Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Extra Happy New Year...

to Laura and Stephanie!

You are the winners of last month's contest!! Congrats to you both! You win a copy of either Vive or TEV, and also those nummy Soy Delicious coupons!! Please e-mail me at within the next three days to claim your prize. I will need your mailing addresses.

Side Note: This is Laura's second win! Yes, folks, she has a lucky vibe... so you may want to get to know her and her blog a little better, since she has that magic touch! :)

This is a quick post, and I'm not going to get into any holiday food pics at this time, but I do have a question for you all if you can help!!...

My sister is traveling with her family to Detroit for a week. They will be in two areas and are wondering about veg and natural foods restaurants and stores while they are there. They will be spending time in Southfield (around 1500 Town Centre), and at the COBO Conference/Exhibition Centre, on One Washington Blvd.

I've done some searching for veg spots in Detroit, and it looks grim, so if any of you know of restaurants, cafes, natural food stores in these two areas... please share!

Thanks guys! :)


Anonymous said...

Vegan Diva, Emmy, just moved from Detroit to Chicago. You might want to check out her blog or send her an email just in case she doesn't stop by here in time for you to notify your sister. I remember her posting a lot of vegan restaurant info on her blog but that was before the tags. She also talked about a middle eastern restaurant that catered her wedding.

Anonymous said...

The Vegetarian Resource Group's website lists one kosher pizza restaurant (no meat) with vegan options in Southfield, MI.

Urban Vegan said...

Happy New Year, Dreena! Just wanted you to know that I made your Double Almond Explosion cookies for my Xmas guft baskets and my husband whined and whined....he wanted us to keep them all for US. Looks like I'll have to make him some this weekend.

Happy & safe travels.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good reference site for various restaurants and stores in the Detroit area that are vegetarian/vegan friendly:

I've been to the LaShish in Ann Arbor and can vouch for how yummy the food is!


Anonymous said...

seva in ann arbor michigan and inn season in royal oak michigan. i live in ann arbor. seva wins hands down but it is ~50 min drive from southfield/detroit. they can always fall back on indian or middle eastern cuisine.

Kelly said...

Hi Dreena,

I happen to work in Southfield, and I can tell you there aren't too many places that have a lot of vegan options. She could try Chipotle Grill or Qdoba in Southfield. (Both on Evergreen, in between 10 and 11 mile roads. Tell her to waive at me as she passes the library!)

Here are a couple of other fun places in cities neighboring Southfield.

Inn Season Cafe

in Royal Oak is my favorite Restaurant, with many vegan options. It is also one of the only places for some seriously tasty vegan Sunday brunch 11-3pm.

There is also a yummy thai place, called Thai Cafe in RO as well.

(In fact, there are many yummy restaurants in RO.)

In Ferndale, there is a good little natural foods store called The Natural Food Patch. There is also Om Cafe, which specializes mostly in macrobiotic food. The Fly Trap also makes a tasty fried brown rice, along with a tempeh burger and noodle bowl.

The Pita Cafe in Oak Park is also very good, and has just added a new dining section so there is never a wait for a table at lunch (I don't think most people have caught on the fact it has expanded-yet!) and the service is really speedy so that might be a good place to go if she is pressed for time.

I am sure there are a lot of other places I am for getting, but here is another option to search:

The restaurant section of Metrotimes is also a good place to look:

I have not had good experiences the last couple times I have gone to Seva in Ann Arbor, and wouldn't recomend making the trip out there.

I'm not very familiar with veg*n restaurants down by COBO, so hopefully someone else will recomend something tasty. Or, she could grab something in one of the 'burbs before she heads down.

Hope this helps!

raising_kahne said...

I never told you how much I LOVED the cupcaked from TEV!! They tasted so wonderful, and it was funny to watch my little brothers(twins, 4 years old) keep asking me if they could "please have more licks of the icing". These were gone very quickly! Unfortunately my mom wouldnt go near them, even though evryone that tried them loved them.

I also made the oatmeal raisin cookies, and in the middle of saying how crazy and weird my food was, and how these would taste nasty, my cousin took a bite and stopped and said, "Oh. Ok never mind, these are really good!"

I hope you had a great holiday season!

Dreena said...

