Friday, May 12, 2006

Veggie Sizzle Burritos

I came up with this (shockingly simple) Veggie Sizzle Burrito recipe for the new cookbook.

Even though I've finished testing this one, I still want to make it! Hubby and I both love the spicy sauteed veg in the burrito. Most tasty - and again, SO easy to make!

Ok, so I snapped a few pics while making these to show you the steps. First, the veg are sauteed until a little browned and soft and then removed to cool some before assembling the burritos.

Here you can see I've added some 'extras' to the veg before wrapping the tortillas... kidney beans in the left burrito-to-be, and some leftover tofu (from another recipe I've been dabbling with) on the right.

With these, and any burritos really, customize to your preference! Go with straight veg, or add in some tofu, tempeh, seitan, or beans if you want more protein. Or some leftover rice if you prefer. Or toasted pumpkin seeds. You get the picture.

Finally, wrap the burritos, bake, then serve! In the picture above, I paired the burritos with a fresh salad (I always need something crisp and watery-fresh with spicy food) and pan-fried plantains. I'm fairly certain there was guacamole on the table as well, if my daughter had any say!! :)

Note: For my older daughter, I made a non-spicy burrito, simply combining some beans with some corn and peas, mashing a little here and there, and mixing in just a little vegan rella... took just a few minutes! For baby, well, no burritos for her just yet! :)


raising_kahne said...

Thank you so much Dreena for your advice with my mom. I really hope she will start to listen and hopeully understand why I am doing this. And then maybe she will see the healthy-ness that comes with it! wow. Those burritos are making me drool! Im anxiously waiting for your cookbook to come out!!

Sweet Pea said...

one word...DELISH!!!!

Raising_Kahne, Good for you for taking your health into your own hands. I have found that health and happiness are contagious. Please keep us posted.

Sweet Pea said...

And Dreena, Happy Mommy's Day!

Chris said...

You know I love burritos and those look awesome! I don't often bake mine (too lazy I think ;-) but I'll have to try it next time. Do you bake them dry or do you put oil (or anything else) on them? When I have baked my burritos in the past I've made a sauce to pour over top - which makes it more like an enchilada I guess.

Isil S. said...

Thanks for sharing these yummy ideas.I'll order your books as soon as I go back home,Istanbul on July.Can't wait for them any more ;)
Happy mommy's day!

Dreena said...

Savanna, you are most welcome - I just hope some of my thoughts on the matter help you in some way with your parents. I think it's remarkable that you are so thoughtful at your age, and trying to find ways to better communicate with your parents while trying to make healthier choices for you all. Good luck, and please let me know if you make some progress. :)

Thanks, sweet pea - a very happy mother's day to you too (and one without tantrums hopefully)!!! :)

Hi Chris, thanks! Oh, well, you see we *have* to bake them in our house - I don't think hubby would eat them otherwise!! Ok, I like them better heated too, so I'll stop teasing him! :) It's very easy to bake them, and you don't need any oil or sauce. I just pop them onto a tray or baking dish (and I line it with parchment paper so they don't stick or if any filling oozes). Bake at about 400 for maybe 15-20 minutes, and then if you want to add a little cheese, I usually add that after this point and bake for another 5 minutes or so until melted. Sometimes I'll top with a little chili sauce before adding the cheese - but then that part of the burrito softens up, so if you want them crispy it's best to leave as is or with just the cheese.

Aw, thanks Isil! I have been posting so many new recipes lately, but I will still sneak in some from Vive and TEV here and there so you can see some of those recipes for when you get your copies. I really like your new blog template, btw, bright and colorful with the blue and limes! :)

Anonymous said...


I've been lurking your site for ages now, but I just wanted to post finally and tell you - first - Happy Mother's Day! (well, almost!)

Secondly, I love your blog. I love reading your descriptions on food, of course I love the pictures - I'm a vegetarian with "vegan leanings" I suppose you could call it. Being lactose intolerant and hating eggs has given me that title - anyway, these burritos look fantastic, but I maybe have a suggestion that I'm sure you've thought of.

When I was omni, one of my favorite sorts of burritos was a "ranchero/spicy" chicken - shredded chicken in a slightly spicy red sauce, or a really spicy "southwest" style sauce. The really good burritos had the chicken to the point where it seemed impossible to tell where the chicken ended and the sauce began, like it was marinated in the sauce for ages. Anyway, with tofu having such wonderful possibilities, I was wondering if you had or could come up with some sort of ranchero shredded tofu. I might play with it myself, but I'm admittedly still learning how best to use tofu. A ranchero tofu would be amazing on these burritos - not that they don't look tasty anyway!

