Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada Day Giveaway

In Canada we are enjoying a holiday today (well, most of us) in recognition of Canada Day, which was on Saturday (July 1st).

It was a glorious day here in Vancouver on Saturday. Beautiful sunny day, nice and warm but not too hot. We spent a few hours at the beach with good friends, having a picnic, letting the kids play, and enjoying the celebrations including a bandstand with local musicians.

I decided to celebrate in my own little way with a cookbook giveaway!! Now, since this is in honour of Canada Day, this contest is open only to residents of Canada (this time). I'll have another giveaway before summer is over (hint, hint), so please no angry e-mails from those of you outside of Canada. :)

Your odds are great for this contest! I will make a draw from the first 10 Canadian residents that enter a comment on today's post (only one comment per person is eligible, see full contest rules).

Good luck, eh!


Anonymous said...

What a great contest! I am a Canadian citizen and I'm fascinated with your site. Does that count???

I don't have a blogger ID, but I will send you info should I happen to be entered...

Happy Canada Day!

mishka said...

Happy Canada Day to you! We spent most of the weekend in Ottawa - my first time to the captial since I was 13. It was great to see such Canadian Pride in one space - the town was bustling with visitors from all over the country, and even from the US. We ate lots, walked everywhere and watched the fireworks on Parliament Hill!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to leave my first name (from anonymous commenter #1): I'm Susanne. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love contests and I especially love Canada Day. Here in Quebec we have two weekends in a row with festivities! First it's St.Jean Baptiste and then this one. We actually got our cake back ( though it wasn't vegan so I didn't eat any!). We also have lots of visitors from everywhere since The Montreal Jazz Festival is going on. Lots to do, so little time! By the way I also don't have a blogger ID and my name is Natalie from Montreal.

Arlete said...

Hi Dreena!
Happy Canada Day to you as well!

You responded to my question regarding feeding my almost 9mo. old daughter strawberries the other day... well, I haven't actually been brave enough to try it yet, but I will soon and will let you know how she likes them.

We live in Ontario, just about an hour north of Toronto. And Canada Day was quite relaxed at our place this year with our new little one to enjoy... we had a great family walk with our 3 dogs (yes, THREE! 2 dalmatians and a German wire-haired pointer female pup! too cute!) and really enjoyed the lovely weather here too!

I would LOVE to win "The Everyday Vegan" (as I've already purchased "Vive" for the awesome recipes as well as the "Feeding your Vegan baby & toddler" section - which, by the way, is a terrific reference especially for new moms like me! thanks!) I have been vegan since my daughter was born (was ovo-lacto veggie before that!) and we plan to raise her as a vegan too (even though my hubby is an omni... but I'm working on that! ;-) )

Either way, thanks for sharing your creativity & expertise with us... I especially love that we can ask you questions about recipes directly and you actually respond! COOL!

Vive le Canada!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day Dreena! I love your blog and think it is so sweet of you to have these contests!

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day everyone! I am originally from ottawa, which is a grat place to celebrate Canada Day, but we stuck close to home in Toronto today since my baby is due this month. We assembled the crib and are busy "nesting". We did treat ourselves to dinner at Fressen, a fanastic vegan restaurant on Queen St... yum.


DreamQueen said...

Happy belated Canada Day. I didn't know you posted on Vegan Freaks!

ikkinlala said...

Happy belated Canada Day. We didn't do much to celebrate - my dad and my brother went to work, as they're doing today.

I'd like to enter your draw if it's still open, please.

Danielle D. said...

Happy Belated Canada Day Dreena! I would love to be entered into the contest.

I'm afraid that I didn't do anything for Canada day - I just stayed home and watched tv with my boyfriend.

Melissa West said...

Oh please pick me! Pick me!

I have been dying to get a copy of The Everyday Vegan. I ordered one, but it is not expected to show up until some time in August!

I think I am still within the first 10 comments... since anonymous posted twice.

We had a great Canada Day here as well. I didn't have to work on a Saturday and that was holiday enough for me!

Amy said...

comment! I want to be in the draw, please! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day. I love your site and you have inpsired me to do a lot more cooking and slowly our family is becoming vegan. I have been buying more organic food and produce, and experimenting with different grains and flours cooking and baking. Thank you for sharing what your family eats and inspring me to feed my family better. Happy Canada Day to you and your family. Keri

Sonja said...

