Saturday, January 14, 2006

1st Vegan Recipe Posted!

Well, finally I have posted my Tomato-Fennel-Zucchini Ragout Casserole, as requested from the January 6th entry.

The link for this and all future recipes is also now on the left of the screen. Hope you enjoy!


Melissa said...

That looks amazing! I'd probably leave out the olives, just because I've never been able to really like them. But the rest sounds great! Thanks for the recipe!

DreamQueen said...

I think this looks delicious! I just printed it off and will try it this week. Thanks for posting, Dreena!

Maddy said...

Thankyou Dreena! I am making
your apple cardomon cake today-

tina k said...

I can't wait to try this recipe. Will the popcorn one be posted too?

I also have a question. I started using parchment paper because you often use it in your recipes. I love using it, it makes clean up easier and I don't get the baked on oil that is very hard to clean. A friend of mine thought that it wasn't very environmentally friendly. Are there other reasons to use it?

One more thing- I made your miso-curry potatoes with yams and they are wonderful! I'm addicted! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

Dreena said...

Thanks guys!... let me know how you like it!

Melissa, no olives at all, really?!!...have you tried different varieties, black, kalamata, green?... I'm in shock! :) We love them so much (esp my 4 year old - will eat them straight from a spoon)!!

Madelyn, I think you make that cake more than I do! It's probably my favorite non-chocolate cake.

Harmonia said...

Very yummy looking that is for sure!

Dreena said...

Hi Tina!

Parchment is definitely a busy cook's/baker's best friend! So quick for clean-up. Your friend is right that environmentally you are probably better to clean your pans. Another alternative is to purchase a "Silpat" baking mat or equivalent brand from a cooking store. You can bake on them and nothing will stick, they clean up easy and are reusable. I'm not sure if you can purchase parchment from recycled material... I haven't seen any, and it might be a bit expensive if so. Silpat may be a great option for you - google it if you are interested.

Ah, yes, the popcorn... I will post the recipe, however I have run out of vegan white chocolate chips to do the testing. I need to order more, so it will be a few weeks at least (sorry!) before I can start testing the recipe again. That was my first trial, so I really need to test another couple of times. :)

Melissa said...

Well I never liked olive on subs or pizzas or anything. But we did have some black ones in a mexican pasta dish, and I liked them then, maybe because there weren't too many and the recipe really went with their flavour, and as long as their mixed in with a bunch of other food!
I may just give them another try though, probably with this recipe, now that I think about it!

Danielle D. said...


How is the texture of the Tinkyada giant shells? Are they mushy? Is there a trick to cooking them?

I am allergic to gluten, but I tend to stay away from rice pastas because my experience with them is always hit or miss. I'll make some one day and love it and I'll make the same pasta the next day and it will be really mushy and inedible (to me at least - I really don't like mushy pasta).

Oh, in case you are wondering, I have tried Tinkyada spirals and Rizopia spagetti.

Dreena said...

Hi Danielle,

I really like the texture of these shells. Tinkyada advertises "not mushy" on their website and packaging, and I generally find this to be true. Other pastas (veggie, kamut) can easily turn mushy, but in my experience, if rice pasta is not overcooked it usually still has a good 'bite' to it. I have found that leftovers of rice pasta require extra liquid when reheating to restore some softness to the pasta, but other than that it's usually fine.

I've never had Rizopia brand, and in fact I haven't seen it yet. If I were you, I'd give these Tinkyada grand shells a try. Even if you didn't like the spirals much. It takes much longer to cook these grand shells, and so you can test them through boiling to see when they reach the cooked but somewhat firm texture that you like. If you like them in this recipe, maybe you can use them in other recipes you have, or with simple pasta sauce.

Good luck! :)

Danielle D. said...

Thanks Dreena. Maybe I'll be brave and give them a try. :)

Tina k said...


You are not alone, I don't like olives of any sort either. I can now eat them if they are mixed in with something yummy but prefer not to.