Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Sniffle" Soup

This is my Mellow Lentil "Sniffle" Soup for Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan.

I created this soup last year when our older daughter had a touch of a cold. She had the sniffles, and I told her that this was magic "sniffle" soup that would make her feel better because it was filled with the best healthy things. She bought the story, though I'm certain only because the soup tastes so good - otherwise, this would not be a story to tell!

She loved this soup so much that she asked for it the next day, and again even after she was feeling 100%. So this soup - a flavorful, yet mellow tasting red lentil soup - is forever known as Sniffle Soup in our home. Of course, you can eat it anytime you like, sniffles or not!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Dreena, the girls & I could use this soup right now - we have the sniffles something fierce! I'm so looking forward to Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan! But your article in VegNews 'Hot Chips & Dips' will tide me over - I just need to pick up a polenta tube. Awesome ideas & article - BRAVO! :o)

Melissa said...

Mmmm I can't wait for that recipe. I love lentil soups, and mellow soups too!

Anonymous said...

I totally get the "sniffle" thing. My mom makes this great bean soup and I named it "fart" soup so my 3 year old son would eat it. He loved it. Your soup looks great.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I made your banana oat bundles today but I used pureed pumpkin instead of banana and they turned out pretty good. I wanted something a little more festive.


Anonymous said...

when is the book coming out Dreena? I can't wait for this recipe - it looks GREAT! Hope you and yours are well!

raising_kahne said...

It's such a pretty yellow color that I would have never guessed you used red lentils in it. It sounds great, maybe being sick isnt so least with this soup!

I just made the caramel sauce from vive, and it's so delicious! I used helf date sugar, half evaporated cane juice crystals, and it turned out wonderfully. I also just got TEV, and plan on making the banana ice cream to go along with the caramel sauce!

Kris said...

Yum! This is such a good time of year for all this creamy deliciousness. I love how visually mellow it is too, you just know it's a reliable recipe that will end up in you soup repertoire. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dreen!

Have you seen this? I want it SOOOO bad! Especially given where we live right now! LOL

soup looks yummy... let's hope it replaces the chicken noodle...


Dreena said...

Vicki, I'm more than happy for you to test it out... if you like, send me an e-mail and I'll zip it off to you. Can't have you all down with the sniffles for too long!! Thank you so much for that compliment on the VegNews article - I was a little unsure about the theme, so I'm happy to know that you and a few others are enjoying the recipes in there! :)

Thanks Melissa! I think lentils are the "friendly legume"... esp red lentils, they just dissolve into a dish.

Ha ha, Angie, I love that story. Of course, at a certain age, kids just find anything related to bodily functions hilarious, right? So why not give our foods a few silly names to get them to try it! Great story. Oh, and what a smart substitution in the oat bundles - I'll have to give that a whirl myself sometime! :)

Thanks Starla! The book is out fall 2007 - probably late October - we'll know more in the Spring.

Hi Savanna, yeah the red lentils go a yellowish color when cooked, and they have such a mild flavor that I really love. Hey, that's so great you love the caramel sauce - I like using partly richer, darker sugar in that sauce too - either partially date or sucanat or muscovado (though I don't buy that often). The darker, more molasses-tasting sugars used just in part in that sauce helps with the caramel flavor... I'm so glad you did that and liked the result - now to try it with Turtle Tracks... mmmmmm! :)

Thanks Kris, it's really soup season now, huh? We've been eating a lot of soups and really hearty casseroles - and it's been unusually cold here the last week so soups totally hit the spot! (maybe you got some of the same stormy weather in Portland - we got an insane amount of snow (for Vancouver) and had several days of quite a cold snap)

Hi Dayle - I have no idea what you're talking about - I'll check out the link. Remember all the soups mom used to make with turkey and chicken - and then we also ate a lot of those awful chicken noodle or rice Campbell's soups - ugh!

Dreena said...

Dayle, just checked it out - that's cool, I think I have seen it somewhere before either on tv or a magazine ad. I'd like it for basil. I miss basil so much during the winter, I think I'd be happy to grow just that! Are you getting one... Christmas gift perhaps?

Anonymous said...

What a cute story!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Sniffle Soup - one of my favourite recipes!!!! My family devours that, I have now resorted to making a double batch so that we have plenty to freeze! Can't wait for the whole book!!!!

laura k said...

How I would have loved to have some of your magic sniffle soup this week in our home--Bob and I have been under the weather for several days! It really does look so good. Lentil soup is one of my favorite things.

That's an adorable story, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreena,

Red lentils are my favorite food. I would love to see more lentil recipes in your new book, maybe a lentil casserole or something like that! If you're still looking for a tester to try your soup, I'd be interested!?


Teresa said...

Dreena, you come up with the greatest names for different dishes. Plus its so much more fun for kids (and us Big Kids...haha) when their dinner has a special name.

I'm glad it helped the little one get better!


Dreena said...

Thanks Vivacious - the dinner stories aren't all that cute... nor the dinner hours all that relaxing!

Hey Vicki!! My first, official sniffle soup tester. If only my girls ate as well as your kids. I'm not always sure how 'kid-friendly' a recipe is because of my picky-poos!! :)

Hi Laura - poor you and Bob... wow, quite a few of the comments here people have colds, etc. I'm certain it's the time of year - the stress of everything that goes along with the holidays wears our immune systems. I hope you are doing better now!!

Hi Sarah, thanks! I love lentils too - I have a few lentil dishes lined up right now, and if I have time I may try to squeeze in another. Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know if I need another tester, thanks. :)

Thanks Teresa, though I think my recipe names can be awfully corny!! Oh well, like you say, as long as it entices us (and hopefully our kidlets) to eat it, it's working! :)

funwithyourfood said...

AW that is a great story :)


INGRID said...

Hi Dreena! I love this recipe, I make a big pot of it and then freeze individual portions for days when I can't be bothered cooking.
I was looking for a picture of your soup to put on my blog. I googled "mellow yellow sniffle soup" and found it on the "Alive" website, with no mention of your name! how rude! Anyway, i thought i'd let you know. ingrid