Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vegan For 30

Have you listened to Erik's recent podcast? He mentions how I basically bribed his sister to try eating completely vegan for a month. I have my tactics, no?!

Go have a listen, it's going to be fun to hear how this pans out. And really, I give Skimpola credit for giving this month trial a go, because even with a bribe some folks wouldn't give this a try. Go Skimpola! Vegan foods are yummy!!

I loved one of Erik's comments about milk. His sister mentioned she doesn't like dairy milk anymore and now drinks oat and almond milk. Erik says "I have some insight about why you don't like regular cow's milk anymore... the reason is that it sucks"!

I laughed out loud at my computer when he said that! Sucks, yes. And in more ways than one.

Also, Erik has just offered a line of the coolest vegan t-shirts. Check 'em out.

I still have manuscript work to do, will be back as soon as I can. Stay tuned, stay vegan. :)


bazu said...

That is so cool! I also got my mom to go meat-less for the month of March and she did really well. She slipped up and ate some fish once, so she "punished" herself and is also going meat-less for April. I'm so proud and happy. One person at a time, right?

Good luck with the manuscript- don't let yourself get too stressed out, ok?

jory said...

Hi! I love the your 'vegan for 30' ploy!!! I had to write because a great component to add, to really help encourage someone to do 'vegan for 30', would be to reward them with an incredible feast prepared by one of the best veg chefs in the US. Go to 100% vegan,!!! From there you can order a gourmet vegan dinner party from some of the best award winning restaurants in the country DELIVERED TO THE DOOR!!! It is amazing! Bless you for all you do to help encourage kindness for ALL!! Love it!

Be in touch! I know the owner and can get you a gift certificate!!
Spread the word about They are very new and can use all the help to get the word out.


Saoirse said...

That's actually how I went about transitioning to veganism in the first place. It was too intimidating to go vegan forever, so I said I would try it for 30 days at the end of which I could keep going for another 30 or stop. I'm still going!

Dreena said...

Bazu, that's pretty terrific. The fact that she decided to go again for another month shows she cares enough about making a change, for whatever reason. Good luck to you and her... and thanks for the stress-free wishes!

Hi Jory, thanks, I'll have to take a look at that link - what a great service to have locally - wish we had it here! I assume it's only in a specific city, though right? I'll check to see.

Hi Saoirse, well that's the kind of story we want to hear!! Congrats to you, and I think that's fabulous that after your 30 days you wanted to continue. I think if people give themselves a month they will feel so good physically, and also feel good about their choices, that they *will* want to keep going, just like you!! Keep on keepin on!! :)

jory said...

Hi Dreena - Just wanted to let you know that delivers from the amazing restaurants they showcase to anywhere in the U.S.! Are you in Canada? I know of one delivery to Canada - my vegan friend who was craving vegan tiramisu. She and her husband (both vegan) and their from Italy, Italian (non vegan) parents thought it was FABULOUS! Shipping to Canada gets pretty expensive - close to $80 - but I think they got it overnight.

Thanks again for all the great things you are doing!!!