Monday, September 04, 2006

Can I Add To My List?

All the veggie bloggers are having fun with our 'top 5 lists', but really, five foods are just not enough, people! No, it's too hard to choose!

I need at least 20 I think, or maybe more after picking up my goodies from our market yesterday. Feast your eyes on this table of organic delights:

Now, I MUST apologize to the folks that e-mailed me for info and directions to our market so that they could pick up some of those most fabulous champagne peaches. This Sunday, the vendor's supply was winding down, and most of the champagne peaches had gone bad and were bug-eaten, etc. I managed to pick a few from the bunch which our girls scarfed down at lunch in about two minutes!! Seriously! So, if you made the trip to our market and were terribly disappointed by the lack of beautiful, fragrant, champagne peaches - I'm sorry! Believe me, I was sad too - and our older girl... she was practically weeping! I did find other beautiful peaches, as you can see in the photo, so hopefully you did too!

Just maybe you visited the other stalls too. Look at that photo again. Wow! How freakin' lucky am I??! All organic. Can you see it all? There are plums, swiss chard, peaches, tomatoes, pears, blackberries, grapes, onions, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach, watermelon... and there were more foods at the market (I can only carry SO much home at a time)!

Just look at this selection of organic tomatoes from "Klippers Farm", some of them heirloom tomatoes:

He also had the grapes I bought:

and the peaches (not the champagne variety):

This is the first time I have had local organic grapes. They are small and sweet and so much different than what I get at the grocery store. It's so much fun to try new foods! :)

So exciting, I seriously feel like I've hit the jackpot when I come home from the market!

You know, I used to get excited about going downtown to dance and party with my girlfriends... till the wee hours of the morn'. Now, I am waking up just a few hours later than when I used to go to bed! My, how times have changed. Now, I get butterflies when I see altaulfo mangoes on sale - and they're organic - oooooh!

p.s. I have switched over to Blogger beta now... it's super easy to do guys, takes just a minute or two - AND, I didn't get an "invite", I just went to my Blogger page and clicked through on the "Blogger beta learn more" box. Skedaddle on over and do so too! :)


Mary said...

mmm..yes, I got some organic green grapes and they're quite different. And soo small!

I'm so jealous of your market! Although, we've got some great ones in Virginia, there aren't any completely organic ones.

raising_kahne said...

ohh it's been so long since Ive had grapes. Too bad there isnt any places like that around me, Id be going crazy! I could just go there and stand and look for hours. : ) That's usually how I am in the health/natural foods stores, I take forever!

*a* said...

oh, i am so envious! We have a large market in my area, but not really a "farmer's market". (Too many purveyors of dead animals). Certainly not such an amazing selection of organic produce. You are so lucky!
I did, however, receive some beautiful blueberries from the father of a friend with an organic field. i made your "blueberry bounty buns". They were delicious made with spelt flour.
thanks for your wonderful recipes, Dreena!

Carrie™ said...

Boo-hoo! I haven't gotten a beta invite yet. I thought I saw it on my page one day, but I was too busy to investigate and now it's disappeared. I'm sure it will return at some point. You know Blogger!
I got tagged for the top 5 list, but couldn't keep it to 5. It's so difficult! So, you're forgiven (by me anyway) for adding to your list. Looks like a fantastic haul Dreena. I'm sure they're all now sitting in your dish drainer drying nicely. And I completely relate with how going out used to be exciting, but now food finds are. I'm the same. If I'm up past 1am or so, I get a headache and I'm soooo tired I feel sick. How "OLD" is that? Gone are the days of 3 hours sleep before going to work. 3 hours sleep is a NAP!

Kate said...

The market where you get your produce looks very well stocked. I got tagged for the 5 foods too. It was so hard to keep it to five buy I just had to put the absolute "i could not live without" ones.

EatPeacePlease said...

This is a great post! What loveliness you have going on!!! Those grapes look so much like blueberries. They show so vibrantly (on my screen). I get more excited about organic goodness than most other things these past few years...