Vivacious, thanks for the tip to Emmy. I contacted her and she sent an e-mail with a whack of info on the area - so sweet of her! Thanks for the help (both of you)!

Thanks Reed.

Happy New Year to you too Urban Vegan! :) Well now, making a grown man cry with my cookies - that's a new one - like that very much!! And what a good woman you are to bake up another batch for him this weekend (when you've already done SO much Christmas baking)!

Thanks Marlys - La Shish keeps coming up with folks, so my sis and her family better try it out now, because I want a report!!

Thanks anonymous, I'll pass it along.

Kelly, this is a terrific list, thank you for commenting with it. I'll be sure to get the info to them - thanks! :)

Hi Savanna!! Oh yay, yay!!!! I'm thrilled you loved them - and the cookies too! Isn't it great when non-veg people just dive into our food?! Esp when they think desserts would be so bland and/or dry and uninteresting. Sounds like you did your fair share of baking/cooking through the holidays - I can't believe your mom didn't try out more... if I had been baking at your age, I think my mom would have been singing thanks through the house and giving me every encouragement to do more and more - and more!! Kudos to you, girl! :)

Judy said...

My bf used to live in Detroit a few years ago, but he doesn't know of any.

I also wanted to pop by to say that I finally bought Vive, and I love it! And I'm not even vegetarian or vegan, just health conscious and into veggie food. I have tried about 6 different recipes, and they all rock! I even dedicated one of my blog's posts to you! Thanks so much for a fantastic book!

Michelle said...

Dreena, I just made your Lightened Up Falafels from TEV tonight, and served them with some basmati rice. Deeeelicious. I hadn't tried them yet because i was missing chickpea flour, but found some yesterday. I think I will use it for coating the Morrocan chickpea patties too... up until now I have used ground pumpkin seeds for the coating so that they are gluten-free.

I need some advice -we have friends coming over for brunch/ lunch this weekend. The woman is being tested for tummy troubles and has so far cut dairy and refined foods out of her diet. I want to show her how healthy she can eat without wheat and dairy. I thought i would do the chickpea patties and sweet potato fries, but my hubby thinks I should do brunch food -the apple oatmeal pancakes and some home fries. Any advice or other ideas from anyone?

Harmonia said...

Hello! I'm back and a-bloggin'

I even posted a pic this time!


bazu said...

Happy New year, Dreena! I wanted to bake my cousin some cookies for Christmas, and when I asked her if she had any preferences, she asked for your coconut-lime ones! (She had tasted some that I had sent to my mom for her b-day a while back). She just loves them- I have a feeling I'll be baking these for every special occasion in the near future- thank you!

laura jesser said...

Thanks, Dreena! :)

Happy new year to you! I hope your sister is able to find some spots in Detroit... I know nothing but it looks like you have plenty of helpers on here!

Dreena said...

Judy, you total sweetheart! I chuckled reading your post, I'm most pleased to read that you are enjoying some of my recipes so much. Thank you for that... :) :) and I hope you find many more recipes to your suiting!!

Hi Michelle! Awesome, I'm glad yo liked them. I make those falafels much softer/less firm than traditional falafels because that's the way I tend to like them. I find them too heavy otherwise and sometimes too spicy and flour-y. I love drenching them in the tahini sauce and just eating as is with some tomatoes and cukes - num! Anyhow, on to your question... do you know what kinds of foods/ingredients she really enjoys? Is she a potato lover, for instance... because then the brunch with home fries thing might be a great option. Also, I'd go with some recipes that are really smooth/easy for you to make - your standbys - but that are also kind of 'wow'! You know, the ones that you loved the first time round and now keep them in fairly regular rotation. Maybe even do some of the recipe with her there, so she can see that it isn't troublesome/exhausting for you, and yet it is still so delicious!! Any ideas what foods she tends towards most and are her favorites? You are so nice to do this for her, btw!

Hi Harmonia - good to have you back in the blogging world!! :) Will drop by soon!

Bazu, that's super cool! I've heard a number of people really love those cookies - they aren't ones I make a lot myself, just because coconut isn't a favorite with other family members here, but when I've made them for friends that love coconut - they are a hit! Thanks for dropping by with that feedback, and Happy New Year! :)

You're welcome Laura... I may talk to you about how to better my own odds in a contest sometime!! :)