I really enjoy your book Vive le Vegan, a gift from my mystified, meat-eating brother!
Thank you.


Michelle said...

oh! i'm canadian!! i gotta win something, one of these times!

Mrs. Carlson said...

This has nothing to do with Canadian Day (although I hope you had a happy one- we're getting ready for the fourth here in the US), but I was wondering if you could concoct something using green pumpkinseeds (pepitas) and dried cranberries. I saw a recipe in Cooking Light (I veganize many of their recipes) for these Rice Crispy Treat type bars using pepitas and cranberries and I wanted them so bad, but they used mini marshmallows! Seeing as vegan mallows are hard to come by, could you create something, or suggest a way to make these differently?

EatPeacePlease said...

I'm not Canadian (and I have the cookbook... it's awesome), but this is cool.

Dreena said...

Susanne, it certainly does count! :) You're in!

Ah, Mishka, sounds like you had just a delightful day! I have been to Ottawa only in the winter, and I think that I should see it in its non-frosty state!! :)

Hi Natalie, wow, tons of fun events happening in Montreal!! No blogger id needed, you're in!

Hi again Arlete... I for sure remember you and the strawberry question. :) We worry about so much as moms, hey?? You are so caring and concerned with your daughter. I cannot believe you have a 9 month old and 3 dogs - holy busy!!!! Adjusting to a new baby is tough enough, let alone add 1 or 2 - no 3 dogs!! Your comments are so kind, thank you, it means a lot that you enjoy my book and work on the blog. :)

Thank you Lori, you are in at #5!

Oh, Michelle, I have heard some great things about Fressen, I am very jealous now!! But, given that you are almost due, you are most deserving of a fabulous vegan meal!! (do they have take-out orders for after baby is born??) :) Congrats on the pregnancy, and my good wishes to you for a smooth labour and delivery!!

Hey dreamqueen!! Yeah, I have been on the forums for a little while now, since last fall I think when I had such a frustrating experience with a doctor that I felt like I was walking around with a sign flashing "freak, freak" on my forehead. I had to post my rant, and I did so right in the introductions, just got in there and let go!! (I was, and still am really, a newbie with the forum stuff so I didn't get the whole 'introduce yourself first' before ranting concept!!)

Hi Ikkinlala, you're in at #8!!

Danielle, you're entered... and hey, as long as you had a good Canada Day to you, that's all that matters!

Well, dragonslayer, I don't know if you'll win, but you are just in at #10!! btw - where did you order TEV?... that is a long wait!

Amy, thanks for commenting, but you are #11, sorry. :(

Hi Keri, that's so nice of you to say, thank you. It's super that you are exploring new foods and moving towards veganism. Anytime you may have a q, please pop in and comment or e-mail. Sorry you are past the 10th entry for the contest, though.

Hey Sonja, that is very cool that your carnivorous brother gave you Vive!! Maybe he has a little bit of vegan in him just trying to get out!!! :) Thanks for the comment, though you aren't in the first 10 to qualify.

Darn, Michelle, just a few comments too late... sorry!! Maybe next time. :)

Hi Mrs. Carlson! Ooooh, they *do* sound good! Do you know what issue of cooking Light it was? I wouldn't mind checking them out... my mind is already churning some with options!! Thanks for the idea. :)

Leslie, you are the best. Thank you! :) :) Happy Independence Day to you... do you have any plans?

I'll post the winner later today guys....!!

Melissa West said...

Hi Dreena

Yay! I made it! Last to enter hopefully first to win!

I ordered TEV from It is a long time to wait isn't it?

Anyway, if I win, I can just cancel the order.

Tina K said...

Well, it seems i'm too late for the first ten Canadian posts but I just have to tell you that I had the best Canada Day ever. I did a climb on the Chief in Squamish! It was a gorgeous day and I was so excited to be sitting high up above the trees and birds with my best friends having accomplished something I never thought I would do two years ago. Oh yeah, and we had nice vegan snacks too! People are always jealous of my lunches when I climb! Especially the chocolate almond cookies!

Dino said...

That's a wicked cool contest, Dreena. Glad it went off so well.