Monday, December 19, 2005

Things That Make You Go... Mmmm!

I more chocolate post before Christmas! This one is a gem! Any of you enjoy liquor chocolates? Well, if you do these exquisite Brandied Chocolate Covered Cherries from Bernard Callebaut are the ultimate indulgence.

Organic cherries are soaked in brandy for three months, then coated with semi-sweet chocolate. The cherry shrivels and releases brandy into the thick, smooth and rich chocolate shell. The pit and stem of the cherry remain intact and so these individually red-foil wrapped delights should be eaten slowly and truly savored.

These cherries are only available during the holidays. Since discovering them last year, these exceptional chocolates are the only thing I ask Santa Baby to bring!

One warning: Your palette will be forever spoiled for inferior inexpensive liquor chocolates!
(And these little beauties are not cheap, about $2.50 Cdn a piece).

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