Monday, November 05, 2007

Lotsa' Food

*update*: (forgot to mention for those of you in the Vancouver area, I will be at Choices White Rock location for a book signing and recipe sampling Sat Nov 24th, 1:30 - 3pm. Yep, you get to food shop, recipe sample, and pick up a signed cookbook all at the same time!) keep you going. I must take a break for a little while. For a number of reasons, including finishing my Food Network recipes, and for some other reasons that I won't go into.

I want to leave you with some recipes posts, and also get you thinking about cooking some dishes while I'm away.

First, with US Thanksgiving approaching, think about taking a different path with your main course. Try the Moroccan-Infused Vegetable Phyllo Rolls. Really, I need you to make these. With the Balsamic Maple Sauce. Yes, the sauce is a must. These rolls are not difficult. Basically, you chop and roast up all the veg with delicious seasonings, and then toss in the chickpeas once finished. Scoop and roll in a couple of sheets of phyllo. Bake and serve, drizzled with the sauce. You can even use w/w phyllo - I have, and they are still delicious.

Next, I'll be posting the recipe for Mellow Lentil "Sniffle" Soup from ed&bv. Again, I think you need to make this soup! It's a very soothing, comforting soup that is delicious and easy, and perfect for chilly winter days when you want to cozy up with a big bowl of soup and a chunk of whole-grain bread.

Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes with Celestial Cream. I know, Celestial Cream is not one of my 'healthier' recipes, but it's a wicked good treat. So, okay, save it for desserts if you want. Or... break it out for a Sunday brunch with your sweetie and serve with Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes. I'll post the recipe for both - including the gluten-free version of the pancakes! Yay!

With the holidays approaching, we need hummus. Hummus for us, hummus to share at parties. I had trouble deciding which recipe to post. I chose my sister's favorite, Chipotle-Lime Two Bean Hummus... for something deliciously different.

Finally, some pics from my archives of photos:
For the set of Food Network recipes, Peanut Thai Vegetable Stew with tofu, sweet potato, and spinach.

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup from TEV

Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado from ed&bv

Unbelievably Rich Chocolate Truffles from ed&bv
Savory Tofu Burgers from TEV. It had been about 4 years since I last made these. Hubby and I enjoyed them SO much. You know, when you have a recipe/food again, but like it's the 1st time? Anyhow, I subbed quick oats for the bread crumbs (used a little less), and they were wonderful.

There are probably more in my photo files, but that should keep you occupied for a while.

I will be organizing my blog some while I'm away. I want to give you a directory of all the recipes from ed&bv that I've posted about, so you can quickly link to see a photo and read about them. Plus, I have a pantry list to post that I've referenced in my book.

Thanksgiving note: Also check out Nava Atlas' site for holiday recipes. You can even download an e-book for a small amount, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

You can never say thank you to someone that has helped you so much SO THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Also wanted to let you know that i will giving many copies of you books as Chistmas gifts this year.
We had the sniffles soup a few weeks back and it so good, the kids even ate it. That is a plus in my house. I can never understand how my kids eat so little and have so much energy.
I will be tring those truffles reall really soon lol

maybepigscanfly said...

All of the food looks wonderful! I've been going crazy making EDBV recipes and I'm excited to try a few out on my onmi (or carnivore as I like to call them) family when they visit me this weekend. You have already helped me prove to them that vegan food actually tastes good! So THANK YOU!

I plan on making the sniffle soup tonight for dinner as I've been hearing so much great stuff about it- and I do love red lentils.

I'm so excited about your food network score. Congrats and enjoy it!

I hope that you are able to take a break and actually get to relax!

julie hasson said...

I'm really enjoying your new book Dreena, and hope to have some time to start cooking from it soon.

Congrats on the Food Network. Good luck with everything.


aimee said...

Good luck with everything, Dreena. We'll miss you while you're gone, but thanks for giving us all so much to occupy us in the meantime! Can't wait to try that sniffle soup (on a good note ED&BV finally arrived so I have an extra lot to keep me busy!)

VeggieGirl said...

Dreena, I can't say it enough - thank you so much for sharing these recipes and photos from your terrific cookbook!! I am beyond obsessed with ED&BV, and I plan to continue to be so :0)

Good luck with your Food Network recipe set - I can't wait to see it on FN's website!!

I do hope you could drop me an email, if you get a chance, while you're away from your blog? We haven't emailed in a while...

Cherie said...

I promise your book is on my shopping list on Amazon and I am getting it soon. I got a few others before yours, but now that I see that lasagna pic, I want ED&BV now!! :)

bazu said...

