Thursday, May 04, 2006

Making Banana Pancakes

Well, actually, these are new Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes for the upcoming cookbook.

I just had to use this title for the post because I love that song by Jack Johnson. Well, I love all of his music - have for years since his first album was released. I am not one to go out and buy lots of new cd's and I don't have an ipod... but I know when I like an artist, and I loved his music the first time I heard it (ok, fine... there's a bit of a crush in there too - it's alright, hubby is well informed!)

My older daughter has also come to love his songs (well, did she have any choice really?), and until recently she would pronounce his name funny asking, "mom, is this jack jonshon?" So cute!

Anyhow, back to food! So, I got the sense from feedback that many of us vegans love our pancakes! I find vegan pancakes easier to make than when I used to make 'regular' pancakes... hmmm, not sure why but it's a beautiful thing to make them now! So, I have come up with a few ideas of new flavor combinations for the cookbook, and have some of them tested already. This Raspberry Cornmeal variety is my daughter's favorite! They are fluffy and bursting with tart, vibrant raspberry flavor!

Oh, by the way, there ARE "banana pancakes" in Vive! :)


Claire said...

Help! I LOVE pancakes, but I have tried a million times to make good vegan ones and they NEVER turn out! banana, blueberry, you name it...they are always either runny in the middle or all rubbery. I have asked friends and this seems to be a common theme when making vegan pancakes...any advice, respected expert chef??

hopefully, Claire

VeganCyclist said...

do you have the newest one, the soundtrack to Curious George? it's excellent. It's got several artists on it, singing with him, but his fabulous voice is the best.

oh,back to food.

Nancy said...

Oh we love Jack Johnson too!! And pancakes! I have a napster subscription so I can listen to whatever I want and don't buy CDs anymore. It works great for us with our home office!

Michelle said...

heehehehe about the music.. they really do have no choice, huh? i'm proud to say that my kids know by sight all the members of the Tragically Hip and Rush (and even know which instruments they play!) my toddler sometimes says "is this Geddy music momma?" LOL

YUM on the pancakes! cooked up a bunch today, will post about it later

Chris said...

I do love banana pancakes (the song and the food) but those raspberry ones look mighty good too. Although I often just make 'em plain. I use a basic recipe from an old Better Homes cookbook and replace the milk with soy milk and the eggs with EnerG egg replacer and they come out great. Oh, and I usually throw in a little whole wheat flour too.

Sweet Pea said...

The apple pancakes from Vive are delicious and super easy to make. The raspberry one for your new cookbooks looks heavenly.

I like Jack Johnson. The soundtrack for Curious George is full of fun and happy music.

EatPeacePlease said...

You forgot to mention your WONDERFUL and AWESOME "Blueberry Syrup" from your book. That is the only thing I will ever use with pancakes now. These cornmeal raspberry ones look great.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Dreena, you've done it again! And teasing us with pancakes? ; )

I am really, really, really looking forward to the new cookbook! Great post title, by the way, though I haven't heard much Jack Johnson- still cute!

Caroline said...

Dreena (and any other readers who have experience w/ this recipe),
I have a question for you which is completely off-topic. I am going to make the Mushroom-Pecan Burgers from TEV b/c we have a ton of mushrooms right now. It's just me and my boyfriend though, so I wanted to find out if you had any experience with freezing the leftover burgers once you've cooked them. I have never frozen a meal with mushrooms in it so I am not sure how they hold up.

As a sidenote, we made the Zucchini Carrot Crumb Casserole the other day and it was AWESOME. One neighbor gave us almost a ton of zukes from her son's farm and the other neighbor gave us a garbage bag full of bread that grocery store couldn't sell - it was Fate that I made that casserole:)

Thanks for any burger tips you might be able to provide! Peace!

Dreena said...

Hi Claire! Huh, that's just not fair, is it??!! Are you using the same recipe but just with different fruit? If they are runny in the middle, it might be if the fruit is frozen and they haven't had time enough to cook through. Or, if the batter is too thick and they are just not cooking through enough. When I make pancakes, I get my skillet quite hot first, then reduce heat to about medium and ladle on the batter. When it has formed bubbles all around the outer edge and through the centre, then you can flip it. You may have to adjust the heat up/down as you go. I'm not sure if any of this helps! If you are still unsuccessful, I will just have to send you one of these new recipes to test out and see what happens for you!! :) Good luck! ps. also see Chris's tips below...

Oh, yes, vegancyclist... we have that soundtrack!! Of course, I justified it as a "kids' cd" - ha! We are lovin' it!

Hi Nancy!! Well, that's a great solution - and not so many bulky cd's everywhere to have to sort! I should be more 'with the times' with that stuff - but I'm not!

Yes, Michelle, we find very creative ways to get our kids to like the things we do, don't we?! Well, they learn just about everything from us, just like eating vegan food! Can't wait to see/read about your pancakes!!

Thanks Chris! It's so great to have a "reliable" recipe that you can always go to and then add any flavors if you like! What you mentioned is great advice for Claire's question, too - thanks. :)

Hi sweet pea... glad you like those apple oat pancakes. I find they are very comforting - much like anything with oats (imo)! I agree, the Curious George music is so light and makes you feel happy - carefree like a kid!

Aw, thanks Leslie! You're too kind! You know, I debated even putting that recipe in my book, because that one (and a few others) are so short/simple that they didn't seem like 'recipes' to me. But hubby said "I'm sure people would like to know how to do this kind of thing - it's still a 'recipe'". So, I listened, and it seems that he was right (my word, did I just say that??!!) :)

Thanks, Jess, that's very sweet of you!

Hi Caroline, for the mushroom pecan burgers - I have frozen them in the past. They are better just kept refrigerated, and then you can use the leftovers several days later (just form the patties and place in some plastic wrap in an airtight container). If you need to freeze them, you can, but they will be a little more watery. You will just need to evaporate off any extra moisture that is there when you cook them. Thanks for that feedback about the carrot-zucchini casserole, btw! I don't make that recipe often (hubby is NOT a carrot fan). But, yes, it certainly is a great way to use up those big zukes that we can get quite cheap in the summer (or better, free from a neighbour's farm - lucky you! I appreciate your good words, thanks! :)

Harmonia said...

Raspberries! Yum!

Maddy said...

good morning (you were up
earlier than me today!)
i also love that jack johnson
and cornmeal - what a fabulous
addition - lovely lovely
idea, dreena...

i am just in a complete fever
waiting for your new cookbook
to come out...!!!!

Tara said...

Dreena, I for one am glad you had that blueberry syrup recipe in there. It's awesome, and I had no idea how to do it myself. ;) :D

I had never heard of Jack Johanson. I just went to check him out on iTunes and WOW. Thanks, I have some albums to buy. ;) :D I'm always looking for new music. I can't stand the radio or television, so the only way I find em is when someone mentions em.

Dreena said...

Gpod morning (well, afternoon now!) Harmonia!... hope your day is going well. :)

Oh, Madelyn, I was up FAR too early this morning. Waking with the sunrise... but, I like being up early and having 'my time' with my tea! :) Thanks, btw!

Well, thanks Tara! Yes, Jack Johnson is FABULOUS!!! I think if you get one of his cd's, you'll want to get the rest - most of the music is just easy-going and relaxed, but with beautiful melodies and great rhythms. I just love his music sooo much! Get a cd, and then enjoy!!