Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Have The Greatest (Non-Vegan) Friends!

I have the greatest friends. I emphasize non-vegan, only because none of them eat a vegan diet (although a couple are vegetarian).

The thing is, one of my very dear friends gave my daughter a birthday present for her 1st birthday last weekend. We laughed so hard when she told me the story behind the gift:

While wrapping she was thinking "oh, I think I really nailed it with this gift, Dreena will love this". Then, she noticed that the little Robeez shoes she had bought for my daughter (because my munchkin will not keep on socks or shoes!) had suede bottoms. She said "I thought, oh my gosh, these have suede soles - then I looked and saw they were all leather - I can't give these to Dreena". Later she told her husband "I have to go out and get another gift - I just bought a vegan leather shoes!!". Her hubby said "what were you thinking?!"

So, my friend returned the shoes for something else. We laughed so hard about how flustered she was and I joked "I am an impossible friend!". She gave us a beautiful gift, but more importantly, what a beautiful person to have such consideration for our lifestyle. Isn't that awesome?

In fact, all of my friends are very supportive, are the biggest fans of my cooking, and interested to learn more and make some changes for their own families. Hurray for fabulous friends!!


Vegan Momma said...

That is fabulous! The majority of my friends don't have an issue with my Vegan lifestyle.

DreamQueen said...

That's great...I'm jealous! My fiance and I just received MILK chocolate cigars and my soon to be father-in-law keeps trying to convince me to buy an oven big enough for the turkey he's sure I'm going to cook someday. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Not only do my friends and family not think about these things, they would get upset about the idea that their gift wouldn't be appropriate...not that I would ever tell them for fear of offending them! You have great friends!