Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Good Winners Are...

Update:  Alex, I haven't heard from you by e-mail and have no way of contacting you.  Please e-mail me at dreenaburton@gmail.com.  If I don't hear from you this weekend, I will need to select another winner on Monday. 
Alex (comment: I love So Good! I have never had cow milk since and will never go back. I even got my whole family turned onto it. Small steps, small steps.)


Jaime and Matt (comment: Yes - please! I am really (and weirdly) excited to possibly win some free soymilk products - please pick me : ) )

Congrats guys!  Please e-mail me at dreenaburton@gmail.com so I can arrange mailing details!


Kristine said...

OH yay! I hope you have a very blissgul day of soy in the very near future, lovely winners!

Also, my "captcha" word verification to be able to post this comment is Tree Cow!! WHAT?!

Is blogger trying to tell me something? I said SOY, blogger, SOY!!!

Dreena said...

Kristine, you gave me a good chuckle with that! :D