Anyway, I love your blog, and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Best wishes,

raising_kahne said...

Thank you Dreena and Sweet Pea! Im gradually trying to explain(by just bringing it up in conversation) how fun it can be to be vegan/vegetarian and that it doesnt mean that you're weird or boring! I checked out numerous vegan/vegetarian cookbooks out from the library and was showing her some of the yummy recipes. She did, however, take me shopping and so I bought a lot from the organic selection in our local store. And she has also said that she would like to come with me to a health class that I go to, so she is getting a little bit less "uptight" about it. But I havent suceeded very much in other areas because she can still get frustrated at times, but I figure that she can just prepare me for all the other people in the world that will think Im weird for being vegetarian and maybe by then, being vegan!And yes, I will definately keep yall updated, and thanks again!

KaiVegan said...

Hi, Dreena.

Just stopping by to say Happy Mothers' Day!

Sweet Pea said...

Raising_Kahne, As a mom I can understand why your mom may be "uptight" about your decision. She may take it personally. She did try her best to raise you and some parents take offence when they hear a child say that eating meat is unhealthy and/or unethical.

raising_kahne said...

Yes, I understand Sweet Pea. I've tried to explain to her that it's not that, and she said she knows, and sometimes it seems that she understands, and sometimes she doesnt. But I guess she'll get kinda used to it after awhile, at least I hope so!

krispycheks said...

Wow, those look amazing! I have never had plantains before, they kind of scare me!

Carrie™ said...

We really like Mexican food and Tex-Mex style dishes in our house. They are usually fairly easy to make and so easy to veg*nize. I've been hooked on bean gorditas lately. YUM!YUM! And your burritos look great. I also like the sound of Heather's idea for ranchero tofu. OLE!

Carrie™ said...

Oh, and the plantains....I'm with krispycheks on this one. They make me nervous. I don't like bananas (except in baked goods such as banana bread) and since they look so banana-like, I just assume they taste like them too. Do they?

Dreena said...

Hello Heather... I'm glad you decided to comment, and thank you for your very kind words (and mother's day wishes)! :) I love your idea, and you know I've never had that kind of burrito, so it's not something I've ever thought of doing. I do understand what you mean (at least I think I do) about the sauce and chicken really coming together - it sounds like the chicken was probably cooked down in the sauce for a long time. Anyhow, I have already been thinking about how to do something along those lines, maybe using seitan or soy 'chikn strips'. My guess is that the sauce is key with these, and it really "made" that burrito for you. I'm going to play around with that idea and we'll see if anything develops from it! Thanks again. :)

Hi again Savanna... well, it sounds as is you are already making some progress communicating with your mom about healthier eating - hurray!! Make her a mom's day treat - maybe some cookies - hey, print off my homestyle chocolate chip cookies from my recipe page and try making those with her (if she's up for it)! Or, even a nice fruit plate for her breakfast, maybe with some cereal or a smoothie. Also *thank her* for listening to you thus far and for going shopping with you and for going to your health class with you. Happy mom's day to her and you! :)

Aw, thanks Kai... a most wonderful Mother's Day to you too!!! :) :)

Hi Krispycheks - yeah, they are frightful looking things at first, aren't they? Not so bad once you start cooking them though (like most things - see more info on them below...)!! :)

Hi Carrie, you are educating me here today!! Bean gorditas are new to me - I am doing some research on them now, because, wow, they sound spectacular!! I am going to be mucking about with this I think! As for plantains, when they are very ripe (after turning yellow with black flecks), they become more sweet and yes, the taste does resemble bananas when they are very ripe and cooked this way. But, they can also be cooked when unripe and green and are more starchy and potato-like (though, I haven't tried them this way - yet!). You can cook them from any stage of green to yellow to black-yellow, really, and as they ripen they go from starchy to more sweet. I really enjoyed them quite ripe (ate all of it myself!), but I do want to try them more starchy as I think my girls and hubby would like them better this way!

Harmonia said...

You know how I love my mexican food! These look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to soy, can you all suggest which recipe books are the ones for me?
Dreena I love your blogs :-)