Sunday, July 19, 2009

But, what DO you eat?

I should be able to answer this question, right?

Alas, it's not always as simple to explain as it is to just cook the food!

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Andrea said...

Sometimes I just want to turn that question back to the questioner and say, "What do YOU eat?" It usually turns out that I eat far more foods than most people!

nora said...

I loved this piece! that ALWAYS happens to me. I posted it on facebook to share! And I've recommended ED&BV to 2 ppl in the past 2 wks, both of whom bought it I believe!

Veganmothering said...

Yes, in my experience inevitable brain freeze happens when this question is asked.

Most people are only aware of about 10 foods, most of which are some variation on sugar, oil, beef/chicken/fish, cheese, milk, and white flour. So when you move away from these foods, sheesh, there's nothing left is there :) ?

Thanks for articulating what I feel daily. You do a great job, keep it up.

East Village Vegan said...

Love that article! It happens to me all the time too, but my response isn't as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.

delaïdo said...

My canned response is "tubers and legumes." It's true, yet silly (not self-righteous) and sometimes piques someone's interest.

Patelligence said...

I agree with Andrea - it can be very annoying when people ask you as if there's nothing you can eat besides meat.
But, yes, your response is very thorough - thanks for posting this.

The Veg Next Door said...

Good to see that I'm not the only one who sometimes doesn't have an answer for that question. I think from now on I'm going to do what Andrea does and turn the question back to the questioner. That'll buy me some time. :-)

I hope you're settling in with the latest addition to your family. I know it's tough but I loved that "honeymoon stage" with a newborn. (sigh)

TRISTA said...

My brain ALWAYS freezes when someone asks, "What DO you eat?" At best, I rattle off food categories like you listed (seeds, nuts, beans, etc.). However, I agree with you that it's important to have a savory answer...I think you've inspired me to write my own blog post about this. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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