Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chocolate Pie and Vanilla Cream

I know it's been a while since my last post. It's been very busy, so my posts haven't been as regular, sorry. :(
How can I make up for the lack of food temptations?...

How about a new Chocolate Pie for Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan?! It's not a chocolate-tofu pie, since I know many of us have tried (and enjoyed) that kind of pie using silken tofu. This is something very different, however, and I will reveal more on this one when the book is out. What I will tell you is that this pie took mere minutes to pull together. Once I had the filling prepared, I poured it into a Wholly Wholesome Chocolate Pie Crust (I love their pie crusts, as I've mentioned before), and then let the oven do the rest of the work. Simps!

I have served it with a vanilla bean cream, which is luscious and rich and just plain wonderful!

Also, you see little bitty kiwis in this picture. These are organic kiwiberries. Candi posted about them a few weeks back, and I had never seen them... until this week. I walk into our local natural foods store, and what do I see?... these adorable, tasty kiwiberries!!

Candi gives great photos on her post, so check it out. The container I bought was exactly the same kind Candi shows. I found them quite sweet, sweeter than most green kiwi (though I find yellow kiwi the sweetest). Candi mentioned the ones she bought were a bit tangy, so maybe the ones I bought were later in season and more ripe...? Not sure, but they were fun to eat, and our older daughter just loved them!


bazu said...

Oooh, that pie looks so much richer and chocolatier than the regular chocolate/silken tofu kind. can't wait to see the recipe!
and the kiwiberries are so cute! ever since reading about them on Candi's blog, I've had my eye out for them, but no luck yet. Glad you and your family enjoyed them!

madeinalaska said...

Looks awesome! What a lucky family you have? I guess as the first recipe testers it could go either way huh? but, that pie..ME OH MY!

Anonymous said...

Oh, is it a couscous pie? I'm dying to know! Looks really good.


Carrie™ said...

Mmmmm! Chocolatey goodness. Looks like another winner!

Eat Peace Please said...

Dreena, this looks amazing and totally my thing... chocolate, vanilla bean, kiwi. Can I come over (I'll keep the filling a secret, ha!).

Before I even read the post, I quickly skimmed to see if it was oven-baked or not. I'm sad, but still excited for the book.

*a* said...

Oh. My. A creamy pie without tofu? yeah for me! oh, your book, your book. When can I get your book!!! Why can't I get it now!!
patience, Aimee!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Mere minutes!?

You go girl.

; )

<3 jess

Laura Jesser said...

Looks so delicious! Is it good with the kiwi? Chocolate and kiwi is a combination I've never thought of...

funwithyourfood said...

Ever since I saw Candi's post on the Kiwi berries, I've been wanting to try them.
I think they sell them at TraderJoes. is that where you got yours?


Candi said...

Yum! I love the idea of a quick tofu-free chocolate pie! I can't wait to try it! Those chocolate chips on there are making me want dessert now!

I'm so glad you found kiwiberries!! I just loved them the moment I tried them! Not only totally cute, but really good too! It's great that you don't have to peel them either. Thanks for linking to my kiwiberry photos! :) Yes, my first container were tangy. I picked up another container recently, and they were less-tangy and even better than the first batch! I love how the seeds pop when you eat them. I'm glad your daughter likes them! Mine does too. They are easy to pack too, if you're on the run! :)

Anyhow, I can't wait for Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan. :) Thanks for all the glimpses into it! I love these sneak peeks!!

Urban Vegan said...

Even omnis will snarf this up without question. Yum!

b36Kitchen said...

It looks so delicious! I'm dying to know what you used instead of tofu that took mere minutes to make. At first I thought avocado which is a raw foods trick. But I've changed my mind after reading that's it's baked and avocado's are not in season anymore. I don't know. It going to drive me nuts (in a good way)!


dollydlux said...

I got some baby kiwis at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago but I think they are the same as these Kiwiberries. It looks like yours are peeled. Are they? I can't imagine that task!

Kris said...

OMG. That recipe alone will make the book worth it. Thank you, Dreena, you've just made my world a better place.

*not desperation that comes from a chocoholic.

Dreena said...

Bazu, it IS quite rich, yes! I had a good size slice the evening I made it, and realized I took too big a piece. Not that I *couldn't* finish it, I just had a sweets hangover the next morning!

Thanks madeinalaska, and yes, sometimes it does go the other way! Occasionally I make a meal and think "hmm, should I make a back-up dish in case this doesn't go over well"... recipe testing is not always so much fun!!

Hi Cherie, thanks... nope, not a couscous pie - I've had one of those a long time ago though.

Thanks Carrie - after reading your last comment I'm now wondering if carob could sub in this pie - I think it would be pretty good actually - but... you have to like carob to begin with, and I'm not sure if you do.

Hi Les! Boo for me... oven required. It's so funny how much I think of you whenever I come up with a new recipe that uses the oven!! I have "oven-guilt"! :)

Aimee, you're a darling, thank you. :) It's not all too far away for me... so much work to still do!

Hi Jess, out of pure necessity, believe me!! :)

Hi Laura... oh, yes, kiwi and chocolate are nummy together (just ask Les!). Kind of like how strawberries and chocolate are such a great match. Mind you, kiwis are a little more moist than strawberries, so don't work for something like dipping, but as a fruit to serve alongside they are very nice.

Hi Teddy, no we don't have Trader Joe's in Canada (at least not in Vancouver)... booo for that - I hear about the goodies from Trader Joe's all the time on the blogs.

Hi Candi - well, I think the chocolate chips just pushed the pie right over the top in terms of richness. It really didn't need the extra chocolate, but I was in that kind of decadent mood that day, so I threw them on! You're welcome for the link - it's how I learned about those awesome little kiwiberries, and as soon as I saw them I thought "huh, those are the kiwiberries from Candi's blog"!!

Urban Vegan, funny how people don't have too much resistance digging into dairy/egg-free desserts... at least if you don't say "it's vegan" before they start. Something can switch in their brains and they think it's made of wheatgrass or sprouts!

Hi Jenna, you're close... but you're right, this one does not have any avocado in there. It was so fast because once the chocolate was melted, I blended it with the other ingredients and then poured it in the premade pie shell - I was stoked I could make it so quickly!!

Hi dollydlux, well, no I did not peel these (ugh, that would be tedious). I'm not sure if baby kiwis are the same as kiwiberries. These were the size of small grapes - were the baby kiwis that small? While I don't peel them, and you *can* eat the skin, our older daughter just squeezed out the kiwi flesh and left the skin behind... not edible enough for her!!

Ha, that's funny Kris - though I so sadly relate!! You have no idea how a chocolate treat can perk up my day! :)