Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cumin-Lime Tofu

This is my Cumin-Lime Tofu for E,D,&BV. Fresh lime juice soaks into the tofu for a tangy bite, and this is balanced with a touch of sweetness and earthy tones from the cumin and some other spices. Pumpkin seeds and pistachios add some crunch to each piece. Here, I have served the tofu over Cinnamon-Lime Quinoa with Toasted Almonds and Dried Fruit.

While I love this quinoa recipes, my preference is to serve this cumin-lime tofu over another new side dish recipe for the book - Sweet Potato and Winter Squash Puree - but I forgot to get a picture of the two of these dishes together. I simply like the contrast of the tangy, slightly spicy tofu over the sweet puree. The two play off each other in taste and texture, and well, I love the sweet potato puree and can eat a lot of it just on its own!

For me, the Cinnamon-Lime Quinoa complements this tofu dish better. No need to keep mental notes on all this though, guys, I'll have serving suggestions given within recipes in the book.


Eat Peace Please said...

Dreena, this sounds like my ideal meal! Those spices sound amazing together. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to eat it (in Fall 2007).

urban vegan said...

Dreena, you continue to amaze and inspire.

Dr. Melissa West said...

Wow Dreena, this cook book is really coming along! It is so neat to see it unfolding before our eyes!

I have a tofu recipe that I make often that combines tofu and nuts. The crunch with tofu is really satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreena! Your blog seems to have loads of delicious recipes for the new book. Are you sure it isn't ready for publishing, so that we aren't kept in so much suspense??

-- Maureen --

Dreena said...

Hey Leslie, thanks. I love spiciness with an acid like lemon juice or lime juice, and then a bit of sweetness to offset both. The tofu *does* require the oven, though I think you might be able to pan-fry it - mightn't keep all the same flavor, but you could always make a sauce with some of the marinade. I should have you doing 'no-oven' variations for my recipes - hee!

Urban Vegan, I like to tell my husband the very same thing!... you know, how lucky he is to have me and all that... :) Seriously, thanks, that's cool to hear!!

Thanks Savanna, sometimes I want to 'turn my brain off'!! Some mornings I wake up with an idea on my mind about how to prepare some food or combining ingredients and think "oh, I must try that today". Yes, I'm recipe obsessed!!

Hi Melissa - it's been a while since we've chatted back and forth! Thanks, I am seeing the end of a bunch of recipes, which is a very good thing - will be happy to get the recipe testing part all finished.

Oh, Maureen... how I wish!! I have a good deal of recipes 'finished', but even some of those I post I am still working through the kinks, so I still have much, much work to do - and the writing portion too!! Wish me speedy, successful recipe testing! :)

Julie said...

Sounds like another winner, Dreena! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again!I do wish you all the best with your recipe testing and writing. I've often wondered about volunteering my services in the testing area !! But, here in England I can't always get the ingredients that you suggest so I have to enjoy modified versions of your creations(which still taste fantastic and make me look forward to the new book!). -- Maureen--

Teresa said...

Yay more quinoa recipes, and more tofu recipes! This post makes me doubly happy. Oh and how can I forget the LIME (yum)! I've been getting pretty standard with my quinoa and tofu meals, so I'm really looking forward to these recipes. (And I hope all the mental notes are added in the book- haha). Best of luck completing the "done" pile and getting the book off to print.


Dreena said...

Thanks Julie!

Hi again Maureen... well, I'm glad you are able to alter most things with good results. Thanks for the note, and I hope my new recipes don't require too many modifications for you at all. :)

Thanks so much Teresa... I'll take all the good luck wishes I can get. My deadline is fast approaching! :)

Hi Mum, I'm tryin', I'm tryin'! :)

laura k said...

Wow... I'm always interested in "new and different" ways to flavor tofu. This sounds incredible! I can't wait to have a chance to try it myself!