing around and found you blog!
and- Oh wow you're making my mouth water! : )
Thanks for the Vegan tips. I'll be stopping by to check out what's new tomorrow!


Dreena said...

Hey, Savanna, that's great!! What are you going to make for dinner, have you decided? Can't wait to hear what they think of your meal!

Thanks Kai... maybe I will stick with the cashews after all (Carrie won't be pleased, though, ha!) :)

Welcome Teddy!! Glad you are enjoying the blog and please comment with any feedback/questions/suggestions anytime! :)

Candice said...

Those look FABOULOUS!

Dreena said...

Thanks, Candice!

Carrie™ said...

Hahaha! Not to worry Dreena. I'll use a different kind of nut when I make these. :o) There are so many to choose from, I don't think it will be a problem.
(Oh, add pine nuts to the list of dislikes.)