Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Things That Make You Go... Mmmm!

It's been a little while since I've done one of these segments (for those of you new to my blog, check out these past few posts). That's because I haven't been "wowed" by a whole lotta' products recently, well, that's until I came across this gem...

Bremner's Pure Blueberry Juice

This is pure juice. Pure BLUEBERRY juice! Now, I'm not a big juice drinker, unless it's fresh from a juice bar. Most juices are far too concentrated and sweet for me, and not "real" tasting - just taste like most of that sad kind of apple juice that we all know.

But this one? Incredible!! Refreshing, not sickly sweet, and true blueberry flavor!

Here's what the label says for ingredients: "Blueberries, Blueberries, and more Blueberries, and that's all!"

How great is that??! Not even water added, which really puzzles me, because you don't think of blueberries as "juicy". Bremner's has other flavors of pure juices as well, including a new raspberry juice that I'd love to try.

Anyhow, go pick up some of this antioxidant-rich, incredibly delicious blueberry juice on your next shop! (Note: It's a little pricey compared to other juices, but you get what you pay for here - quality. Look for occasional specials and stock up on a few... really, it's worth it!)


Harmonia said...

I posted about Tart Cherry Juice about a month or two ago...neat stuff!

Oh! I posted another tea incase you are interested!


Mardouie said...

What I really miss, now that I live in the States, is blackberries. They're so common in England where I'm from, and they even have a Blackberry flavour starburst sweet there (which ARE vegetarian in the UK, they took the gelatine out of most children's candy).

Your post has given me a hankering for blackberry jam!

raising_kahne said...

wow. I also have totally avoided juices because of the same problem! I will definately be on the lookout for this one!

Anonymous said...

ohhh..that looks good. Man, how many blueberries does it take to fill a jar?!?!?!

EatPeacePlease said...

That is so great because I'm so sick of seeing "Just Blueberry" juice at the store for about $5-6 and it's made with apple and grape juice... then blueberries! This is amazing and I am happy that you have a new product that woooos you!

Emily said...

I bought some blueberry juice a couple months back for smoothies and it's definitely pricey, but yummy. I'd never had it before and it seemed odd at first since it's not a common juice. But it made the smoothies so good.

Erica said...

That looks so good. I'm going to have to check at work to see if we sell those. Yum.

Danielle said...

Oooh, yummeh. I love Naked Food Juice's Pomagranate Blueberry flavor, even if it does have red and white grape juices and apple juices from concentrate. There's no added sugar or water in their juices.

Dreena said...

Hi Harmonia, had a busy, busy day yesterday so I'm just now catching up... but I'll drop in today. :)

Hi Mardouie, now I must ask you - are the blackberries that are so common in England the same type of blackberries that we do so here and in the US at certain times (just not very often)? I suspect that in England, they are much more sweet and juicy/ripe? Sometimes here they are quite tart. Though, we went to an area last summer quite close to where we live and picked some ourselves. We were able to get the very ripe sweet berries and they were fabulous!

Yes, Savanna, give it a try sometime - it's lovely!

Hey Megan! I know!!! I thought the same thing - how many thousands of berries must they use for one bottle? Which is why it's a little more expensive I'm sure.

Leslie, I thought about you and your love for blueberries when I tasted this. I think you'd find a new food passion with this juice. :)

Hi Emily! Yeah, it's almost strange at first because you expect it to be very sweet like most juices, but it's not that sweet... and that's what I think is so spectacular about it, that it is more refreshing. Oooh, smoothies - great idea!

Hi Erica, yes, give it a try - I recently picked up a few when they were on sale, and I'm hoping to see the raspberry flavor soon.

Danielle, I've never tried that juice - but then, as I've said, I'm usually not one to buy/drink much juice. But pomegrante sounds intriguing... great flavor, plus pomegranates are quite nutritious. This company does some cranberry blends as well which I haven't tasted, probably a little more tart. We need taste tests! :)

Harmonia said...

Hi! I added a little more about the Mild Ajvar on my blog. Check it out...also check out comments again.

I will be posting about Ugly Fruit later today to answer another comment on my blog.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Sounds great--Ill have to try it!

raising_kahne said...

Dreena, do you think it is safe to eat products that contain no animal products or anything, but say they are manufactured in a company that used eggs?? My mother bought whole wheat pasta the other day, and that is what was on the back. I was just wondering because I dont really know if the probability of egg product being in them were high or low.

Harmonia said...

I borrowed 2 more cookbooks...any reviews?

Dreena said...

Hi Amy... hope you like it when you try it out! :)

Hi Savannah. My short answer is "yes", I think it's okay. From my perspective, I think we will drive ourselves batty if we have to not only look at labels for the ingredients to be free of egg/dairy, etc, but then to have to check if the company produces in a facility totally free of dairy, eggs, traces of milk, etc. That may consume most of your time and would be quite restrictive indeed. Sure, it's wonderful to support companies that have very "pure" facilities, never being in contact with any other equipment using dairy/eggs, etc. Support those, yes, but imo don't drive yourself nuts with that purist goal - the bigger changes count the most!

Hi Harmonia, thanks for answering my q - I'll pop by to have a read! :)

Signy said...

YAY! I love this juice (I recently discovered it too), and it never occured to me to post about it, but what a great idea, because people need to know just how great it is and that it is available. What a great cancer fighter blueberries are, and what a great way to get them, through this juice, when it is not "blueberry season". Also so great to put in my smoothies, to really kick things up a notch. Hmmm, maybe I will post my smoothy recipe, and point to the value of this product.

You are, yet again, inspiring me. Now not just in culinary ways, but in the blogging forum too.

Dreena said...

Hi Signy... oh, that's sweet of you to say, but I think YOU offer a far more inspiring blog and information - but, thanks for saying so! :) :)

Signy said...

Well, thank you. And by the way I have put you on my del.icio.us account (and noticed that I was the only one, and so wanted to alert you and encourage you to get others bookmarking you there if you want it so - good for increasing traffic).

Dreena said...

Thanks, Signy. I am completely unaware of this del.icio.us account... you are educating me on this. I have seen it on Susan's fatfree vegan blog, but I thought it was proprietary to her blog. I will visit your blog again and try to learn more about this. Thanks for the heads-up, I have to go learn more now... :)

Signy said...

Oh, I love feeding off of each other (mean in every way possible).

Actually by blog doesn't show what it is. Del.icio.us is a social book marking tool (did I already say that?). If you go to
You fiddle around and explore and then should you so choose to sign up you can do that and start bookmarking sites that you think have value.

Benefits - it gives you quick access to the best tried and true sites without having to do as much sorting, and it probably increases traffic to your site.

Check it out.