Thank you so much for these recipes and suggestions! Those phyllo rolls do look perfect for Thanksgiving - if I can wait that long before I make them, of course.

bazu said...

P.S. I forgot to wish you a productive and restorative break from blogging!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your perfectly timed Thanksgiving post. I wondered how the foods you posted about travel. I will be taking a 5 hour cross-country flight and would like to premake a few items to bring along with me. I'd really like to do something with a wow factor like your phyllo packets, but it has to be something that will still look and taste great after an all day airline fiasco.


Michelle.D said...

Have a good break Dreena... hope all is well. Thanks for all the great posts lately... your recipes have totally livened up my kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break from blogging. I know you'll be busy with more exciting news upon your return.
The Veggie Vixen

Ashasarala said...

Everything looks wonderful. I actually have your book on my wishlist and I plan on purchasing very soon. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I will patiently await your return to the blog world. +)

Erik said...

Holy Mackerel...what I would have given to be in Vancouver when all that food was being made.

Skimpola's coming over this week for a meal. I'm making a dinner out of ED&BV and she's bringing over a dessert from Veganomicon. Can't wait! We'll be talking about the meal on an upcoming podcast.

Dreena said...

Jessica, I wouldn't take these rolls on an airline flight. For a couple of reasons. First, with airline restrictions of what you can take on-board, I wouldn't want to chance that you devote time to making a special dinner, and having it taken away at security. Also, the rolls should be chilled if not baking right away, so you'd need to put them in a dish and placed on ice packs in a cooler. That's a lot of fuss. Can you instead have the ingredients waiting for you at where you're staying, so you can whip together the recipe shortly after you arrive? Maybe have someone pick up the ingredients for you so you can make them without have to do the shopping, etc when you arrive. I just wouldn't want to chance taking any special meal that doesn't make it through security - groan!

Anonymous said...

Made the truffles last night. I found them to roll better with a little cooking spray on your hands , I also took them one step more and coated them in melted chocolate. I know very bad but ohhhhhhh so good. The taste is amazing, I am going to try mocha extract next time. ? about coconut milk. When I opened the can it was seperated, i mixed it up. Is that what I should have done? It tasted great I suppose that is what I should have done.

Tamara said...

Hey Dreena, thanks for the latest book, it is awesome! One question though - I'm in the middle of making the chickpea patties and the instructions mention mixing bell pepper in while cooking the onion and celery, but there are no bell peppers listed in the ingredients list...??? Not sure how best to contact you to ask you, so hope this is okay! :-)

Dreena said...

hiya Heather... yes, it's okay to stir the milk - though if you don't, and open the can and just skim off the thickest cream/milk to get the 3/4 cup needed, your truffles will be firmer since the thicker, fattier part of the milk is being used.. terrific tip about the cooking spray btw. :)

Hi Tamara - yes, that IS a typo - eeek, I hate when we discover them. Someone notified me by e-mail of that editing mistake a couple of weeks ago. I plan to post an 'edit page', and this will be included - so proceed on and ignore the bell pepper reference (and *sorry* for the confusion).

Robin_newtoveganism said...

Hi Dreena,
I hope you enjoy your break! I have been having so much fun making meals from all of your cookbooks. So far I have made the Chickpea Patties, Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Walnut-Carob Cranberry Clusters, Super-Charge Me Cookies, Tickled Pink, Chocolate Chuck Spice Cookies, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, the Coconut Cake, Monkey Soup, Sniffe Soup, Burritos, Lemon Garlic Pasta, several Tofu dishes, and the Chickpea Lentil Soup. I know I am leaving some things out but when you are trying to cook Vegan and do not know of any recipes you need a lot of help and I do so I am getting my money's worth and more and cooking, cooking , cooking! My poor 20 yr old daughter asked me, " are we ever going to have meat again?" I do make some things for my non conformers. I did get incredible raves from my nursing co workers about your Coconut cake! I can't wait to make the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake...we do love chocolate!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. I might some day be cooking vegan 24/7. When you are back to blogging I did have a few cooking questions. Enjoy!


Dreena said...

Wow, wow, wow, Robin... you have been BUSY! I know who to contact for recipe testing in the future, maybe, huh??! You are terrific to leave this note, thank you. And feel free to ask questions at any time - you can leave them on the blog, or e-mail me at Keep on cooking and baking. Vegan hurrahs!!! :)

Veg-a-Nut said...

Your Moroccan-Infused Vegetable Phyllo Rolls look so good! My mouth is watering! Healthy or not I am making this durning the holidays. Who in the world could pass up Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes with Celestial Cream!

We watch the Food Network Daily here in California. I just wish we were lucky enough to have more vegan recipes. Congrats on your new adventure!

Anonymous said...


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