Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom's The Word

Yesterday it was all about us moms, right? Even though the cynics in us might say this is a fabricated 'holiday', I for one am not complaining!

Us moms work our butts off! (Dads do too, but their day is coming, so let's get back to us mommies.) Yes, our butts are running to and fro. And multi-tasking is not just a trendy sounding word - it's life! So, it's lovely to have a day that is all about making mom feel special.

Our morning began with pancakes. Not in bed. I'm up before everyone else, so I'm not going back to bed to eat pancakes! I gathered the ingredients for hubby and the girls, because I knew it might take a little long for the pancakes to hit the skillet if they had to search for everything. Pictured above are blueberry chocolate chip pancakes with my new Celestial Cream for Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.

On the left of this pic you also see a mug of cocoa with the pancakes. This Coco-Cocoa is also a new recipe for the book, and is a luxurious twist on regular hot cocoa. This was very rich and decadent, not only with the chocolate chips in the pancakes, but then with the Celestial Cream and the Coco-Cocoa... amazing, but I really craved a salad for lunch!

Hubby gave me this for Mother's Day. I LOVE it. It's from Matt and Nat. They have an online store, but certain stores in Vancouver carry their purses. Up until now, I have been using a sports-type shoulder bag. It's very functional, but not very fashionable. And that's about all I had in the 'purse' department. Until now! I tell you, hubby has gotten so keen over the years about things I'd like. He knows I'd like to have a few more vegan items like nice shoes and such, but I don't like ordering online. Need to try things on and see them for real. This was so spot on!

He also gave me this new book, Wiped!. The title alone is priceless (Wiped! life with a pint-sized dictator). I was laughing when reading in the first pages how the author walked into the wall in the middle of the night, thinking she broke her nose but refusing to go to the emergency room because (1) she was too tired and (2) she didn't dare wake the baby. After all the time it took to get the baby to sleep. Oh yes, how I remember those days. Well, not banging in to the wall, but spending the better part of my days trying to get the babes to go to sleep already! Definitely a great gift for any moms who can use a laugh (and need to know they aren't alone in these experiences)

I took full advantage of Mother's Day, telling the girls that fighting and whining were not at all allowed. "It's in the Mother's Day Rule Book", I told them. My older girl said "no it's not, mommy". "Oh yes it is", I said, "that's what we talk about in the mommy meetings". (note: mommy meetings are what we term those occasions that I get together with my girlfriends for lunch or tea - not at all often enough, but when we do, it's a 'mommy meeting') You know, I used this card a few times yesterday - with some success! I'll 'milk' the day for all it's worth!!

Earlier in the week, we had a special "Mom's Day Tea" at kindergarten. It was precious, and of course we had tea - and scones. The teachers there are outstanding, and since they were making the scones with the children, they offered to make vegan scones. I'll fill you in on those scones in another post, since this one is getting long. I also brought in the Celestial Cream to serve with the scones. Celestial Cream. mmmmm I'm in heaven.

Happy (belated) Mother's day to all you moms out there. I hope you felt special yesterday and had a little break. You deserved it!


aimee said...

Is this the same cashew dip that was in veg news? Because I gotta say: "Oh, Celestial Cream (great name) how I worship and adore thee". This stuff is so unbelievably delicious. I actually made it using vanilla rice yogurt although now that the "soy issues" are going away I'll be making it with soy yogurt (so much cheaper and easier to find)!
You rock, Dreena! Your kids (and husband) are lucky to have you!

maybepigscanfly said...

Happy Mother's Day Dreena! I'm glad that you had an enjoyable day. That's awesome that your husband picked out the perfect purse for you.

A school tea party with vegan scones! That is so cute, and I'm jealous that other people are accomidating to your veganism. I wish more people were open to the lifestyle (oh well).

And I second Aimee- your kids and husaband are lucky to have you!


Arine said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. Your purse is beautiful! And that Celestial Cream... O my, I have to have that cookbook!!

I was looking through some old posts recently, and I saw those Rooibos popsicles... How did you make those? Sounds great!

- Arine

Michelle said...

can you be my mom too!? pretty please? my mom didn't teach me nothin' about cookin' :( (not that i wanted to learn... all meat and barely any veggies! blech!)

Courtney B said...

Yum!!!! Those pancakes look tasty!

That purse is awesome I have it in the olive green color...and I love love love it!!!

Can't wait for the new book!

b36Kitchen said...

happy momma's day!! (belated)

celestial cream sounds so intriguing!


Julie said...


That purse is super cute! :]

Aarwenn said...

I have the great big Jorja Fox bag from Matt and Nat, and I get compliments on it ALL the time! It's awesome! Matt and Nat are the bomb.

Dreena said...

Thanks for the notes everyone! :)

Aimee - No, this is a different cream altogether... and I assure you it's definitely heavenly! I am so envious you have access to rice yogurt. Is it as good as soy yogurt. We don't even have very good soy yogurt here - somewhat disappointing - but I'd love a rice-based option.

Thanks Teresa... and hubby agrees with you and Aimee, he is one lucky bloke! (I agree too!!) ha!

Arine, I almost forgot about those popsicles!! I have to revisit that post. I'm fairly certain it was roughly equal parts of a flavored Rooibos tea (Raspberry Vanilla, for example) and a natural fruit juice. It will soon be time to make them again so thanks for the reminder to double check!

Michelle, I'm cool with internet mommying... as long as you're not whining or having a temper tantrum!! :) p.s. we ate a lotta Vienna Sausages and Fraser Meatballs growing up - I bet you don't even know how awful those two things are!

Hey Julie... Congrats, by the way!! I have been out of touch lately, so CHEERS to you for making it into graduate school!!! Hope you're doing some celeberating. :)

aimee said...

Hi Dreena...Oooh. Now I can't wait...even more for ED&BV! I think rice yogurt tastes better than soy. It doesn't have that weird aftertaste that soy sometimes has. It is really expensive, though! At least 30 cents more for a 6 oz. container! Worth it for the occasional splurge, though! Aimee

Urban Vegan said...

What a fab Mom's Day you had. (Great purse. Kudos on the hubby's great taste--in purses and spouses..)

Happy Belated!