Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ever Have a Friend...

I think I am getting sentimental as I say goodbye to my little blog.  I'll be switching over to my new domain soon (details coming).  As I wind down this chapter, I am feeling reflective - and appreciative.

This may be the last signifcant-content post on my blog, and I want to talk about friendship.  Told you I'm feeling sentimental.  "Talk amongst yourselves"! ;)

I have two long-time, close buddies, Tanya and Vicki.  Many of you know have heard Vicki's name - I've mentioned her a few times on my blog, and we chat on fb (a lot)!  You know she's a friend, but what you don't know is how much she is there for me.

She is not just a mommy gal-pal.  That she is.  We share experiences about motherhood and trials and tribulations (read: we vent almost daily)!  She is also vegan and her children are vegan, so we have plenty of food discussions.  I have known her for quite a few years now.  We met a long time ago in pregnancy yoga!  We were having our first babes together, my first babe just a few months older than hers.

Our friendship developed as new moms, and she has also has three children.  What most of you don't know is that Vicki was also my doula for two of my pregnancies and births.  She helped me bring two of my daughters into our family.  Yep, she has seen my highs.  And lows.  And everything in between.  Even my nether regions.  lol and tmi!  And, like any true friend we have had our sticky times.  Only makes us stronger for it.

These past couple of months have been strange and trying.  Here I am about to launch a cookbook that has been almost four years in the making.  I should be entirely excited and full of joy.  But, my enthusiasm has been tempered with the fact that my mom in Newfoundland has been in awful pain and lacking mobility for the last few months (and just had surgery this past week), and one of my sisters (also living away) is going through a difficult time.  So, while I want to be all silly happy... I am preoccupied and worried.  Hubby can only take so much of my emotional soup!  That's when friends step in to help simmer that pot about to boil over.  Two friends have really helped me through these months - as usual, Vicki has been a star.

And, what is crazy about this gal is she seems to be just as interested and excited in my books and career projects as I am!  Always interested in book and career developments - and always wants to help.  And, she does... she is clev-ah!

So, today I am thanking my buddy Vicki.  It's not enough to just tell you on the phone or in a card, V.  I am shouting it from my blog!  For all the lovely people reading - and the trolls too!  Thank you for being there these past months - and always.

Ever have a friend that is always there for you?  I give you my blog to share your thanks and shout your love!  Leave your sappy comment - I shouldn't be alone in this!  :)

  to you Vicki.  Thank you.


Janae @ Bring-Joy said...

Sometimes I wish I had a girl friend like that!

Being a busy working mom, I think I don't make enough time for girl friends, and I often wish I did.

My sister would definitely have to be that kind of friend though. She's there through thick and thin.

Sounds like you've had a rough go of things, glad to know I'm not the only one! Hope you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labors, and be happy that your cookbook is done and I'm sure it'll be a smash!

So here's a question: with your new site, will you be continuing your blog? Or will you have a different approach now? Love hearing what you have to say, so I'd be sad if we won't get anymore of your blog posts.

Dreena said...

WFVM, I also don't make enough time for my friends. Vicki would be the first to agree with me!!! Esp this past year - and esp these past 6 mo's, SO much to keep on top of. We talk all the time, but rarely get out together. It's a joke to even try to get together for a tea. So, you're not alone there, and we all need to carve out time for 'us'... but it's really tricky, isn't it?!

I'm sorry if things have been hard for you. Not sure what you've had to cope with, but wishing it smooths out for you soon.

As for my site, I'm mostly stepping things up! It's about time!! I'll still be blogging, but from my new schmancy site. ;) Plus, will have a better organized recipe page, and more attractive setup overall.

Always enjoy hearing from you - thanks. :)

urban vegan said...

Someone said to me once that you judge your truest friends not by the good times you've shared, but by the bad. (Although sharing fun times is marvy!) I am lucky to have some great friends. Including blog friends like you. xo

Gena said...

My best friend, Chloe, is my rock. Just this week, I emailed her saying "Chlo, I'm at the end of my rope." And she wrote back "I've got lots of rope."

Friendship. It's amazing. What a nice post. Excited for the new website!

Dreena said...

Denise, oh gosh is that accurate. And, Vicki has seen my ugly cry more than once!! Thanks for that quote. And, I'm glad to have grown to know you as well. One day we'll meet in person - and won't that be strange after these years??!

Dreena said...

Gena, that's AWESOME. She sounds like a really cool lady. How blessed we are to have good, genuine, caring people in our lives.

thx for your note Gena. :)

Meg said...

That is the sweetest!

My friend Kristen is always there for me! <3

Unknown said...

One of my friends who I "met" online in a pregnancy community over 8 years ago recently lent me $1,000 to prevent me from getting evicted from my house when the divorce left me so broke I couldn't pay rent for a few months. I only needed the money for a few days (I was awaiting a balance transfer from a credit card I'd just opened), but she has three kids as well, just like I do, so I knew what a big risk it was for her to loan someone that much money. And if she hadn't done that I would literally be homeless now. And I'd have lost custody of my kids. So right now, she's the one that comes to mind first. It's pretty amazing, I think.

Lindsay said...

Oops, that last comment was from me. Forgot to sign in.

An I'm sorry to hear that some things are not going well.

Can't wait to see the new site, btw.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on moving forward.ive really enjoyed reading your blog and hope the advantages of your own domain pay off!