Totally off topic now: I made "Easy Caramel Sauce" from Vive and it was awesome. Unfortunately I was "in heaven" from eating this (with ice cream, of course) and went to bed. The sauce was left out for about 10-12 hours, yuck I know, but it looks ok. I know too much about microbes to contemplate tossing it, but do you keep yours out or in the fridge? It "seemed" ok, but I'm afraid to eat it. What do you think? Also, did you get my long-response to your quick-question email?

Candi said...

I'd be more excited to see rows of organic produce now too, than to meet my friends at a club! LOL! That market looks like you've hit the jackpot!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous of your awesome market!

Thanks for posting on my blog... I was bound to come across ONE recipe that wasn't my favorite :) I'm still loving your cookbook and my mom requests weekly batches of your Apple-Hemp Muffins now!

Anonymous said...

Dreena, I did go to the market... it was great, and I plan on going back. I didn't have a lot of time to look at the other booths, but I found the booth with the peaches, and managed to find a few that were in pretty good shape...

thanks so much


Harmonia said...

I'm soooooooo very glad you are back up and posting again! Thanks for the garlic comment...for some reason I *knew* you would post something like that! lol...I love it tho. A few additional yet off topic notes:

I finally made your Adzuki Rice long do you think they would last in the "frig"? Also...have you ever added any additional ingredients to make them more spicy or more tangy or more exotic? jw. I tried them as a burger with dijon mustard...I know they have dijon mustard in them but I thought I would try it as a topping as well...pretty yummy. I also cut them up and dipped them in salsa! Yummers. I haven't tried the yellow sauce you suggested yet but are there other suggestions for toppings that you can think of? jw.

I will be making your Quinoa Hummus Casserole again for a shower this weekend. I am looking for additional veggie topping suggestions if you have them. I have done what the recipe calls for and LOVE it...also tried other kinds of squash, broccoli, leeks, etc. Heck last time I even sprinkled some spike on top and more balsamic. Yummers!

I have been digging your dips, spread, sauces from The Everyday Vegan lately too! Fantastic!

Any updates on the book?

I have a lot of blogging to do this week...I have been way behind because I have been very busy. Hubs as well as my work schedule changes this week so I will be cooking more in the later evening for the upcoming days...can't wait...I can move at my own pace!

One more question...I am overwhelmed with Smart Dogs and Tofu Pups...and have exhausted the "on a bun" method and beans and "weiners" method...any other suggestions on what to do with them or recipes? jw. Sorry I's just been so long since I have chatted with you! :) lol

laura jesser said...

The produce market looks absolutely lovely! I love all the colors of fruits and veggies that you brought home!

I agree, it's hard to list only five foods when there are hundreds of wonderful choices out there...

kaivegan said...

O R G A N I C ?
W O W !

Dreena said...

Hi Mary, I haven't seen the green ones - I get such a different flavor from the purple ones, much like a sweet wine flavor!!

Savanna, you should see me when I visit a new natural foods store. If hubby is with me, he is SO patient, but I know he is thinking "are we going to leave soon?" It's just so exciting though! Well, for me, and other vegan foodies! :)

Well, Aimee, thanks for your wonderful comments! :) I'm glad you liked that recipe, and yes, you are fortunate to have a generous organic blueberry-giving friend!

Oh, Carrie... don't wait for the 'invite', I didn't! Just go to the blogger icon in the top-left corner of your screen. When it directs you to where you can manage your blog, then look around midsection on the right of your screen. There is a blue box saying something about "Beta Blogger, Learn More" - click through there and you can get switched over - in just minutes!! p.s. I won't even tell you how early I go to bed most nights - it's embarrassing!!

