Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One Burrito, 2 Burrito, 3 Burrito, 4!

Lately I just love making soups and burrito-style wraps. I say burrito-'style' because I don't always use the expected burrito seasonings and fillings. Instead, the tortilla is my 'vehicle' to enclose all sorts of savory ingredients I have on hand and that taste great together.

This 'burrito' is a new recipe, yet to be named (as with the pb chocolate cookies, suggestions are welcome). Very simple and tasty with refried beans, garlicky broccoli and sweet corn, just need to retest this guy once more - hopefully!

I think my affection for soups and burritos right now is because of a few things...
1. It is still chilly and both these foods are warming and substantial.
2. They are pretty easy to make and can yield leftovers for another night.
3. Soups and burritos are flexible for susbtituting in preferred veggies or just what you have on hand that day.
4. They are a fabulous, delicious way to eat more legumes and offer much flexibility for substituting .

I am thinking about including fairly ample sections on both soups and wraps in my next cookbook, because I think most of us enjoy these foods... do you? Your feedback will help me decide!


Anna said...

They are also great for toddlers who are obsessed with bread (are all toddler carb fiends like mine?)! My Little One will stuff himself full of any bread, so much so that I have to think about serving it with meals as he'll often eat just the bread and leave the stew, chili etc. With a burrito he gets some of the filling along with the bread and therefore eats a better meal!

We're 'Mexican/Tex Mex' fans in this house, I use the quotes as a lot of that style we eat isn't traditional but it sure is tasty! :o) Look forward to the recipe!

nicole said...

I totally agree with the love of "burritos" - meaning anything wrapped up burrito style. I think this is an excellent idea to add more of to a cookbook. Especially vegan - the stuff we cook and have in the fridge leftover (beans, rice, veggies, hummus, etc) all go so well in a wrap.
Also, just bought your Vive le Vegan and really love it!

4xblessed said...

I love soups! The soup section is my favorite part of cookbooks. Wraps are okay. I eat burritos sometimes, but that's it for wraps. Perhaps I just need some good recipes for wraps. :-)

Harmonia said...

Mexican is MY FAVE!

Check out the Midweek Munchies Meme I just put up on my blog! I would love for you to help me get it going! It's a weekly thing!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE wraps, anything wrapped in bread is a favorite of mine. But I don't have any creative wrap recipes. How about a Tortillia recipe? or other flat bread!

Amy said...

Just today, as I was eating a cold sandwhich for lunch, I was thinking I need to make some soup! And we are having burritos for dinner tonight! So, no question about their popularity, at least in my house. I could always use some more (easy!) recipes/ideas for soup and wraps. Lentils sound good.

Maddy said...

Yummy! Love the garlicky
broccoli addition. Creative!

Dreena said...

That's funny Anna, my daughter will stuff bread into her meals where she can - mix it in pasta, into soup, etc. Guess their growing bodies need the carbohydrates!

Hi Nicole, and thanks for chiming in! Good to know that I'm not alone in wrapping up whatever looks good in the fridge! Glad you're enjoying my book too! :)

Thanks too veggiewoman! I could make soups most of the week. I sometimes think my family will get tired of them, but as long as there's variety in flavors and such, I think we're all happy!

Hi Harmonia... will pop by to check it out!

Hi Stephanie, yeah, I want to look at other forms of flatbreads to wrap, like corn tortillas, etc... corn tortillas are a bit stiff though, so I will have to work on those!

How coincidental, Amy! Great to know that others really love soup... I will think about some lentil variations. Some people don't like lentils much, not sure why - they are such a mild tasting legume and easy/quick to cook!

Thanks Madelyn! I am going to see what you have posted for today...!

Ms. Mercedes said...

Ooo drenna, I love the idea to include a section on wraps. Though I love soup, lately I've been big on "wrapped things." Tortillas, pita, lavash, naan...I love them ALL!

EatPeacePlease said...

YES. A soup and wrap section would be great. I think after 3 weeks of only cooking from Vive and Everyday, I have complete trust in you. Not like it took 3 whole weeks, but I hope you know what I mean! Go for the wraps!!! ~Leslie~

Chris said...

Well, you know I love burritos, or more generally, wraps ;-)

One thing we used to make that we haven't had in a while is an Asian style wrap with rice and veggies - sort of like fried rice in a tortilla.

At this time of year I'm all about soups too.

Dreena said...

Thanks Ms. Mercedes, I agree, it's fun to wrap up our food!!

Leslie, thanks for your input, and my gosh, thanks... what a dear you are!

Ah, yeah, I like that idea Chris... would be a great thing to do with leftover rice. Thanks for that suggestion - your fajitas yesterday looked so incredible too!

Harmonia said...

I love those ideas, too!