Monday, October 02, 2006


I know... I won't be winning any awards for recipe naming...

but I swear to you that this new (& easy) recipe for tempeh will knock those hemp socks right off your feet!

um --- us veggies all wear hemp socks, right?

I know some of you are tempeh-averse or tempeh-afraid... fear no more my veggie friends, this tempeh is SO scrumptious that even my "never want to touch the stuff" husband scarfed it down like it was - well - potatoes. I assure you that you will love this Tempt-eh recipe too!

On to helping a fellow blogger... Mrs. Carlson asked this in my last post:

"I am wondering what vegan hot breakfast dishes anyone would recommend for a large group? Our school does a monthly breakfast for all the teachers, and it is my grade level's turn to do it this month. I would like to "wow" everyone with a yummy vegan dish that is hot, and perhaps one that I can prepare the night before and bake or reheat in the morning?"

I told her I'd send the question out to our divine veggie bloggers... any suggestions, guys?


Melissa West said...

Hi Dreena

I love tempeh, when I am out. Whenever I've made it at home it has been a complete disaster! I think it is because of the way I buy it. It is available in the freezer - doesn't it seem strange to freeze something that has live bacterial culture? Or is that the way you buy it? What brand do you use? I am almost certain that I am not tempeh inept, I just can't find a good brand.

Looks great! I am glad to have lots of protein varieties. Honestly, us vegans/vegetarians have way more protein options than meat eaters - most meat eaters I know eat mostly chicken! People think I eat all tofu all the time, but really I only eat tofu about once a week. Less than they eat chicken probably.

Julie said...

Dreena, I actually LOVE the name! hehe I think it's super cute! I am sooo excited about this recipe because any experience I have had with tempeh has been a bad one.

About the breakfast question, maybe make-your-own breakfast burritos?

oh, and I didn't have a chance to comment on your last post. Those sugar-filled cookies after a soccer game?! Errrg. Your alternative sounds soo much better.

oh, and thanks for the compliment on the pic! It's me & my gorgeous 15 year old cousin, Adelaide. Standing next to her, anyone looks good! hehe

b36Kitchen said...

hi. I LOVE tempeh but i know what it's like to have tempeh hating people around..the only way i get people to eat it is if it is smothered in some sorta peanut sauce..yours looks great though! I'm very excited about it.

For the breakfast question how about baked french toast with berries and such? you can prepare it the night before and bake it in the morning before you go.


Melissa said...

I think the name's cute...and that looks really good! I wouldn't say I'm afraid of tempeh but I was never sure if it could be used to make something spectacular...but I used to think that about tofu too, so who knows? Can't wait to try out that recipe.

Allison said...

The tempt-eh looks fabulous!

For breakfast, I like B36Kitchen's idea about baked French toast. Vegan Family Favorites (by Erin Pavlina) has a good recipe for "comfort casserole" that is very French toast-like. Yummy.

erica said...

So much yummier and easier on the stomach than tofu - but maybe that's just me. I'll take tempeh over tofu any day.

I must live in backwards land, because I've never been able to screw up tempeh - then again - maybe I just never had any expecations of it :)

ooh, now I'm drooling, and I just had tempeh in my spring rolls yesterday. You tempt-eh-ress! (groan, yes I did say that.)

kris said...

Ooh, I can't wait for your tempeh recipe! The first time I tried tempeh I hated it. The second time, hated it. Third time, hated it. Then, oddly, I started craving it all the time and now I'm hooked! How weird is that?

In one of Sarah Kramer's first two books, I think In the Garden of Vegan, there is this Apple French Toast bake that you make the night before and bake in the morning. It's a big time favorite around here and it super easy and impressive.

Mum the Weekend Warrior said...

What about scrambled tofu and then the usual fried tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreena,

I was just looking at your blog archives. You look so healthy in the picture with your sisters! Besides your outstanding eating habits, do you follow a specific exercise routine or anything like that?


Danielle said...

I guess tempeh is an acquired taste. And you have to make it right. I love tempeh, but it took a couple of tries.

sheryle said...

I contributed to a breakfast potluck at my work and brought skillet potatoes. Small cubed potatoes with finely chopped green pepper and onions sauteed together. Mushrooms optional. Add vegan sausage, crumbled at the end. Serve in a crock pot or electric skillet to keep warm.

Everyone loved it at my work.

DreamQueen said...

I don't have a breakfast suggestion...

