Friday, March 07, 2008

Amazon Grief

I've heard from some of you asking about two things with ed&bv. First, what's up with the price listed on amazon, and secondly... WHEN THE HECK will they get their copy ordered weeks (and maybe months) back?!!

As for the price, no ed&bv is NOT $59.98 US. It is $24.95 US. I don't know why that inflated price is showing, I'm guessing there are a few sellers that have been allowed to jack up the price given there is no other stock. But, once amazon has stock again, you will see the price back to $24.95 US.

Now, as for when the books will be shipped. We now have stock. YAY! As I've explained to some of you, ed&bv sold out quicker than my publisher anticipated. The reprint was ordered, but before long stock was depleted. Plus, a new printer was employed and my publisher encountered unforeseen delays. All of this sums up to you having to wait for your copy of ed&bv. The good news is that the copies have been shipped and are on their way to amazon. I expect to see amazon showing stock and filling the back orders any day now.

Once I know amazon has stock and is shipping, I'll post again to let you know. I'm going for a much needed chocolate and tea break now.


village mama said...

Hi Dreena - I featured one of your recipes in Transitions triathlon mag a couple summers ago.

I'm thrilled for you that you have sold-out issues to deal with; I'm sure Arsenal Pulp Press is thrilled too. Congrats!

Michelle said...

i'm sorry that people are encountering problems, BUT, i'm thrilled that it's selling out so quickly! do you know how many have been sold so far??

Persikka said...

Excellent! I've been waiting for this to be back in stock! I eagerly await the stocking at Amazon!

Miss Mabel said...

Hmm well over here in Montreal, the Chapters I work at was properly stocked... and now I have to go get my husband more of the book's Rice Krispie squares that I just made for the 3rd time.

Marika said...

Everything in the book looks awesome - I can't wait to get my copy! It's great to see a vegan book do this well, congratulations Dreena :)

Billy said...

It looks like a great book. I'm sorry for all the problems you're having. That's obnoxious. I hope Amazon gets them back in stock soon.

Want me to go yell at them? They're only a few miles from me. :)