Friday, January 27, 2012

Circle of Moms Top 25 Nomination - and saying thank you!

So I received an e-mail earlier this week that my blog has been nominated for the Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms with Circle of Moms.

I've been somewhat under a rock with book details and well, being a mom!  So, this nomination and site was new information to me.

As a mom of three, vegan cookbook author, and blogger for over six years (wow, I just realized that!) I'd be chuffed to make the final top 25.  So, if you enjoy my work, please link through to vote - I think I have 10 votes right now, lol!  But, you can vote everyday until February 14th, so I'll nag remind you a few times.

And, on another note, I really want to thank those of you that contribute reviews for my books on amazon.  In particular, ed&bv has been receiving wonderful comments lately, and it truly means so much to me.  In fact, I've started thanking you on the reviews.  I just think it is such a cool thing that someone takes the time to leave a glowing review for my work.  When there's a negative review, it hits hard as an author - and, we can focus on that more than the complimentary comments.  I've been so touched by the praise you've given ed&bv, that the least I can do is say "thank you" back.  Even if that's corny, that's what I'm doing. (Hey, I've admitted I'm corny more than once.)

Alright.  I'll be back very soon with a cookbook review... of a gal we know and love.  Hint:  She's vegan.  :)


Mattheworbit said...

I have never even heard of most of those people!

Becky said...

I found some new great blogs on that list! But voted for yours, of course. :)

AikoVenus said...

Congrats! Oh - and I made sure to vote for you! ^^