Monday, June 29, 2009

Writing for True/Slant

Hiya guys! Thought I'd let you know that I've just starting writing for True/Slant, and you can check out my first post here. My facebook friends will get new post links automatically through my status updates.

My T/S posts will be a little different than my Blogger posts, including some of my thoughts and experiences as a vegan mom and also observations as a long-time vegan. I hope you'll enjoy reading... :)

Back with a food pic soon, for sure!


veggievixen said...

sweet! that sounds awesome. even though it's a long ways away for me, i think about being vegan with kids. i will definitely be reading!

Dreena said...

thanks veggievixen... I hope you enjoy what I get up to with the article, and I may just drop a few more insights as a mom, so you can get prepared (as far away as it might be)!!