Hi Kate, I'm VERY with you on the vegan brownies... why didn't I have that on MY list?! :)

Hey Leslie, yes, the grapes are very small, like big whoppin' blueberries!! Hurray... I'm glad you liked that sauce. Great to top off your #1 item on your list! (again, why didn't I put ice-cream on my list? What WAS I thinking?) Re the sauce - yeah, I'm always iffy about leaving stuff out, but you know, I would reheat it if you want to save it. If you bring it to a boil again, you will kill any bacteria that may have grown in there. Even saying that probably grosses you out enough to want to throw it out now anyhow! Oh, I tried to comment on your list, but now that I'm with Beta I couldn't. Anyhow... oh, you probably got my e-mail back by now - thanks for that. :)

Candi, it's funny how our priorities change, hey? Esp after having children, right? - then our lives change so much. For the better, but SOoooo much!! :)

Hi pure zuke!! Hey, good luck on your exam this week - I'm sure you'll do just great. :) You need someone else to do the cooking for you for a few days to keep your energy up for studying - send that hint along to family and friends!!

Hi Pavandeep, wow, I'm surprised you found ANY of those peaches this week. Last week the selection was far different, much bigger peaches and not a lot with blemishes, etc. I suspect that might be it for those for this year now. :( But, on a brighter note, there is so much beautiful produce at that market it makes up for no champagne peaches. Be sure to check around more of the stalls when you're there again!! :)

Hi Harmonia! Well, you can easily spice up those cakes with something like hot sauce, chili sauce in place of the ketchup (substitute it so the mixture doesn't get too loose), or some dry spices like cayenne. You can keep them refrigerated for about 5-6 days I'd say, but you can also freeze them. Separate them with some parchment and then put in an airtight container. For the casserole, you can use whatever vegetables roast well. This time of year think peppers, eggplant, zucchini, onions, tomatoes... later when fall comes roast small cubes of yams, winter squash, carrots, etc. (these will take longer to cook). Whatever is your thing, really!! :) I'm super pleased that you are likin' some of the TEV recipes too. You are a 'dip' gal, aren't you. I have a bunch of new ones I think you'll love for ED&BV - still on schedule for fall '07. Hmmm, for the tofu dogs and such - maybe cut some up and saute and then add to bean dishes or soups, or slice them lengthwise and fry and use in sandwiches. We don't eat them a lot (though our girls like them), but sliced thin in baked beans would be good I think!! Fun to have 'caught up' with you, talk soon!

Laura, really we are very lucky to have access to so many wonderful produce choices in general, hey? Oh, btw - your book was mailed last Friday so you should see it maybe late this week or early next week!

Kai, I KNOW, AMAZING!!! :)

dayler said...

and now your place is filled with the aroma of fresh fruits and veg (vs. Calvin Klein Eternity, vodka, and hairspray)

ooooh, you are SO not going to want me to post anymore... LOL

but what are sisters for than to drudge up the past right? love ya!

Melissa West said...

I am jealous. We don't have anything like this around here. The organic produce in our grocery stores is really sorry looking

Carrie™ said...

Vodka and hairspray? Those are for late night people! Haha! I've tried to get my sister to comment on my blog, but maybe now I'm thinking it's a good idea she hasn't. Who knows what she might come up with.
I found some information about beta Blogger. If you have a team blog, it's not available to you at the present time, but they are working on it. Since I have a team member (Simon) I guess that's why I can't seem to get it to work. In due time I guess.

Dreena said...

Melissa, I would have thought that at least your grocery stores there in TO would have a good selection of organic produce - that's a bummer. We are certainly spoiled out west - sometimes forgetting how much access to this great stuff we have! Your recent salsa and tomato-lentil salad sounded great, btw!

Ahhhh, I see Carrie... you'd think blogger would have worked that out before launching the beta version though. Oh well, soon enough!! :)

Vicki said...

beautiful booty load you picked up at the market, dreena! & i'm still waiting to be invited to the beta party!

funwithyourfood said...

add away to the list!


KleoPatra said...

THESE LOOK GREAT! Wow, so gorgeous, the freshness flies off this page...