Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tamari Roasted Chickpeas and Yummy (Vegan) Mummy

You can now go to my recipes page for the Tamari Roasted Chickpeas recipe. It's a real easy one, too guys. Make them soon, make them often!

You'll find oodles of ways to enjoy them, from nibbling to topping salads, entrees, packing in lunches, or whizzing up into a chunky type of hummus. They're good eats!

And I mean EASY. Open a can of chickpeas, rinse and drain and pop on a baking sheet (lined with parchment), and toss with ingredients as shown here. Bake up and nummy nibbling awaits!

As I mentioned, I pack these into lunches - our grade 1 daughter LOVES them, and honestly jumps with excitement when she sees me making these chickpeas. I know. For chickpeas! Don't you just love that? (Though, I should tell you, she's not always as joyful for all the other healthy foods I put in front of her. But I take what I can get!) Anyhow, now that I'm into packing full lunches for her every day, I thought you might be interested in my healthy sandwich article on the Yummy Mummy club website. Some of you may have seen this before, since I posted this info on my cooking pages some time back. But, it's updated and also will be new to some of you more recent visitors. Yes, yes, I realize that mentioning this article is once again talking about "me"... blah, blah, blah... me, me, me... but I figure some of you might enjoy the read, so I provide you with the link to do so. (gotta' have a sense of humor about these things afterall.) :)

Next, as to some of your questions about Amazon and shipping ED&BV... I've been in touch with my publisher, and they are getting in touch with amazon to find out what's up! Amazon does have stock of ED&BV now, so orders should be getting shipped out.

Finally, when you do get your copies, and have a chance to cook up some tasty bits and bites, if you are happy with my book and would like to share your feedback with others, I would greatly appreciate your reviews on amazon. Even a few short words or a brief sentence. Anything to communicate to others what you like about the book and why others might like it as well. And I thank you, in advance.

Oh, and really finally... I'll get the Living Caesar recipe posted next. I'm working to organize my blog and links a bit better, so bear with me please!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

how funny; I just made something similar to this chickpea recipe the other day, except I just tossed the chickpeas in some nutritional yeast. But wow, this version, with the tamari, sounds sensational!! and I just happen to have more cans of chickpeas in my pantry, begging to be used :0)

As soon as I get my copy of ED&BV, I will certainly be sure to leave feedback on Amazon (you already know if will be positive feedback!!). Oh and I read your article on the Yummy Mummy site - as usual, you have/give such wonderful, useful advice for raising healthy children. bravo, Dreena! :0)

Teresa said...

I was just eating chickpeas yesterday and I asked myself how I had survived 18 years of my life without them. To think I thought I hated them, simply because they were terribly prepared for me. Your recipe sounds like a winner and it will help me to make up for all those sad chickpea free years. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

And like Veggiegirl- I will definitely be reviewing EDBV once I get my copy (hurry up already amazon!).

I loved the Yummy Mummy article and website- I actually hadn't seen it before so it was great to discover!

Anonymous said...

I love the Yummy Mummy article! I make my lunch daily, so it's good to be inspired with new ideas. Also, you look really cute in the pic at the bottom of the page :-]

I will make sure to leave a long, detailed review when I get my copy of ED&BV :)

Finally, don't let that silly person that commented the other day get to you. Some people are just so's YOUR obviously you are gonna talk about yourself DUH

Have a great day, Dreena!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Those are some tasty looking chickpeas! I really appreciate that kind of simple recipe...

I can't wait to get my copy of ED&BV! I combined the shipping with Veganomicon (amazon had a free shipping deal) so I'm hoping that doesn't delay the shipment too much!

urban vegan said...

These look phenomenal--and easy, too. What more could we want?

Amazon just wrote me a note to say your book will be shipping earlier than expected. Can't wait! I'll certaily write a review once I get it.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to dwell on something negative but, I didn't read that negative comment from the other day until today. Never mind what some rude person has to say. There are so many positive comments that that just doesn't matter. I love when you write about yourself and your children. There is so much more to eating than the food. I like that you make it personal. I have two young children and I can relate to you and relating to you is why we all love you and your blog so much. You are inspiring and a role model for healthy eating and living. The food is just a super great bonus.


Michelle said...

IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!!! ack! just in time for thanksgiving!!! so very excited!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share the recipe!

Dreena said...

Veggiegirl, if you like chickpeas at all, you'll LOVE these!

Teresa, I think chickpeas are my fave bean - close race between them, lentils, and white beans! But chickpeas usually win out. :) How horribly were they prepared for you? What awful cooking fate did they meet? I can't imagine not liking them, it must have been pretty bad indeed!

Thanks Julie, very lovely of you to say. :)

Vegan noodle, it is probably the simplest recipe you can make! I don't even measure things out now, just toss them all together eyeballing the measurements - always tastes great!

That's good news, Urban Vegan. I got in touch with my publisher about Amazon's estimated delivery date, so they followed up - the books are in stock with Amazon now, so preorders should be shipping out now. Good to know they are getting to it!

Angie, you are a dear. Thank you, and I agree the positives far outweigh the negatives!! There will always be some people that don't like me and my work and that's okay, my blog is here for people that *do* like it, such as you. :)

Woohoo Michelle!!! Your excitement is contagious!

Most welcome, Johanna.

melimade said...

These were fantastic. I made them before and outing and took them for my 2 year old to snack on. Yeah-- if mom and dad don't eat them all first. We all loved having a good source of protein and yummy snack on hand.

Diana @ VeggieNextDoor said...

Thanks for sharing! I totally plan to try these!