Monday, February 22, 2010

Diet and Autism: Ian's Story

Today I have a reader's story to share with you.  I urge you to link through and read this story for yourself; it is touching and remarkable.  And, if you think others might find this post helpful, please share the link with any online parenting groups, forums, or other sites of related interest.

Thank you Pamela for your insight and care, and for reaching out to others with your personal experience.


Haley said...

I have raised/taken care of my younger (although now adult) brother for the majority of my life. He is also autistic, but, high functioning. He transitioned to veganism with me and I, too, noticed a change in his mood, appetite, and overall health. It was really a blessing!

But, despite being vegan, I'm a little wary of contributing all of this to a strictly vegan diet. I think a big problem is with the food we eat, generally: pre-packaged, modified corn stuff. But, when one turns vegan, one seems to be more conscious of being healthy and eating whole foods again. So while I wouldn't contribute it to a strictly vegan diet, I would contribute the consciousness of eating right with the diet. :D

Dreena said...

Thanks Haley for adding your feedback. That's a good point, and I agree that all of the packaged/processed/fast food eaten these days is a massive problem. Also, most folks do indeed seem to move toward more whole foods when eating vegan - might take a while for some, but if you are interested in the health perspective associated with being vegan, it does eventually happen. Thanks again...