Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Greek Basmati Rice

Given I have been doing a lot of new recipe posts lately, I thought I'd give you a couple of pics this week of recipes that you can actually try!!

This is my Greek Basmati Rice from Vive. This dish is most definitely a personal favorite! While I enjoy grains cooked plain to pair with a main entree, there are times when I want to embellish them so they can be the 'featured dish', as with this recipe (even though you can certainly make it a side dish if you please)!

This recipe uses brown basmati rice, which is has a delightful 'popcorn-like' aroma when cooking. But, if you don't have brown basmati rice, go ahead and use long-grain brown rice in this recipe.

This is a simple, one-pot, "oven-does-the-work-for-you" dish!
To start, you combine everything in a large baking dish as so:

(with the exception of the fresh mint, parsley, and olives which are reserved...)
Then, cover and bake, stirring once or twice throughout, then stir in the olives and bake for another few minutes, then add in the fresh herbs and serve. I have served here along with my new Cashew-Ginger Tofu recipe (gosh, we are lovin' this one), and a salad with red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, and mini bell peppers all tossed with my Lemon-Zinger Vinaigrette (again, from Vive).

Note: Fresh mint is beautiful in this dish, but if you don't have it, or don't really like it, you can substitute some fresh basil if you prefer.

p.s. If you don't have Vive, you can check out the recipe in this book review.


Julie said...

How awesome! My DB (Dear Boyfriend-hehe) looooves greek food, so I will have to try this!

Any additional Greek recipes in the new book would be wonderful!

Catherine said...

Dreena, yum! I love Greek food, too, although I'd have to omit the olives at my house. (I wish I liked olives . . . !)

If you have some time, could you pop over to my blog? I posted a summary of my cookbook that I'm writing right now, and would like some advice from you on approaching publishing companies/what they might be looking for. (Thought I'd head right to the experts!) :) I'm sure your experience is a little different than mine might be, since we live in different countries, but any advice I can get will be helpful. Thanks!

Theresa said...

Wow, yum. I love olives, and greek food, and this all looks so delish. I can't wait for your new cookbook :)

Dreena said...

Julie, I think you'd like this one, and it's no fuss at all!

Hi Catherine, well I had NO idea!! Good for you to pursue something you really want to do. I checked out your blog and you have some excellent ideas. Your 'sack it' and 'snack attack' chapters for instance - clever names... as is the "sugar shock" name. Just great! Anyhow, in terms of trying to get a publisher...
You will want to prepare proposals to send to the publishers you are contacting. To find out how to write a proposal and what to include, you should pick up a book or two at your library about 'getting published' and writing this type of proposal. You will have to do some research (you may have already) to determine which pubishers you can send your proposal to, because many do not accept manuscripts without an agent. Others will though, so don't be discouraged by that. It may be beneficial for you to work with a more local publisher, since I have found when it comes to formatting the manuscript and editing, pictures, etc, it has been handy being in close proximity - but it's not essential. Get your proposals out before finishing off your manuscript, since it will most likely take a while before you hear from any of the publishers you contact - patience is most certainly a virtue here! You may get lucky and hear from an interested publisher fairly quickly, though be prepared to wait months, even a year or more to hear back. Also be prepared for many 'rejections' - and don't take that personally. It may not be the material they are looking for at a particular time, or they have similar titles they are working on. It doesn't mean they don't like your ideas (even though it sucks to get all the rejections - I know!) Finally, don't expect a book deal to pay your bills. There really isn't much money in being an author. The royalties are slim, and if you factor the amount of time you invest and ingredients for testing, etc, then really you are probably not covering your costs! I'm not saying it's not worth doing - not at all! I love writing recipes and working on my books. And that's why I do it. So, if you are taking on this project out of pure interest and passion - fantastic! If, though, you are hoping to make a great amount of extra income, there are better ways (I don't think that's your intention, it seems like you are just purely excited to do this book out of 'love'!) And who knows, you could land yourself on Oprah and then, yes, you would be making money! :) Good luck to you, and I'd recommend getting your proposals together soon so you can work on your recipes/book while waiting to hear back from the publishers you have contacted. Btw, most publishers have detailed info on their submissions guidelines on their websites - you may know that already. Hmmm, I hope some of this helps - feel free to ask other questions if you need. Good luck! :)

Hi Theresa! Thanks so much! We love olives too, and my 5 year old can eat them straight!! I know a lot of people don't like olives... but why??!! :)

Catherine said...

Thanks for the info, Dreena! I'll have to head to the library this weekend.

I've been working on the manuscript for about 4 months, and was surprised at how quickly it came together. The recipe testing is taking MUCH longer! :)

Yeah, I'm not expecting to get rich doing this -- definitely keeping my "day job." It's more for fun, than anything else -- and to share some information!

EatPeacePlease said...

I thought this looked familiar!

Fiber said...

Wow - this sounds positively fantastic! Love the pictures too! I can almost taste the freshness.

Signy said...


This is one of my favourite of your savoury recipies. And I love your suggestion with the Lemon Herb Tofu with it. I might not have tried that recipe, and now it is a staple for me.

Thank you for making good food easier. You are an inspiration!

BTW I came across a published version of my Home Made Power Bars, and so it is a perfect segue for me to showcase your Rice Pudding (with all the credits intact, naturally)!

Jennifer C. said...

I made this rice for dinner last night! It is super delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dreena said...

Hi Catherine - you're very welcome, and I hope the tips helped some. That is the route I took, and it appeared from my research at the time that, without an agent, that was the way to go. Yes, the recipe testing takes a looong, looong time! :)

Hi Leslie, I guess this was made prior to "oven coffee cake disaster" time. Any oven cooking at all these days???

Thanks, fiber... that's a compliment for sure with how spectacular your food photos always are. My word, they are amazing - all the time!

Hi Signy, I'm glad you enjoy this recipe too! Your kind words are very meaningful. Thank you.

Thanks, Jennifer! Well, you didn't waste any time making that dish - thanks for the feedback!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dreena you're recipes are so yummy.
I've a question, as I'm allergic to soy, what can I use instead of tofu, tvp, etc?