Monday, March 05, 2007

Fantastic French Toast: update

Thanks to Melissa, we'll try this again...

Pictured is Fantastic French Toast from Vive.

Melissa posted about this recipe last year and said:

It looked, smelled and tasted just like non-vegan french toast. It was such a treat!

That was what I was striving for with the recipe, so I'm jazzed that you (and Billy) liked it, Melissa. Thanks for providing the photo because now others can see how this recipe should look, too!

As a reminder, the recipe for Fantastic French Toast is on my recipes page.

(Just for you, Melissa) :)


Emmy said...

I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try so I can make it next time my parents come to visit. My dad LOVES french toast. Also, I finally tried the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies from Vive and they were delicious. The raw dough was tasty too so I'm going to try using some to make cookie dough soy ice cream.

Twisted Cinderella said...

mmmm . . . yummy! And I have all the ingredients too!

Melissa said...

woot! haha. This reminds me that I should really make the french toast again. I get so caught up in always trying something new that I forget about my favourites.

Dreena said...

Hey Emmy! Terrific! I'm thrilled you liked the cookies... and we can eat that raw dough happily without any concerns of nasty raw eggs making us ill. The only thing that might make us ill is eating too much of it. :)

Thanks twisted cinderella!

Melissa, I do the same thing. I get so caught up in the newer recipes that I am creating or have been enjoying that I forget about some of the ones we used to love 6 months or a year ago. Once I finish this book, I'm going to revisit some of my 'oldies' again!

scottishvegan said...

Hey Dreena! I made this at the weekend after seeing this post. It was really yummy, but I had major problems with it sticking to my non-stick this something you have had any probs with?

Dreena said...

Hi Scottishvegan, no, that's peculiar. I've certainly had trouble with it sticking to other pans that aren't non-stick (ditto with pancakes), but using non-stick usually this recipe and pancakes slide easily to flip. Is your non-stick pan a little worn/older? Sometimes when the non-stick finish gets worn it's almost 'sticky' in spots. I just bought a new non-stick to use for pancakes and other non-savory foods that can stick (tempeh bacon, veg burgers). Now my other non-stick I reserve just for savory, because I find the finish wears quicker with savory foods like veg burgers. Then, for everything else I use my stainless steel pots and pans, and prefer to use those whenever I can. Ok, I've rambled on now! Not sure if anything there helps... but I'll leave it with you. :)

scottishvegan said...

Thanks for getting back to me Dreena! Perhaps my pan is just a bit past its best now that I think about it! I wondered if I had perhaps done something else wrong. I think maybe a new pan is in order :) The sticking certainly wasn’t something that would deter me from making it again anyway!!