Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Needin' a Cookie Fix

I know. Shame on me. It's been far too long since I've posted cookie love. Especially when some of you have called me the "Vegan Cookie Lady" or the "Vegan Cookie Queen" (I'm amused and flattered). With that, how dare I take such a cookie break?

Well, I got back to business last week baking cookies for a 'Beach Day' for my daughter's kindergarten class.

I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from E,D&BV (which I blogged about before), and a modification of my Double Chocolate Almond Explosion Cookies from Vive. There is a no peanut/nut policy at our kindergarten, so I instead made a 'triple chocolate' version of these cookies. I omitted the almond slivers and almond extract, and replaced them with vegan white chocolate chips and vanilla extract.

Since there were a lot of little mouths to feed (and mouths that like to nibble), I made the cookies much smaller and baked for about 10 minutes instead of 11. They turned out beautifully. The chocolate ones disappeared in a flash. I thought the kids would go for the raisin ones first - I mean, these are some jumbo, plump raisins...

But no, I guess the kids have learned early in life the bliss that is chocolate. Who can blame them? One of the moms told me that she heard several of the kids ask "where are those vegan cookies, I want another vegan cookie". How funny! Not "Mommy, I want another chocolate cookie" or "one of those raisin cookies". But, just "the vegan cookie". Works for me.

If vegan = yummy in their eyes, it's all good. Smart cookies. The kids I mean. Yeah, cookies too.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! :) The kids, I mean! lol The cookies are cool, too! YUM! To Vegan Cookies!


Anonymous said...

great post!

Judy said...

I wish that there had been a mom like you in my kindergarten class...or if I ever have kids, I hope there's a mom like you in their kindergarten class!

laura jesser said...

Mmm... Cookie love! What a great mom!

courtney_b said...

Yum !!!! Those look amazing! I always make the homestyle chocolate chip ones from Vive...but I will definatly be trying those chocolate ones !!!

maybepigscanfly said...

I guess those kids really know what's good for them. Oatmeal raisin are probably my favorite kind of cookie.

Quick question- what brand of white chocolate do you use?


scottishvegan said...

I just made the chocolate cookies and they are amazing. I also missed out the almonds, but only because I didn't have any and they were fantastic!

angela said...

funny - I am never brave enough to admit they are vegan - coz well, they always balk after- (even if they LOVE the goodies) can't wait for E,D,&BV - more ccokies from the undisputed queen!!

Ozegrrl said...

My kids' school is nut-free as well and I have found your cookbook Vive le Vegan invaluable. I make your energy cookies, for instance, with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. My kids love them and I am happy they are eating those energy- and nutrient-dense seeds. Also, I have found sunflower butter which I use to replace any nut butters in your recipes, such as your crispy bars (is that the name? the ones with the rice krispies). As long as sunflowers are allowed at your school that works beautifully plus it's healthful.

Carrie™ said...

I want another vegan cookie!!
What's with all the food allergies? It seems to have come on us very quickly. There was never any concern for nuts when I was younger. I'm very lucky in that I am not allergic to anything (except mold & mildew, but I wouldn't eat those!)

Dreena said...

Love hearing from you guys, thanks for the comments. :)

Judy, never know, you might just be that mom in your kid's kindergarten class!!

Teresa, I buy the white chocolate chips from Vegan Essentials. I don't buy them often - they can be $$ to buy in US and then ship to Canada. But, once every few months I'll put in an order and stock up on some things. I think you can also get them from Food Fight and Cosmos and other online vegan shops.

Scottishvegan - awesome! Glad they worked out. Pecans are also a good nut in those cookies.

Ozegrrl - wow, how cool! I haven't even tried some of those substitutions. I'm going to have to now!! I really appreciate your good words, and the suggestions... thanks!

Carrie, I couldn't agree more. I have no idea if it's from more pollutants in our air/water, the contaminants/pesticides in our food supply, or modifications made to specific crops, and sprays, etc used on those crops. Allergies are far too prevalent, and our systems seem very sensitive. What's up??!! I know with our girls, I've delayed introducing peanut butter for that reason. Our older daughter is fine, and I think I started pnut butter with her just before her 3rd bday, and now with the younger daughter, I'm waiting until she's 3. I delayed introduction of nuts, and other highly allergenic foods with them too. That's something I talk about in Vive in the baby/toddler section, because so many children are affected by food sensitivities, and it is helpful not to introduce certain foods too early. Still, it seems some people are developing sensitivities and allergies later in life. I've rambled... but it's just so peculiar.