I was just wondering when your new cookbook is coming out? (I know you've posted the proposed date, but I've forgotten.)

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Aw shucks - I'd love the recipe right about NOW! :) I do enjoy tempeh, but don't like it as a "sausage" least not yet. Love it in sandwiches though. Can't wait for the book!!


Shannon said...

I've had good results simmering tempeh in just enough water to cover for 15 minutes before using it in recipes. It makes it easier to digest and I think improves the taste.

Dreena said...

Melissa, YES, it *is* odd now that you mention it - but I guess there's some science behind it. Perhaps it prevents spoilage since colder temperatures inhibit bacterial growth. That being said - and to answer your q - I also buy a tempeh burger by Green Cuisine that is refrigerated, not frozen. Here is the link: I have liked it for a long time, I usually just pan-fry it until nice and browned, and have it in a tortilla with usual fixins. I have only had the original flavor, but I notice they also have a bbq one and I bet that would be great too. They are VERY substantial. I also buy Green Cuisine tempeh - frozen - that is the only brand I can find here. I have been wanting to try the LightLife brand tempeh (and the seitan) but haven't seen it. Oh, and you are so bang-on about the chicken - it's eaten as much as bread!

Thanks Julie (and about the name of the recipe too)! You look fabu in your profile pic as well, super cute, both of you. :)

Hi Jenna - yeah, that's a great suggestion about prepping the french toast the night before - great idea, I didn't think of that at all!

Melissa, you know that's so true. Our first times cooking with tofu were pretty awful, and I didn't know if we'd ever really enjoy it. I think it's getting used to the texture and how to work with it as an ingredient - for both tofu and tempeh.

Hi Allison, and thanks for that recipe suggestion - I was hoping people would give a shout out to recipes from other cookbooks and authors for this one, so that's great, thanks. :)

Erica, we all need to come to your house for some great tasting tempeh I think - you must have a knack for cooking it! I also find tempeh easier to digest - I think it's because of the fermenting and the beneficial bacteria in it... also, it has fibre with the whole soybeans whereas tofu has very little to no fibre. Heee, I love that 'tempt-eh-ress' bit - you are as corny as I am!!

Kris, that's exactly how I was with nutritional yeast! I have also come to like tempeh more and more as well... thanks for that French Toast Bake recipe suggestion too!!

Mum, terrific savory suggestions for the breakfast - thanks. :)

Hi anonymous, and thanks, that's nice of you to say. I do exercise, it's been part of my life for a long time. I workout at home because I'm here with our girls. 4-5 times a week, just for a 1/2 hour. I am mostly doing yoga, some weight training, and some pilates. I was doing too much exercise, because I enjoyed the 'buzz' it gave me, but with so much going on I was getting wiped out and really needed to take it down a notch, so mostly yoga and a bit of weight-training now! :)

Danielle, I agree that the taste (and texture) is somewhat acquired - but with this recipe we all dug right in, no acquiring needed! That was cool.

Sheryle, I love that breakfast suggestion - very hearty, and also quite 'familiar' food for people too - thanks. :)

Hey dreamqueen! Book is scheduled for release next fall - 2007 (eeek for me... get to work!)

Thanks Crystal - I've never had it in a 'sausage' form - do you buy it this way, or a recipe you have used?

Hi Shannon... I've read that a few times but haven't done so myself. Nice tip, thanks!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

Love the tempt-eh name, can't wait to try it. Looks so yummy! I'm moving to a town where freshly made tempeh is abundant so I'm giddy at the possibilities.

I find that Vegan with a Vengance's tofu fritatta wins over everyone I've ever made breakfast for. I sub zucchini instead of asparagus and think that you could easily make them in casserole form. the nutritional yeast, zucchini, sundried tomato and fresh basil are the most amazing combo! My big Italian family (who just cannot wrap their heads around my being vegan) just went nuts for it when I made it for them on a recent visit. 'Tastes like veggie lasagna! YUMMY!' they said!

Served with some herbed roasted potatoes and fruit, it's a keeper of a breakfast, for sure!

KleoPatra said...

I am a huge tempeh fan tho it took a while to get into it. I only have had it prepped by others, never (yet) by myself... It's an acquired taste for some, as it was for me years ago. Now... i love it. And i love yer name for this, tempeh-ting indeed. CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I'm a tempeh-phobe, but your recipes have won me over totally (I just got TEV as well) so I can't WAIT to try this! But ummm... we have to wait till LATE 2007 to get the recipe (insert *pout* here).