Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Do You Know What's In Your Pancake Syrup?

I know what's in my pancake syrup... do you?

Since the 1950s, consumption of meat (since the first wave of factory farms), cheese (since the advent of take-out pizza), and sugar (in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup) have skyrocketed along side obesity rates and its related diseases, causing children today to be in the worst shape than any previous generation in our country. Due to widespread unhealthiness, boys will lose 11.6 years from our current life expectancy rates and girls will lose 14.3 years. (Source: OCA at PCRM's Take a Bite Out of Childhood Obesity)


tyrah. said...

Great post Dreena!
My husband and I laughed each time that silly McDonald's commercial came on and said that olympic champions eat here...I should hope not! I shared this on my FB page =)

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Thank you for posting that info. I hate that we are being poisoned for the sake of convenience. ugh!

Let's teach ourselves, and then our children to eat "real" food!

vegan1 said...


Do you drink green smoothies? I was wondering if you had made them in your Blendtec and if it was as powerful as the Vitamix in pulverizing the greens? Sorry to post this here, I wasn't sure of yur email!


veganhomemaker said...

hi vegan1, I just wanted to chime in on your question. I was wondering the same thing a couple months ago. I did my research and chose the blendtec. I make green smoothies everyday and it works awesome. I bought it at costco so I have a 7 year warranty. Besides the blendtec being more powerful, I have to say it's much better looking(i know this sounds shallow:)) than the vitamix. Another plus is that it fits under my cabinet and the vitamix doesn't. Hope this helps.

Mints! said...

Great post Dreena. I always wonder about the food choices offered to kids in our country! Why junk is so easily available and fresh fruits are expensive and people on budget cant afford good quality fruits.

Anyway thank you for your insight on syrups.

Amy said...

I recently read that agave nectar is processed just as much as high fructose corn syrup. Have you heard anything about that?

Vegan Being said...

Good article!
Having grown up in maple syrup country I've made my own - and even had it raw, straight from the tree. I won't eat pancakes at all if the syrup is fake and we don't allow corn syrup products in our house.

Dreena said...

Thanks Tyrah, I appreciate you sharing the link!

Fayinagirl, I so agree... our kids come to appreciate home cooked and less processed foods pretty early on, it's the adult habits that are harder to change!

Vegan1, I do make green smoothies, just about everyday. The Blendtec is genius for smoothies - blitzes things to smithereens! Even whole flax seeds. It's amazing, I use it every day, sometimes up to three or four times a day. I used to do green smoothies in a standard blender (or with an immersion blender), and, you can do it, but it takes much longer and I have been known to burn out a motor or two with the immersion blenders. whoops. Mostly trying to use them for raw dip/dressing recipes using nuts - which, again, the Blendtec handles effortlessly. Love it, love it! You won't go wrong with it if you are considering getting one.

Amy, it certainly is processed to some degree, and it has to be heated somewhat in the processing (which is why there is some controversy about which brands are truly 'raw'). I don't know an extensive amount on the matter, but I haven't heard much that is really negative about agave from health/dietary professionals. Food information changes and in time, who knows, we may know more about agave and come to find that only certain grades are healthy, but for now it seems to be categorized as a healthy sweetener.

Vegan Being, how cool! I'd love to try maple syrup straight from the tree - that would be a neat experience.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

maggiesavage said...

Hi Dreena - I feel the same way as your babe! Yuck! Hallelujah for Real Maple Syrup. My relatives in the UK always ask us to bring them some for their oatmeal :) I awarded you a Sunshine Award on my blog. Please check it out if you get a moment! Thanks for all you do!

myrtle said...

Would you believe my husband prefers the crappy syrup? And I still married him! Oh well, it just means more maple syrup for me.

vegan1 said...

Veganhomemaker and Dreena, thanks for your advice on the blendtec!

Ashling said...

Although a vegan myself, I don't think that the meat/dairy industry is 100% at fault here. Lack of exercise and a fast food nation are equally responsible, along with over processed foods. But don't get me wrong, I don't think animal products should be eaten either! :-)

Hollafoodzone said...

Anyone (like me) who has taught in public schools for 15 years can tell you that kids have changed - in SIZE! Compared with when I was in school it's like night and day, but even over the past 15 years the difference is flat out amazing. The biggest change I see is the sheer percentage of elementary students who are overweight - frightening at the rate this is happening before our very eyes!

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